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Zoom Salty Super Fluke

Zoom Salty Super Fluke

by Zoom
Price: $3.39
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TD Code
DescriptionLengthQty Per PackColorPrice
023-039 Arkan Shiner
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Arkan Shiner$3.39 USD
023-039 Black
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Black$3.39 USD
023-039 Bubble Gum
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Bubble Gum$3.39 USD
023-039 Chartreuse Pearl
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Chartreuse Pearl$3.39 USD
023-039 Houdini
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Houdini$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Seed
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Seed$3.39 USD
023-039 White Ice
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10White Ice$3.39 USD
023-039 White Pearl
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10White Pearl$3.39 USD
023-039 Glimmer Blue
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Glimmer Blue$3.39 USD
023-039 Goldfish
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Goldfish$3.39 USD
023-039 Silver-Rainbow
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Silver Rainbow$3.39 USD
023-039 Albino
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Albino$3.39 USD
023-039 Smokin Silver
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Smokin Silver$3.39 USD
023-039 Smokin Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Smokin Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Baby Bass
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Baby Bass$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Candy
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Candy$3.39 USD
023-039 Natural Green
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Natural Green$3.39 USD
023-039 Moccasin Blue
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Moccasin Blue$3.39 USD
023-039 Golden Bream
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Golden Bream$3.39 USD
023-039 Red Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Red Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Lemon Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Lemon Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Merthiolate
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Merthiolate$3.39 USD
023-039 Junebug
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Junebug$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Red
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Red$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Pro Blue
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Pro Blue$3.39 USD
023-039 Plum Apple
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Plum Apple$3.39 USD
023-039 Cotton Candy
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Cotton Candy$3.39 USD
023-039 Blue Watermelon
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Blue Watermelon$3.39 USD
023-039 Avocado
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Avocado$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Chartreuse
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Chartreuse$3.39 USD
023-039 Junebug Red
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Junebug Red$3.39 USD
023-039 Avocado Red Tail
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Avocado Red Tail$3.39 USD
023-039 Glow Chartreuse Tail
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Glow Chartreuse Tail$3.39 USD
023-039 Pearl Chartreuse Tail
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Pearl Chartreuse Tail$3.39 USD
023-039 Rainbow Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Rainbow Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Green Pumpkin Red
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Green Pumpkin Red$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Gold
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Gold$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Green Orange
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Green Orange$3.39 USD
023-039 Baitfish
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Baitfish$3.39 USD
023-039 Midnight Chartreuse
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Midnight Chartreuse$3.39 USD
023-039 Blue Pearl Hologram
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Blue Pearl Hologram$3.39 USD
023-039 Green Albino
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Green Albino$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Red Pearl
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Red Pearl$3.39 USD
023-039 White
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10White$3.39 USD
023-039 Mardi Gras
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Mardi Gras$3.39 USD
023-039 Rainbow Trout
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Rainbow Trout$3.39 USD
023-039 Pumpkin Spice
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Pumpkin Spice$3.39 USD
023-039 Green Pumpkin Candy
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Green Pumpkin Candy$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Magic
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Magic$3.39 USD
023-039 Green Pumpkin Magic
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Green Pumpkin Magic$3.39 USD
023-039 Disco Violet
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Disco Violet$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Red Magic
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Red Magic$3.39 USD
023-039 Disco Green
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Disco Green$3.39 USD
023-039 California 420
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10California 420$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Slice
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Slice$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Violet
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Violet$3.39 USD
023-039 Crazy Chrome
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Crazy Chrome$3.39 USD
023-039 Electric Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Electric Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Bluegill Flash
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Bluegill Flash$3.39 USD
023-039 Sexy Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Sexy Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Pro Blue Red Pearl
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Pro Blue Red Pearl$3.39 USD
023-039 Silver Flash
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Silver Flash$3.39 USD
023-039 Tennessee Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Tennessee Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Sungill
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Sungill$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Moondust
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Moondust$3.39 USD
023-039 Lavender Shad
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Lavender Shad$3.39 USD
023-039 Tilapia
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Tilapia$3.39 USD
023-039 Killer Dawn
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Killer Dawn$3.39 USD
023-039 Electric Shiner
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Electric Shiner$3.39 USD
023-039 Canjun Craw
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Canjun Craw$3.39 USD
023-039 Glitter Bomb
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Glitter Bomb$3.39 USD
023-039 Fools Gold
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Fools Gold$3.39 USD
023-039 Yabby Mudbug
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Yabby Mudbug$3.39 USD
023-039 Watermelon Candy Red
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Watermelon Candy Red$3.39 USD
023-039 Candy Bug
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Candy Bug$3.39 USD
023-039 Green Pumpkin
Salty Super Fluke5.25in10Green Pumpkin$3.39 USD
The Zoom Salty Super Fluke plastic baits. These fluke plastic baits are realistic and soft to the touch.
4.5 Stars based on 15 reviews
By Jeff
Southeast texas
May 1, 2019
Something different
Color is hard to find. Something different and seems to work well. Fast shipping.
April 7, 2019
Zoom zoom
A top bass bait imo. Plastic is soft and sturdy so you won't have to constantly change after catching fish. This is really my go to bait when fishing for freshwater striped bass and it never lets me down.
ProsTen per pack is awesome! Affordable.
ConsNone, if you know how to rig them for what you are fishing for.
By Tim
Cape Cod
November 26, 2018
Works pretty well
These are a smaller and cheaper than ronz or hogy. They get beaten up a little faster. But they are a great product.
ConsPlastic is a little weaker
By craig
November 15, 2018
One of the best
I use flukes religiously when i fish for snook. The zoom flukes i have been using for years. work them on the surface or down low. Doesnt matter fish love them. They do get torn up a bit after the
first couple fish but at such a low price and 10 count qty. You cant beat it
By John f.
Los Angeles
October 22, 2018
Best soft bait I’ve ever used
This is a great drop shot rig. Nose hook or wacky rigged
ProsFairly durable
ConsI?d like them to infuse a scent into the plastic
By Clay
Atlanta, GA
September 13, 2018
Item as described:
Haven't fished it yet but I expect it will work as it has in the past. item arrived in a timely manner and is as described.
By heon
Columbus, Ga
April 23, 2017
Chattahoochee favorite
The striper in the Chatahoochee river love these things in white
By Daniel
Locust Valley, NY
April 10, 2016
Great Softbait
Zoom fluke is great for schoolie bass, weaks and sea bass. love Zooms!!
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
May 18, 2015
best soft bait
zoom flukes are the best soft bait i used. very effective for sea bass and i absolutely love them.
By Alex
California, MD
April 26, 2015
Nice lures!
Very productive in the early season. I catch most of my early season fish with Zoom Flukes.
By Margaret
Poughkeepsie, NY
April 18, 2015
Zoom Super Fluke is the best soft plastic and it's the first soft plastic I use in the season.
By Db
new york, NY
April 4, 2015
It is one of sure wwaky catcher..
I like the pink color. Bubble gum color..
it is softer than gulp.. and swim quite realistic
By Travis
New Jersey
March 3, 2015
use them in the bay every year
work great for stripers and weakfish i use them in white and pink mostly
By Brian
lake worth , florida
January 26, 2015
great for bass
I use these almost every week when I bass fish and they constantly bring lunkers !
Prosside-to-side action
By Cristian
Lake worth, Florida
January 23, 2015
Monster bass
I've caught some master bass on this lure over the years my biggest on this is 6 pounds the only problem I have with this lure is the way it swam before I knew to use it correctly
5 Questions & 5 Answers
Warren Reading
from North Palm Beach FL 33408 asked:
December 25, 2018
Merry Christmas! Would you consider $60 for 150 Zoom 5.25" Salty Super Fluke Bubblegumbaits? Thank you, Warren
1 Answers
Please contact us at 1-888-354-7335
on December 27, 2018

Domingos Varela
from Luanda, Angola asked:
February 7, 2017
This price is for only one or a pack?
1 Answers
The price is per pack.
on February 8, 2017

from Burlington VT asked:
April 25, 2016
What's the length on these?
1 Answers
They are 5 inches.
on April 26, 2016

from ms asked:
April 23, 2015
smoken silver what happen to this color cant find it any where
1 Answers
Wayne, Unfortunately at this time we do not carry that color, if you would like to see if we can order it in for you please feel free to call us at 1-888-354-7335 or email us at
on April 27, 2015

henry Coffey
from Australia asked:
June 21, 2014
soft baits weights?
1 Answers
The 10 pack weighs in at 3.2 oz.
Customer Service
on June 23, 2014


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