VestPac Hydration Systems & Accessories

VestPac's hydration pack system is the lightest, most comfortable way to stay hydrated on the go. VestPacs are designed to provide the best possible performance for every situation. The revolutionary 3D Airmesh technology adapts to take advantage of any environment. In hot climates, moisture evaporates from the mesh, actively cooling both your body and your H2O. When the temps drop below freezing, the VestPac becomes an UnderPac, a breathable mid-layer worn under the jacket. This insulates your core while utilizing body heat to keep the water hydration bladder reservoir from turning into an ice block.

  • All VestPac products are 100% Guaranteed for life. We wanted to guarantee them forever, but the lawyers put an end to that.
  • Every VestPac hydration pack comes with a BPA free, anti-microbial water reservoir and high flow bite valve
  • VestPac uses high-durability elastic straps so our Pacs are no more confining than your favorite sweatpants
  • Multiple chest pocket options cater to different sports and activities with different gear requirements
  • All chest pockets are interchangeable, so you can use one Pac to tackle everything
  • VestPacs are completely submersible and machine washable for when you want to get down and dirty
  • VestPac products are designed and tested by professional athletes and everyday enthusiasts to ensure we only offer the very best
  • VestPac is based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, USA