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Yamamoto 5in Senko Lure

Yamamoto 5in Senko Lure

Price: $6.99
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DescriptionSizeQty Per PackColorPrice
9-10 002 Smoke
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack002 Smoke$6.99 USD
9-10 008 Red
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack008 Red$6.99 USD
9-10 021 Black w/ Blue
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack021 Black w/ Blue$6.99 USD
9-10 031 Blue Pearl w/ Silver
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack031 Blue Pearl w/ Silver$6.99 USD
9-10 042 Watermelon
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack042 Watermelon$6.99 USD
9-10 150 Smoke w/ Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack150 Smoke w/ Black$6.99 USD
9-10 156 Chartreuse w/ Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack156 Chartreuse w/ Black$6.99 USD
9-10 157 Smoke w/ Black Purple
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack157 Smoke w/ Black Purple$6.99 USD
9-10 159 Blue Black/Chartreuse
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack159 Blue Black/Chartreuse$6.99 USD
9-10 167 Motor Oil/Red
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack167 Motor Oil/Red$6.99 USD
9-10 176 Cinnamon/Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack176 Cinnamon/Black$6.99 USD
9-10 177 Smoke w/ Black Silver
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack177 Smoke w/ Black Silver$6.99 USD
9-10 186 Pumpkin w/ Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack186 Pumpkin w/ Black$6.99 USD
9-10 187 Clear w/ Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack187 Clear w/ Black$6.99 USD
9-10 194 Watermelon w/ Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack194 Watermelon w/ Black$6.99 USD
9-10 196 Pumpkin Orange/Black Green
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack196 Pumpkin Orange/Black Green$6.99 USD
9-10 208 Watermelon w/ Black Red
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack208 Watermelon w/ Black Red$6.99 USD
9-10 213 Junebug Purple w/ Emerald
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack213 Junebug Purple w/ Emerald$6.99 USD
9-10 214 Smoke w/ Black/Blue/Gold
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack214 Smoke w/ Black/Blue/Gold$6.99 USD
9-10 221 Cinnamon w/ Black Purple
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack221 Cinnamon w/ Black Purple$6.99 USD
9-10 222 Watermelon w/ Red Green
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack222 Watermelon w/ Red Green$6.99 USD
9-10 236 Rootbeer w/ Green Cop
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack236 Rootbeer w/ Green Cop$6.99 USD
9-10 238 Smoke w/ Black Halogram
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack238 Smoke w/ Black Halogram$6.99 USD
9-10 239 Blue Pearl w/ Black Halogram
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack239 Blue Pearl w/ Black Halogram$6.99 USD
9-10 240 Smoke Blue Pearl
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack240 Smoke Blue Pearl$6.99 USD
9-10 241 Cinnamon Brown
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack241 Cinnamon Brown$6.99 USD
9-10 284 Rootbeer w/ Red Gold
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack284 Rootbeer w/ Red Gold$6.99 USD
9-10 297 Green-Pumpkin w/ Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack297 Green-Pumpkin w/ Black$6.99 USD
9-10 301 Green Pumpkin w/ Large Green and Purple
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack301 Green Pumpkin w/ Large Green and Purple$6.99 USD
9-10 305 Baby Bass
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack305 Baby Bass$6.99 USD
9-10 306 Nat Shad
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack306 Nat Shad$6.99 USD
9-10 318 Green Pumpkin w/ Large Red Flake
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack318 Green Pumpkin w/ Large Red Flake$6.99 USD
9-10 323 Watermelon Black Gold
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack323 Watermelon Black Gold$6.99 USD
9-10 328 Watermelon w/ Large Blue Flake
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack328 Watermelon w/ Large Blue Flake$6.99 USD
9-10 329 Watermelon w/ Large Purple Flake
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack329 Watermelon w/ Large Purple Flake$6.99 USD
9-10 330 Green Pumpkin w/ Purple Cop
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack330 Green Pumpkin w/ Purple Cop$6.99 USD
9-10 354 Watermelon Magic
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack354 Watermelon Magic$6.99 USD
9-10 355 Green Pumpkin Magic
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack355 Green Pumpkin Magic$6.99 USD
9-10 357 Lt Green Pumpkin w/ Sm Red Flake
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack357 Lt Green Pumpkin w/ Sm Red Flake$6.99 USD
9-10 358 Dk Pumpkin w/ Purple Black and Green Flake
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack358 Dk Pumpkin w/ Purple Black and Green Flake$6.99 USD
9-10 361 Watermelon Red Magic
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack361 Watermelon Red Magic$6.99 USD
9-10 362 Midnight
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack362 Midnight$6.99 USD
9-10 363 Green-Pumpkin w/ Blue
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack363 Green-Pumpkin w/ Blue$6.99 USD
9-10 367 Mad Melon
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack367 Mad Melon$6.99 USD
9-10 368 Watermelon Candy
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack368 Watermelon Candy$6.99 USD
9-10 369 Green Pumpkin Red
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack369 Green Pumpkin Red$6.99 USD
9-10 523 Black Blue Flake/ Blue Tip
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack523 Black Blue Flake/ Blue Tip$6.99 USD
9-10 542 Watermelon Black Flake/Chartreuse Tip
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack542 Watermelon Black Flake/Chartreuse Tip$6.99 USD
9-10 900 Red Shad Laminated
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack900 Red Shad Laminated$6.99 USD
9-10 901 Watermelon/White
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack901 Watermelon/White$6.99 USD
9-10 904 Blue/Black
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack904 Blue/Black$6.99 USD
9-10 906 Watermelon/Lemon
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack906 Watermelon/Lemon$6.99 USD
9-10 908 Trout
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack908 Trout$6.99 USD
9-10 912 Green Pumpkin/Black Watermelon
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack912 Green Pumpkin/Black Watermelon$6.99 USD
9-10 913 Green Pumpkin w/ Chartreuse
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack913 Green Pumpkin w/ Chartreuse$6.99 USD
9-10 914 Watermelon Amber
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack914 Watermelon Amber$6.99 USD
9-10 918 Purple w/ Green Cinnamon w/ Red
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack918 Purple w/ Green Cinnamon w/ Red$6.99 USD
9-10 925 Green Pumpkin/Red Laminate
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack925 Green Pumpkin/Red Laminate$6.99 USD
9-10 926 Dark Green Pumpkin w/ Purple/Greenlam
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack926 Dark Green Pumpkin w/ Purple/Greenlam$6.99 USD
9-10 927 Smoke w/ Purple Laminate Holo
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack927 Smoke w/ Purple Laminate Holo$6.99 USD
9-10 953 Smoke w/ Purple-Blue Flake Watermelon
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack953 Smoke w/ Purple-Blue Flake Watermelon$6.99 USD
9-10 955 Watermelon w/ Black-Red Flake/Lt
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack955 Watermelon w/ Black-Red Flake/Lt$6.99 USD
9-10 956 Watermelon w/ Cpr Flake/Orange w/ Red
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack956 Watermelon w/ Cpr Flake/Orange w/ Red$6.99 USD
9-10 960 Green Weenie
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack960 Green Weenie$6.99 USD
9-10 374 Morning Dawn
Senko worm lure5in10 per pack374 Morning Dawn$6.99 USD
If there's been one lure that has changed the face of fishing over the past five years it's the Yamamoto Senko. With its wide range of uses and subtle natural action the Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world. The beauty of the Senko is in it's simplicity. The Yamamoto Senko may just look like a thick round plastic worm but the fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated in the body drives fish mad. When rigged weightless the Yamamoto Senko falls horizontally with a seductive side to side tail action. Try rigging this bait wacky style or Texas rigged and experience the versatility the Yamamoto Senko provides.
5 Stars based on 15 reviews
By TonyF
Farmingdale, NY
September 26, 2018
Bass magnet
I use this wacky rigged and the Bass on Loon Lake love it. Whether fishing off the dock or out in my yak working a shelf it always scores with Bass. This color or purple with dark blue is all you need.
By Mark
Salem, NH
August 2, 2018
the best
By Mark
Salem, NH
August 2, 2018
great lure
By Mark
Salem, NH
August 2, 2018
the best
By Mark
October 1, 2017
Works in other countries like Australia
Great little plastic with a reputation that speaks for itself. Sinks nicely and works well on Barra and Jacks as well as southern species like Bream, Flathead, Trevally, Salon and Tailor etc, perfect for sinking off a snag whacky rigged, also good neko rigged for something different.
By Kai
Carpinteria, CA
August 2, 2017
Often imitated never duplicated
The only Senko that I fish with. Fish the best!
By Joe
Endwell, NY
May 20, 2017
Only senko worth buying
Tried several different Senko worms... these out fish them all. It only took about an hour on the boat with my friend to convert him to these. He thought they were too pricey now it's all he uses also.
ProsBest action for wacky rig
By jamie
May 10, 2017
Best stick bait around
I've used plenty of different stick type baits but non compare to the senko
By Nathanael
Saint Louis, MO
March 26, 2017
Best Lure in my lineup
There's not many situations where the senko will not work. I like wacky rigging and texas rigging weightless in open pockets between weed beds. Senkos wont let you down!
By Mark Castillo
Anaheim, CA
February 2, 2017
Hands down best bass lure EVER
Senkos come second right under live bait. Irresistible to bass.
By superfish101
Bradenton, FL
July 25, 2016
Great lure
Great Big Bass Bait works well
By Pete
North port, Florida
April 15, 2016
Great senko
This is my favorite senko brand and color. These are very durable wacky rigged, I can catch many fish with the same one.
ProsPerfect action for wacky rigging.
By ksr
March 24, 2016
one of the best sp`s in the market
does yamamoto really need a review? well i will give u 1, this is the best soft plastic in the market, or one of the best......heavy enough to cast far and robust enough to last a couple of fishes.
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
February 23, 2016
Great senko
One of the best if not the best soft plastics out there. When used at the right place and time you will catch fish. Has a great fall and will trigger bass. Only bad this is that they don't last were long.
By Db
new york, NY
June 8, 2015
famouse plastic
Yamamoto plastic work is classic bass lure. best way is weedless hook or use bait hook and hook the middle. it imitate thick juice worm bass cannot resist.
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