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Spring Bass Fishing

Close-up of a bass with a lure in its mouth

Spring is right around the corner and it is a great time to be a bass angler. No matter where you live, there are plenty of chances to catch bass in the spring. The fish are starting to stir after a long winter, and they are bulking up on food before and after the energy-draining spawn. While it's one of the best times for largemouth and smallies, the spring season still requires smart techniques and strategic angling.

At TackleDirect, we don't want spring to sneak up on you, so use these spring bass fishing tips and you'll be catching more bass in no time…

  • Cast for repeat results: One of the best tips for early spring bass fishing success is to pay close attention to what works for you and what does not. Because bass behavior will change frequently with the fluctuating weather and temperature in spring, each day on the water may call for a different approach. Once you find a technique that wins you a bite, repeat the same cast and retrieve to catch a few more.
  • Fish out the area: Bass will often congregate in the same areas in spring — meaning if you catch one, you may catch a dozen more in the same spot. After your first catch, continue to cast along the same ridge or point. If you do not get a second bite, try fishing the same area from different angles before moving to a new spot.
  • Pay attention to water conditions: Fickle spring weather can make it challenging to locate bass, but by paying attention to the water conditions, you can find bass more quickly on each subsequent spring fishing trip. Once you find an area where bass are congregating, take a mental note of the water color, depth, temperature and bottom conditions. Consider the location of the ridge or point relative to channels and flats. These details will help you track down bass more quickly next time.
  • Watch for birds: When fishing with jerkbaits or crankbaits, watch for areas where birds are diving to catch dying baitfish. These will often be spots where hungry bass are also congregating and where jerkbaits and crankbaits will be most effective.
  • Use the wind to your advantage: On spring days when the water is clear, bass may see your bait too clearly and be wary of biting. Wind can help to disturb the surface of the water to attract bass better. If you are not getting any bites on a clear lake, try casting when the wind picks up.
  • Fish the mudlines: f you are having trouble locating bass on a spring day, look for mudlines created by wind and waves. Bass will often hide along the edges of mudlines where they have the advantage over baitfish which are drawn there to feed on plankton. Using brightly coIlored lures, drag your line across a mudline from the muddy water into the clear water. Bass will often strike just as the bait emerges.

With the right techniques and a little bit of luck, you can reel in a big bass to start the season right.

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