Tsunami Tools

Put a Tsunami multiple-use tool in your pocket, on your belt or in your tackle box and you are ready to rig or repair most any tackle item you need. Multi Tools are made of stainless steel to withstand the most hostile enviroment and are supplied with fitted Cordura cases. Each model boasts a selection of the most valuable tools need for fishing or general utility use. The Tsunami C Tool is designed to make rigging tackle for inshore or offshore applications quick, easy and sure.

It will cut wire or mono up to the serious tests and can handle multiple crimp sizes. Long vinyl padded handles provide excellent leverage to apply the right amount of force on the largest or finest crimps.

Add a pair of Tsunami's titanium coated long nose pliers to your tackle arsenal. Tempered precision crafted steel with titanium coated to resist corrosion, integrated wire cutter and comfort grips. And what could be easier than scooping up live bait with the TSFBN bait net?