Shimano Lucanus Ultimate Seabass Kit

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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The Shimano Lucanus Ultimate Seabass Kit is a perfect kick start to your seabass lure collection. It features one of the most popular flat fall jigs on the market today. This sea bass kit contains everything you need to land your next successful bite.

TackleDirect TD-360-18 Medium Utility Box: This TackleDirect utility box has a 9in ruler. It features removable dividers that are precut for a perfect fit, without the hassle of having to cut each divider with a pair of scissors. We have all been there and done that with some of the other tackle storage boxes out there. Freshwater and saltwater anglers alike will be sure to find the TackleDirect Utility Box the new standard when it comes to organizing all of your tackle.

  • Dimensions: L:10-3/4'' x W:7'' x H:1-1/2''

Shimano Lucanus Flat Fall Jigs: Shimano Lucanus Flat Fall Jigs are hybrid lures between the original Shimano Lucanus and the Shimano Butterfly Flat Fall jigs. These type of jigs can be simply dropped to the bottom, winded slowly moving the jig through the desired depth, drop to the bottom and repeat. The Shimano Lucanus Flat Fall Jig features a sliding action in a horizontal position, similar to Shimano's Butterfly Flat-Fall jig. This action keeps this jig in the strike zone longer. Fish will often strike on the drop causing a slack in the line.

Shimano Lucanus Seabass Kit contents list

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