Marine Cleaning Supplies

A boat is a big investment. You want to protect that investment, and the simple truth is that paying a little for preventive maintenance and cleaning upfront will save big dollars in the long run.

If you decide to sell your boat sometime in the future or trade up for a bigger boat, keeping it ship-shape and in Bristol fashion will help maintain its value. At TackleDirect, we carry a big selection of marine boat cleaners, waxes, tools and supplies to help your boat look better and last longer.

Our roster of marine cleaning and maintenance supplies is huge. We have everyday cleaning chemicals that will keep your boat looking great after each trip, no matter how wild the fishing action or the partying has been. For those tough stains, we have special stain removers that will remove just about anything that mars your decks or other surfaces. We even have pine-scented bilge cleaner to keep your bilge smelling fresh.

Have problems with rust' If your boat's in saltwater, corrosion likely has made its mark. We have special rust-removal chemicals that will take rust off metal and fiberglass and even get rusty tools working like new again.

TackleDirect also carries many types of fiberglass restorers and oxidation removers to get your entire hull looking good. When you're done cleaning, use one of our many specially formulated marine waxes to keep that shine. If you have teak on your boat, our teak oil will help it look its best and last longer.

In addition to cleaning chemicals and waxes, we also carry all the tools you need to apply them. These include products like hoses, hose nozzles, brushes, cloths and other equipment made specially to ease the tough task of cleaning a boat.