Saltwater Swivels

Saltwater Fishing Swivels

Use the right saltwater fishing swivels and snaps from TackleDirect to stay on the straight and narrow while you cast. Swivel fishing involves connecting sections of fishing line, leader or terminal tackle using a small metal piece that lets both sections rotate freely. They're commonly used for metal spoons and other lures that rotate when retrieving so your line doesn't get twisted up. Fishing with swivels also makes it easier to switch rigs from one line to another if you need to change combos.

Swivel Your Way to Success

We stock fish line swivels from American Fishing Wire, Quick Rig, Sea Striker, VMC and other leading brands. Many types of fishing swivels are available depending on your setup. Barrel swivels are the original design and remain a budget-friendly option for beginners or intermediate anglers. For maximum rotation, use ball bearing swivels that are an excellent antidote to line twisting. A fishing snap swivel is the easiest way to change over your lures or rigs, and we also have three-way swivels, corkscrew swivels, monkey swivels and other styles. They're made of durable materials such as brass and stainless steel with special coatings to resist corrosion from saltwater — or accidental bites from toothy fish.

Support From Fellow Anglers

Since there are so many swivel designs and sizes available, we understand if you're having trouble picking the best one for your tackle. That's why we back our unmatched selection with expert customer service seven days a week by phone or live chat. Talk to someone who's spent a lot of time using swivels and can point you in the right direction.