Berkley PowerBait Nessie Softplastic Glide Bait - 7in - Rainbow Trout

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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With a different approach to the glide bait category that anglers have come to love for decades, the Berkley PowerBait Nessie Softplastic Glide Baits are a soft bodied single jointed bait set to illicit intense strikes and deliver a profile and action that fish haven’t seen before. This glide bait can be used in and around cover, fished in open water, and used in other ways like that of a hard glide bait, however, can also be skipped underneath docks and other locations where a hard glide might be hard to use if at all. Its soft plastic profile moves with ease, much easier than the traditional hard glide, giving anglers of all levels greater ability to control and implement their desired action. The bait collapses at the joint and offers a much more realistic feel to fish, improving potential hookups and keeping those fish holding on longer.

Its single joint design utilizes mesh reinforcement, enhancing durability of the bait while keeping its free range of motion. Plastic stabilizing fins at the belly of the bait keep this lure balanced for rod tip movements and retrieve speeds of all styles, while patent pending hook retention clip keeps its single belly Fusion 19 Treble fixed. Once a fish strikes and a grabs a hold of this bait the hook will slip free, reducing the leverage capability fish could have on this big bodied bait. Custom painted forage matching finishes and a paint brush tail delivers on the realistic look of this bait, grabbing the attention of even the most keen-eyed predators.

  • Soft bodied glide bait design featuring PowerBait flavor
  • Mesh reinforced joint provides durability while allowing for free range of motion
  • Stabilizing fins for consistent action
  • Patent pending hook retention clip keeps treble hook secured to body
  • Premium features and components
  • Sticky sharp Fusion19 treble hook
  • Custom painted forage matching finishes
  • Slow Sinking
  • Pro Design Mike Iaconelli

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