Freshwater Fish Grips & Scales

Whether you are looking to weigh that latest lunker you have landed or just want to remove a hook from a toothy predator without having it remove one of your fingers, the fish grips, scales, dehookers and venting tools from TackleDirect will get the job done. In addition to helping you, these handy tools will also help your catch. For catch and release, these tools will let fish go with minimum damage so they can live to fight another day.

These items are available for all kinds of fishing. For freshwater fish, TackleDirect carries pliers, grips, scales and other tools that can handle everything from little panfish to toothy northern pike. We also have tournament scales that will help you develop a winning strategy during bass tournaments. Our grip-scale combos make it quick and easy to handle and weigh your catch at the same time.

For saltwater fish, we carry a huge assortment of dehookers and grips that will let you handle fish gently and safely. If you bottom-fish in deep water, you'll want to take a look at our venting tools, which meet federal and state regulations. They make it easy to vent inflated swim bladders, allowing the fish you release to return easily to the bottom. That means no more released fish swimming around helplessly in circles on the surface.