Trolling Downrigger Supplies

To successfully drag in tuna, bluefish, salmon and kingfish, you need more than just a great lure. You also need that lure to be where the fish are. A saltwater downrigger and accessories from TackleDirect will get your baits to the right depth so they're doing more than just looking pretty in the water. Downrigger trolling lowers the lures to the level where your target sport fish resides so they'll pounce without hesitation.

We stock an assortment of downriggers for your deep sea bottom fishing or freshwater trout hunt. Order Scotty downriggers, Cannon downriggers, and other leading brands. There are both manual and electric downriggers for sale to fit casual or professional setups. You also can get all the other equipment you need for downrigging, including planers, rod holders, release clips, cables and line releases.

Kite Fishing Downriggers & Accessories

A downrigger is also a useful tool for kite fishing, which is an exciting way to snare sailfish and other species using live bait. By getting both downriggers and kites from TackleDirect, you'll have two ways to control the depth of your presentation. Our assortment of clip kits and mounts will make setting them up easy. Whatever rod, reel, line and lure you're using, there is depth-rigging hardware that takes you to the fish.

Call or email TackleDirect seven days a week if you have questions. Our staff is full of experienced anglers who have used the equipment you see and can make experienced recommendations. Satisfaction is guaranteed on every order with no-hassle returns and exchanges.