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Tsunami Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods

Tsunami Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rods

$89.99 - $109.99
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TD Code
TypeLengthPowerActionLine WeightPrice
1 pc
Medium-HeavyModerate-Slow15 - 30 lb.$89.99 USD
Oversize Packaging Required
1 pc
HeavyModerate-Slow20 - 50 lb.$99.99 USD
Oversize Packaging Required
1 pc
HeavyModerate-Slow-$99.99 USD
Oversize Packaging Required
1 pc
X-HeavyModerate-Slow-$99.99 USD
Oversize Packaging Required
1 pc
X-HeavyModerate40 - 65 lb.$109.99 USD
Oversize Packaging Required
The new Trophy Series Conventional Slow Pitch Jigging Rods from Tsunami are constructed with the most modern and durable carbon fiber available! Each ultra-thin profile blank features a compact multi-layer design to deliver power, sensitivity and extraordinary flex under all circumstances. The high density layered blank construction uses Omni-directional scrim at the core for excellent internal hoop strength, resilient unidirectional power, with tip-to-butt fibers for finely tuned actions and unparalleled sensitivity. The result is a light, strong, powerful and sensitive rod which combines proven superior lifting power with fast sensitive blank recovery! Whether used for light tackle or heavy duty applications Trophy Slow pitch rods will balance with today’s compact conventional reels for a featherweight outfit that can perform like gear twice its size! Whether you are deep jigging reef fish, pulling tog from an underwater lair, or drifting for summer flounder, these super strong and incredibly sensitive rods will alert you to the lightest pick up or the most violent strike almost before it happens.

All models are braid ready with only the best of Fuji components selected for durability and longevity. Slow Pitch models feature genuine Fuji® Deep Pressed Concept “O” guides throughout. The conventional models are designed with a spiral wrapped guide train delivering more power and optimum load balance. Fuji® graphite reel seats are selected for strength, corrosion resistance and light weight. Grips are durable, lightweight, high density EVA and custom contoured for plenty of comfort regardless of the technique used. All guides are precisely wrapped and finished with a tough epoxy coating. While they will excel at the new and growing Slow Pitch jigging techniques, Trophy Slow pitch models are versatile enough to take on plenty of other salt water applications and excel in any number of situations.
4.5 Stars based on 20 reviews
By Van
Tog City
Great rod for Tautog!
September 13, 2019
I use this with a Daiwa Coastal for a light setup to jig a 1oz tautog jig. Rod is sensitive enough to feel the slightest bite and strong enough to high stick the toughest tog.
By Hunter
Trenton NJ
Blown away
July 21, 2019
Extremely happy with my slow pitch jig rod. The sensitivity to feel every tail slap yet being able to DOUBLE over and kick butt is insane. No better jig rod for 100 bucks
By craig m.
Strong, Fun Rod
June 21, 2019
This rod is super fun to use and not to mention super light and super strong. Mostly using it for inshore blackfish but used it for fluke and it did the job as well.

ProsGreat Value Strong Light
ConsSome may say small eyelets
By cuba j.
New York bight
great rod but rod seat is not good
June 13, 2019
I bought this 6'6" medium heavy rod for my grandson and it has been a great rod, light with great action, we have landed big stripers and and bluefish but the rod seat leaves alot to be desired. Twice my reel (Newell 220) has popped out of the seat with fish on.
I don't understand why with this nice rod they put a cheap seat, - why not just put a fuji real seat on??
Prosgreat rod increased hits more lure action can take weight
Consrod seat is cheap
By Chris
Pompano Beach, FL
Great start to Vertical Jigging
April 26, 2019
5-stars because if you are getting into the jigging application and have a budget this is the way to go. I have several and have recently upgraded to a "fancier" rod after committing to this type of fishing.
ProsAffordable, has some action, handles big fish, acid wrapped guides
Consdoesn't have the big action for slow pitch style
By Jong K.
Big Bang for your buck
November 28, 2018
Super awesome rod for the price. I have the 7’6 XH and it’s super light weight and a strong backbone. It’s my go to tog rod
ProsLight weight and strong back bone
By john
Best SLOW PITCH Rod for the Money!! VERY RESPONSIVE!!
September 28, 2018
Without Breaking the Bank....This SLOW PITCH Rod is the Perfect One for a Starter and Beginner who is Learning the Technique....Very RESPONSIVE on your JIG that if you Match it with the Right Size and Weight of the Jig you are using....Otherwise you will feel you the rod is not connected to your Jig....

Once you mastered your Slow Pitch Technique....then you may consider upgrading to the Dedicated Slow Pitch Rod like BlackHole...

Mounted on Seigler SGN and had been slaying Yellow Tails and Schoolie Tunas...
ProsGreat Starter SLOW PITCH Rod....
ConsNone so far...
Laurel, NY
Light and strong
September 20, 2018
great bottom fishing rod if you can get your hands on it..
Super Sensitive, Light Weight and Strong!
September 16, 2018
My go to rod for bottom fishing, never miss a bite and has enough back bone to bring in large fish.
Matched with Avet SXJ 5.3-under 30 oz's!
ProsGreat price- super sensitive
Long Island NY
Good Fluke Rod
July 11, 2018
Nice light weight rod for fluke jigging with a lot of power for size. Handles 1 to 4 ounce jigs no problem. Landed fluke up to 8 pounds with no problem. Nice paired with small bait cast reel.
By Joe
Long islands.n.y.
June 14, 2018
Just what I needed great service can't wait to try it
ProsGood rod
By Cyaco
Upstate New York
June 13, 2018
I used Tsunami TSSPJC-661MH Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rod for flounder bottom fishing. I can't tell that if this rod holds 10lbs + fish since I only caught one small crab on 4 hour party charter boat..... I couldn't feel & see the full potential of this rod but I can tell that I wish this MH rod had one piece EVA grip for rear end grip!. the most charter boats rod holders scratches the rod blanks bad...
Prosfair price it's good for LIGHT JIGGING and bottom fishng
Conswish rear grip was not split EVA grips.... wish it was like Tsunami TSSPJS-601MH Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Spinning Rod rear grip. one piece EVA grip is better for the party charter boat because rod blank gets scratched and damaged by the rod holders.... poor finish on EVA grips top guides are small
By Chris
Hartford Connecticut
Tsunami slow pitch jigging rod
May 19, 2018
Awesome rod love the feel the weight and the grips paired it with my Okuma 2 speed real awesome on sea bass flounder porgies and Blues and stripers
By OmarL
San Francisco California
May 2, 2018
I was using this rod for RF and Lincod
By Benny
South Florida
Know what you're getting into before you buy
April 24, 2018
I was able to use this rod on a trip on the Yankee Capts out of Key West, fishing in the Dry Tortugas, using 180g jig in approximately 220ft of water. For full disclosure, I am on the pro-staff of a company that also manufactures slow pitch jigging rods, but I will no disclose the company, or its products, so that this is an unbiased review based solely on the performance of this rod, from the perspective of someone who is a professional slow pitch angler, and who has fished nearly every available slow pitch jigging rod on the market.

Let's be up front when discussing the Tsunami series of rods - they are not a true, dedicated, slow pitch jigging rod. They are what appears to be a fast action, inshore blank with a re-configured reel seat and guide layout, and labeled as "slow pitch" to keep pace with the phrase as it gains in popularity. If you are bouncing a jig off the bottom, particularly in shallow water, and the rod action matters little to you, then this is fine.

If, however, you are actually trying to get into slow pitch jigging, and are learning the technique involved, then this is not a good option. The rod is terrible at effectively working a jig. Terrible. The rod does not load up well, the recoil is inconsistent and too quick, and you lose contact with the jig while fishing it.

Secondly, in general, be wary of a "slow pitch" rod that touts that it is versatile or that it is particularly strong. A true slow pitch rod has one function - to impart an action on a jig. That's it. It's not used to be a primary tool to fight the fish, and it is certainly not used for any other style of fishing.

If you know what you are getting into, and you are ok with the above, then by all means, make the informed choice to purchase this rod. However, if you think you are getting anything that resembles a true slow pitch jigging rod, you are very, very mistaken. In my opinion, it would be better to save a little extra money and put it toward a more dedicated product as the performance and your experience will be substantially better.
ProsIt's "value" priced.
ConsNearly everything if you are expecting anything that resembles the performance of an actual slow pitch jigging rod.
18 Questions & 18 Answers
Sammymac Arner
from new york asked:
September 12, 2019
Are the guides supposed to be twisted

1 Answer
Yes, this is called an acid-wrapped rod.
Submitted by: Ethan on September 13, 2019

from DIAMOND BAR, California asked:
June 24, 2019
what is the warranty about this rod?  thank you
1 Answer

Hello Andy 

This rod has a one year manufactures warranty 

Submitted by: Andrew Montagna on June 27, 2019

from Florida asked:
February 5, 2019
Would the new avet turn fit on the rod?
1 Answer
The accurate Tern will fit this rod
Submitted by: Bernie on February 6, 2019

from ny asked:
December 15, 2018
could you use the xh as a black fishing rod using traditional bottom rigs?
1 Answer
yes, its the method on how you raise and lower the rod the right jig weight and the right rod, so yes you can use the xh for blackfish
Submitted by: Bernie on December 15, 2018

from Dana point, California asked:
November 22, 2018
would a trinidad 16 narrow fit on the reel seat? im not sure if the torium 16 has a bigger reel seat compared to the narrow trinidad.
1 Answer
29 1/4 inches for every piece.
Submitted by: Bernie on November 25, 2018

from Bronx, New York asked:
October 18, 2018
Thinking of going with the MH and an Avet SXJ 5.3 G2 model. I see the line recommended is for mono. Would it work well with 30lb Power Pro ?
1 Answer
30lb power pro will be just fine on the rod and reel.
Submitted by: Bernie on October 18, 2018

davide ingrosso
from Lecce asked:
February 27, 2018
uso mulinelli con leva a sinistra,fornite canna con spirale a destra?
1 Answer
Non sono sicuro di aver capito la tua domanda sulla spirale? Se stai chiedendo se le guide sono avvolte a spirale, credo che lo siano. Se hai altre domande non esitare a contattarci nella nostra live chat.
Submitted by: Bernie on March 2, 2018

Thomas parker
from Edison, nj asked:
January 31, 2018
I've seen people talk about the reel seat being too small on this rod, I just bought a torium 16hga, do you think it will be a problem fitting
1 Answer
Hello Thomas, you are correct the reel seat is to small for the Torium 16hga.
Submitted by: Bernie on February 1, 2018

Will Kinsella
from Wall, New Jersey asked:
November 15, 2017
Will a Daiwa saltist 20hc fit on the tsunami slow pitch rod well for striped bass and fluke.
1 Answer
That would match up well. I would also take a look at the Shimano TranX reel as well.
Submitted by: Bernie on November 17, 2017

from San Pedro, California asked:
March 28, 2019
Will a trinidad 14a fit the 6’6” rod or is the reel seat too small
1 Answer
The Trinidad 14A unfortunately does not fit on the reel seat. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on April 4, 2019

Dustin miller
from Elkton md asked:
March 11, 2019

What size reel seat is on the xh?

1 Answer
2.25 to 2.5 inches at the most
Submitted by: Andrew Montagna on March 14, 2019

from Qatar asked:
April 26, 2018
What reel do you recommend with the MH model? Thanks
1 Answer
An Avet SX model would be an ideal match for the MH Tsunami Trophy series rod.
Submitted by: Donald on April 28, 2018

from Corona, California asked:
April 19, 2018
I just got a tranx 500hg , would the 761xh be good for It? I have it spooled with 8plb power pro
1 Answer
The Tsunami TSSPJC-761XH Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rod would be a good match paired with the Tranx 500HG.
Submitted by: Donald on April 20, 2018

from California asked:
April 18, 2018
Heavy 20-50 its mono or braids line ?
1 Answer
The Tsunami TSSPJC-681H Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rod 20- 50 rating is the mono rating.
Submitted by: Donald on April 19, 2018

from New Jersey asked:
December 4, 2017
Whats the lure weight to the extra heavy
1 Answer
The lure weight for the Tsunami TSSPJC-761XH Trophy Series Slow Pitch Jigging Casting Rod is 3.25 oz - 7 oz.
Submitted by: Donald on December 6, 2017

from The ocean asked:
November 6, 2017
Will an Avet sxj 5.3 fit on this rod well? Also can the medium heavy handle 6 ounce sinkers?
1 Answer
The lure weight for the medium heavy is 1 - 4 1/4 oz. So I would recommend the heavy if you plan on using 6 oz. These rods would pair up perfectly with an Avet SX.
Submitted by: Devon on November 6, 2017

from asked:
November 5, 2017
Would an Avet sxj 5.3 fit well on this rod? And also should i go with a medium heavy or heavy for bottom fishing for flounder and stripers?
1 Answer
The SXJ would be a great match for these rods. I would suggest the medium heavy for use with jigs or weights 4 oz. or less, and the heavy for use with weights 4 oz. to 7 oz.
Submitted by: Devon on November 7, 2017

from Singapore asked:
October 15, 2017
Does the rod come with a spiral wrap?
1 Answer
Yes, all models of this rod have spiral wrapped guides.
Submitted by: Devon on October 16, 2017


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