TackleDirect Saltwater Accessories

Covering everything from the practical to the whimsical, the saltwater fishing accessories available at TackleDirect can enhance your fishing. They also make great gifts for fishing friends.

Practical products include utility boxes and boat and tackle bags that will organize and protect your gear. Our chum bags will draw fish to your boat when you are adrift or at anchor, while our outrigger rigging kits and ballyhoo rigging kits will improve your trolling results.

No angler should be without a bucket to hold bait, supplies or other items. We stock buckets of buckets. Pliers are also a must, whether for repairing gear, adjusting tackle or removing hooks - hopefully, from a fish rather than a human.

Fishing should be fun, so we have lots of fun stuff here too. Our fish decals will add splashes of color to a boat or a man cave. Fish key clips make great gifts for all of us who would rather be fishing.