Freshwater Hard Baits

Freshwater Fishing Hard Baits & Lures:

Fishing with live or dead bait can be very effective in freshwater. But nothing compares with the excitement of fishing with lures. Whether it's watching a lunker largemouth coming up from beneath some lily pads and exploding on to your top water plug, or hearing your drag scream while trolling for walleye, fishing with lures spells pure excitement. At TackleDirect, we offer hundreds of freshwater fishing hard baits and lures that will catch you fish, no matter where you fish or what species you chase. Our selection of freshwater lures includes time-tested products from leading lure makers like Berkley, Rapala and Megabass as well as companies like Zoom, Damiki and Keitech.

Freshwater Topwater Plugs and Lures:

Undoubtedly the most exciting way to catch a fish is with a topwater plug. Nothing compares with casting a popper or other surface plug, letting it lie still and twitching it in a cat-and-mouse game with the big bucketmouth you hope swims under it. At TackleDirect, we carry a huge array of topwater plugs and lures ranging from old reliables from Heddon, Megabass, and Rapala. Freshwater Crankbaits and Diving Lures

Crankbaits and diving lures are often favored for largemouth bass fishing. These lures can be especially effective during the warmer months, when big bass head to deeper water in search of cooler temperatures.

TackleDirect stocks a wide variety of crankbaits and diving lures. In addition to targeting bass, divers can be effective on many other species like brown trout, striped bass and, in appropriately small sizes, even sunfish.

Freshwater Spinners:

One of the most versatile designs in the lure world, spinners can target just about any freshwater species. The flashing metal blade that spins around the streamlined body of this lure gives off vibrations that fish can sense with their lateral lines as well as intense visual appeal. Add a piece of nightcrawler or scent to one of these lures to appeal to a third sense. At TackleDirect, you'll find spinners in sizes to catch anything from sunfish, panfish, and trout to big bass, northern pike, and muskies.

Freshwater Jigs and Spoons:

One of the oldest and simplest designs in lures is also the most effective. Freshwater jigs and spoons are simply pieces of metal artfully formed into fishy shapes. Combined with hooks that look like tails, these lures imitate baitfish and other prey. Just as important, they swim like such prey. With a little extra body English from you, these lures can catch practically any freshwater fish.