Safety Stowage

Life jackets and personal flotation devices are crucial pieces of safety equipment on any boat and any body of water, large or small. In fact, these important safety devices are required on boats by law.

If you want to carry your life vests in an organized way and to extend their life, stowage bags are a smart investment. These inexpensive items will keep your PFDs and life jackets organized. They will allow you to have these safety items close at hand but out of the way. They also will protect your life jackets from the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays as well as from rain, salt and other elements that can decrease their life. That not only helps protect your investment in your PFDs. It also means that they will work right when you need them most in the event of an emergency.

At TackleDirect, we carry quality safety life jacket and PFD stowage bags. Besides organizing your PFDs, these vinyl bags also look good and will make your vessel look shipshape. These stowage bags cost less than many PFDs and are a smart choice.