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Seigler Small Game Conventional Lever Drag Reels

Seigler Small Game Conventional Lever Drag Reels

Price: $275.00
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Gear RatioWeightInches
Max DragMono CapacityBraid CapacityHand
6:113.2oz38in28lb20lb/275yds50lb/500ydsLeftSelect Color$275.00 USD
6:113.2oz38in28lb20lb/275yds50lb/500ydsRightSelect Color$275.00 USD
The Seigler Saltwater Conventional Lever Drag SG reels are compact and versatile. The perfect reels for small game. These reels are small but powerful. Unique and long lasting for all of your fishing expeditions. These reels are proven to be very capable and surprisingly lightweight.

  • Strike button
  • Rod clamp
  • Crankarm assembly
  • Improved AR system and bearing
  • Drag lever detent system
  • Ceramic spool bearings
  • Carbon drag washers
5 Stars based on 27 reviews
By Matthew
Stapleton, Alabama
December 2, 2017
Failed on first use..... may have used outside of original design
I believe this reel would be a good reel if you fish it at 10lbs of drag at strike..... the handle binding is very pronounced at anything over 10lbs of drag. I fished mine at max drag and it failed on my first trip. We went offshore targeting amberjack. While vertical jigging we hooked about 30 and landed 15 AJs in the 16-24lb range (they were holding very tight to the structure). I had the reel set at 9lbs of drag at strike, 15 at full. I quickly learned that that wasn't going to be enough so I tightened the drag up some more to around 15lbs at strike, 20 at full. The drag stayed at full for the duration of the trip. I put this reel through its paces and it ended with a catastrophic failure. The spool bearing on the left side (opposite the handle) failed. It started making grinding noises while fighting an AJ. Shortly afterwards the reel lost its drag. I turned the "drag dial" as much as I could and the reel would put out about 6lbs of drag at FULL. Needless to say I was extremely disappointed. We continued catching the AJ's on our Chinese made Spinfisher V's without issue. After disassembling the reel I came to the conclusion that the "play" in the bearing allowed the spool to move further left which reduced the drag on the reel. Now I will admit that I did remove the shields on the spool bearings. I cleaned out the bearings and put a few drops of Reel X (corrosion x) in them. This increased my freespool by about 10 seconds. Did that have anything to do with the failure. I HIGHLY doubt it but who really knows. This would make a good reel to fish with 30lb line but I wouldn't fish it much higher than that. You can read my entire review on thehulltruth. Search seigler sg review. Unfortunately all of my pictures were lost. They were very detailed and showed everything I was experiencing.
By Gerry
Stormville New York
April 30, 2018
Great reel at a great price.
Seigler small game reel is well made and one that should last a lifetime.
ProsLight weight with a more than adequate lever drag system.
By Jay
Tacoma washingon
April 25, 2018
Sweet reel
Havent used it yet but seems to be well built and the lifetime warranty is a plus.
ProsLifetime warranty
By Justin
April 12, 2018
Great Real
Amazing reel for any type of inshore fishing in the mid-Atlantic region. I use it for everything from fluke and up to deepwater cod and blackfish. Has enough drag to reel up any type of fish on the inshore grounds
ConsAnti-reversed slipped when it was super cold out
By Billy
Mesquite, TX
March 13, 2018
I Bought Mine When The Name Was "Release"
I purchased virtually the same reel when the manufacture called them "Release". It's a very light weight reel with a lot of drag for it's size. The body design is more forgiving if you get into fighting a fish and don't pay attention to leveling the line as it bulges in the center for any extra line buildup in the middle area of the spool. It's a feature I've needed but nice to know it's there.
ProsVery Light Weight for it's size. Very strong drag for a reel of this size.
ConsI bought my reel new from TackleDirect and it came with a good deal of noticeable machining marks on the body. This is not what I would expect from a top notch reel and if it wasn't needed for an upcoming fishing trip the marks were bad enough I would have returned it immediately. I use these types of reels for vertical jigging for blackfin and bluefin tuna so I have no use for the clicker at all. Actually a clicking sound from a reel totally destroys my tranquility and any jigging size reel that makes a clicking sound on retrieve is a total deal breaker for me. This reel does have a silent retrieve but the spring that holds the clicker in the off position is so weak it gets turned on by the slightest accidental touch. This is something I will either fix with a stronger spring or I'll remove the clicker mechanism inside altogether before I use it again. I've read reviews stating how well these reels are finished and that may be true for current production reels but certainly not for mine. I would call the finish poor at best and I would be hesitant to buy another.
By chang
January 26, 2018
sweet reel
love seigler reels, i use my sg for chunking cobia to catfishing. cant go wrong! great customer service.
Prostons of drag smooth drag lifetime warranty
By Christopher
October 1, 2017
Seigler SG reel
I truly enjoy using this reel. Very well make and functions flawlessly. I load the reel up with 25lbs mono and target stripers in the NE. Reel is easy to palm and you can torque down the drag if you need it.
ProsLifetime warrantee. Well make with form and function.
ConsI would like to be able to take the additional reel bracket off.
By Michael
Carmel, NY
September 27, 2017
Great reel
Great reel. So far I have used it for stripers and fluke and it gets the job done.
By Roger
Long Beach Island
June 4, 2017
Wow, Just Wow!
My Seigler reel left me speechless when I took it out of the bag. I don't know w why I waited so long. A "reel" work of art!
By Richard
Edinburg, VA
April 6, 2017
love it
Great little reel with big reel attitude.
By MrPat
Ponce Inlet Florida
March 2, 2017
Well built, small and powerful
This is a great little reel especially when you consider the price. It's well made and it operated smoothly. I use it on a jigging rod and a bottom rod. The drag has plenty of power to fight snapper and grouper and the drag of smooth. Best of all its small and light. It takes no effort to fish all day with this reel.
ProsLight weight, smooth and powerful
By Ben
Reedville, VA
January 23, 2017
Truth Reels Tops Them All
I have purchased three Truth SG lever drag casting reels. They are all made in America, aluminum is a military grade from a US Navy metals distributor, anodizing from a company that specializes in military metals work, all machine done in Virginia T Truth company HQ. You do not have to file registration for a warranty as all products are warrantee for life, no matter who owns them. I know it sounds like I work for the company but I don't. I just think their products are fantastic. They are the best casting reels for anything smaller than a bluefin tuna made in the world today. And if you fish for something in that class, just by their LG series . They hold a ton of line, fit and finish is perfect. I wish all FISHING products companies would pay attention to what these guys do. Trust me, they are worth every penny.
By Michael
Newnan, GA
December 18, 2016
Great reel
Great reel! I like how light weight it is and it feels comfortable while fishing. I bought this for wreck fishing for snapper but I put this on a casting rod to see how well it would throw lures and it actually cast very well.
ProsEverything! Strong, light, line capacity, strong drag, comfortable design, and warranty.
By George
East Elmhurst, NY
November 21, 2016
Great Reel!!!!
AN amazing piece of fishing gear. Great little reel with lots of power and to be used for so many different types of fishing. And MADE iN USA!! And a great price!!!
ProsStructure, durability, look and feel, incredible specs all in such a small package!!
By Milton
Yonkers, NY
October 18, 2016
Awesome Reel!!!
I was looking for a good reel, but found this little gem. One of the best built reels I have owned, tough as nails with well made and has a life time warranty to boot. A no brainer.
ProsWell made, quality machining, smooth free spool, and 28 pounds of drag, this reel is a little beast!
ConsHaven't found one yet!
By Andrew
Pismo Beach CA
October 15, 2016
Overall best reel I've ever owned
By BillyDog
los osos calfornia
October 13, 2016
I love this reel lings and reds don't have a chance amazing drag no messing around down side my other reels sit and wait
By Daryl
October 4, 2016
Bullet Proof
Got this reel and used it for a season before I would submit a review. FIrst off this real gets a lot of looks and questions about who makes it and how nice it is. When asked about price people nod with not bad, at the end of the day when I have hauled up fish after fish when bottom fishing and I am not all worn out due to the gearing people are sold. This reel 5 years ago I would of never bought and just continued to abuse myself with cheaper gear, folks this reel is the real deal, plus at the end of the day as I walk off the boat and thorough rinse in fresh water is all that is required and is backed by the Truth lifetime guarantee, the lifetime guarantee alone is worth $250 bucks. This reel has not given me 1 issue and saves my arm and back due to the cranking power, it has the smoothest drag that I have come across, a lot smoother than like reel. The only thing that I would hope they add is more color combinations, but trust me you get one of these reels you will stand out among all anglers, but please do the reel a favor and catch some fish so it can show you what it can do, you will be totally satisfied with this purchase, so satisfied that I ended up buying another one shortly after the first. Bay Area fisherman
Conscolor combinations, rod clamp
By wayne finnin
jacksonville florida
August 1, 2016
tiny giant
Truth reels nothing short of amazing fish alot of deep sea party boats mostly bottom fishing reel has handled everything thrown at it from 50lbs amberjacks to big red snapper and grouper
ProsLIFETIME WARRANTY my avet and talica are currently for sale
By Alex
Myrtle beach, South Carolina
July 16, 2016
Great reel
Nice high quality reel for a good price. The amount of power and drag in such a small package is amazing. Being fully made in the USA is nice as well.
By Andrew Massi
Sacramento california
July 13, 2016
These reels are absolutely awesome. Over built. I use them for tossing jigs and live bait for albacore and they perform flawlessly.
ProsMade in america Strong
By Sean Curley
June 10, 2016
Sweet reel
This is my second reel from them. The 1st was a release SG. This model has some nice upgrades on what I already thought was a nice reel. It just keeps getting smoother.
By Retired Captain
Southampton, NJ
March 27, 2016
Great Reel, Smooth, Powerful
Just used this reel for some deep-water Grouper and Snapper fishing in the Gulf. I could't be more satisfied. Spooled with 50# braid, it was a bruiser against big Snappers, and Grouper up to 18 lbs. in depths just under 200'. The Red Snappers (although huge, some in the 10 pound range) had to be thrown back and Grouper need to be over 20 inches, so I had a busy day pulling fish constantly. The fast retrieve made the depth more manageable if I had a small fish or needed to change bait. When I got a larger hook-up the power of the reel was impressive. Another angler on the boat using a 6/0 reel remarked that I was bringing in fish much faster than he was and with a lot less effort. The drag was smooth and stayed where you set it. A click or two in either direction gave the same amount of pressure or release each time. I would recommend this reel for any inshore medium duty fishing.
By Richard
Del Valle, TX
March 21, 2016
Simply the best!
This reel is incredible! Light weight, powerful, smooth as silk, and 100% made in the USA. Then you add in the fact that is has a lifetime warranty and the price point is far below the competitors comarative models...why would you choose anything else??
ProsLight weight, powerful, smooth, price, warranty, made in the USA, looks great, functions great
ConsOnly wish it were easier to cast...or maybe I just need some practice casting conventional reels...
By Matt
Lynnwood, WA
February 20, 2016
Great performance, smooth drag, lifetime warranty, US made quality. A lot in a little package, with great company support from the owner, if needed. Fish the PNW and BC coast for lingcod and halibut. Match this reel with a trevala rod, and fish all day without getting tired.
By ryan lougee
January 30, 2016
truth vs avet
this will make you throw away your avet......
By R C
January 20, 2016
I have used this reel for blackfish and cod so far... love it. Lightweight and powerful... especially when you are fishing 12-18 hour trips, it saves a lot of energy. Looking to purchase a 2nd one now!
Proslight weight and powerful~
4 Questions & 4 Answers
from Texas asked:
November 16, 2017
Which braided line would you recommend so it can fit the 50 lb 500 yds? Thank you!
1 Answers
Power pro braid or momoi diamond braid would match well with this reel.
on November 20, 2017

from Galveston, TX asked:
March 1, 2018
Is this a good reel for casting? I mostly do pier fishing and surf fishing? I was also considering a Accurate FX400. Thanks
1 Answers
The Seigler Small Game Conventional Lever Drag Reels would be a great reel for surf casting or fishing from a pier.
on March 6, 2018

from Florida asked:
February 18, 2017
Planning on buying this reel but would like to know what would be a good rod for it?.....mainly snapper fishing in the gulf so I'm looking for sensitivity an some back bone 7ft range or higher.... thank you
1 Answers
The 7 ft Medium Shimano Tallus conventional rod would give you the sensitivity your looking and pair well with the Truth Small Game Conventional Lever Drag Reels.
on February 22, 2017

from Pompador Lakes asked:
May 3, 2016
Truth says this reel will hold 500yds of 50lb braid and not 500yds of 40lb braid. Which is correct?
1 Answers
on May 4, 2016


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