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Super Strike Super

Super Strike Super "N" Fish Sinking Lures

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Hook SizeSwivel (lb)
Sinking5-1/41.7F1/0 R4/0230Select Color$18.60 USD
Sinking5-1/41#1230Select Color$18.60 USD
Sinking6-3/82-3/8F2/0 R5/0330Select Color$19.40 USD
Sinking6-3/81-1/22/0330Select Color$18.03 USD
Sinking7-1/43F3/0 R6/0330Select Color$20.10 USD
Sinking7-1/41-3/43/0330Select Color$18.43 USD
The first version of this lure became popular in the Cape during the early 80's. This needlefish lure slips through the wind for very long casts. It is legendary lure for producing cows when sandeels and thin baits are present. 
5 Stars based on 59 reviews
By Lonnie
June 3, 2018
Needle Fish
It looks weird but it moves a lot when you jerk it.
ProsGood action
Long Island NY
April 6, 2018
Great Caster
Great super strike quality and consistency. Great finish, durability and hardware. Go to lure when fishing strong on-shore winds and need to reach fish, especially when thinner baits are around.
By stephen
South Portland, ME
February 20, 2018
Must have
Buy 1 buy 6. These lures flat out catch. Great price and easy to fish.
ProsCatch fish.
By James
February 16, 2018
Super Lure
Awesome lure, especially at night. Catches Bass
By Lee
Long Island, ny
January 18, 2018
What a great lure!
A absolute must have if you're planning on spending your nights hunting for stripers. And this is offered at a great price!
By Christopher
Brooklyn, NY
January 17, 2018
Excellent bait imitator.
Love to use this in the daytime when smaller baits are around. Another winner from Super Strike at a great price.
ProsCast very well.
By Dave
December 4, 2017
SS Catches Fish
Used this at the very end of the season. Biggest fish was just over 30".....casts a mile. You can't go wrong with Super Strike!
By Brandon
Lbi, New Jersey
October 11, 2017
Top Quality
The finish on these needle fish plugs is top quality and the hardware they come with appears to be up to the test. Cannot wait to fish these in the fall run.
By El-dude
June 11, 2017
This plug is great for NE waters
This is a great plug for strong currents and can cut threw the wind.
Pros- very durable - comes with good hardware - sinks evenly & slowly
Cons- price
By Justin B
Harrisburg, PA
March 27, 2017
Another Surfcaster's Staple Plug
I've reviewed other Super Strike plugs before, and I'll say the same here. You can't beat the consistency and durability of Super Strike plugs, these needlefish included. I don't leave the truck without at least a couple Super Strikes in my bag. They're affordable, fish great, and last a long time.
By Phil D
March 1, 2017
Great plug
Great plug for catching striped bass and bluefish from the surf
By John Reccek
February 25, 2017
Super strike needle fish
Lure works great, great price
By Tony
Bayside, NY
November 24, 2016
Must have
This lure is a must have when fishing extremely rough conditions (gushing winds, big waves, fast current). I have no idea why fish would want to eat this, but they do! I always have this lure in my surf bag at all times.
ProsAerodynamic. This thing cuts through the wind like a hot knife cutting warm butter. Also, it's made by Super Strike, which means its made by plastic with excellent hardware. I can depend of them.
ConsSuper Strike don't make enough of these lures! Have to wait until early next year for a new batch.
By Dimiti L
New York, NY
November 23, 2016
Great plug a definite must for surf!
This has been said many times over. This plug catches fish! Well made with great action.
October 30, 2016
Nice durable lure
Got the 3oz version and white.Took it out for surf casting and it cast a mile. Looks very durable and hooks are good quality.
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
September 16, 2016
Awesome plug for moderate conditions
Great plug for moderate conditions because it sinks faster than the other model and it also casts very well. I've had several decent fish take this plug and it is a must have.
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
September 16, 2016
Great Plug
Great plug when sandeels or thinner baits are present. Casts great and catches fish.
By john
butler, NJ
June 3, 2016
reliable needlefish
punch through wind, proven fish catcher
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
April 26, 2016
Top Notch Lure
This lure is top quality and an absolute fish killer. Casts great and kills fish on a slow retrieve. 10/10
March 13, 2016
Another Super Strike Fish Catching Machine
Probably the most productive single range of lures I fish. Day or night, calm or rough water, shallow or deep, they just seem to catch fish for me. With the range of sizes and weights you can cover nearly any situation you'll encounter - the lighter weights do well in calm conditions and can be slow straight retrieved, or allowed to sink and popped up off the sand, or twitched rapidly like a pencil or slash-bait. The heavier models shine in rough or deep water, and can be cast into an on-shore gale better than nearly anything except maybe tins. If I'm fishing in a strong cross-wind and can't angle myself for a good presentation, needles will sometimes get dragged too fast by the wind catching the belly in the line and I'll have to switch to something that digs and creates more resistance in the water to get a good / slower presentation - but other than that, they're extremely versatile. Black, yellow, and white cover most of my fishing but the green back and neon green can be very effective too sometimes in dirty water or depending on the predominant bait. I had a hard time building confidence in these lures when I first started fishing them but after figuring out how to present them properly and catching a few initial fish, I'm really, really glad I did as I fish them almost every outing. Besides the Canal and the kayak, most of my best surf caught fish have come on needle fish at night.
Proscasting versatility quality hardware fish catching
Consstrong cross-winds, get something that digs in and you can stay in contact with
By Dan
February 20, 2016
Nice lure
I have not yet had the chance to use it but the weight and finish are great. Can't wait to use it.
By Emery
Melrose, MA
December 27, 2015
My favorite needle
SS needles are the best in the market in my opinion. They get down to where the fish are and stay true, and they won't wobble out in the current.
ProsStrong hooks Plastic body Internally weighted Casts very well Great paint job
By Henry
New York, NY
December 10, 2015
Dont judge a book by its cover. At first glance it looks like a chopstick with hooks but carefully examine it and you'll see a lot of thought was put into it. It is strategically weighted in certain spots to give it action in the water. Most other stick baits are literally just sticks but not these.
By Dennis
northern virginia
December 6, 2015
Better than others
Another fish killer from Super Strike when everything else isn't working use this lure. Another quality lure from Super Strike
By Arthur
November 28, 2015
It's fine
It's a great lure to throw being 3oz when I'm using my 11ft rod.
By Hesham
, New Jersey
November 26, 2015
Great lure
great casting distance and work well in windy condition.
Prosvery solid material cast well work in windy condition
Consnone so far
By VTBasser
I fish PJ,RI
November 2, 2015
Is it 009 Green or a sand eel? Not sure the fish can tell!
Casts like a rocket into the wind. The 009 Green is a great sand eel pattern.
ProsGreat, small sand eel like lure that will launch you out there in just about any wind.
ConsGot to keep it moving or you will snag on the bottom.
By VTBasser
I fish PJ,RI
November 2, 2015
Like a rocket into the wind
Casts like a rocket into the wind. Great when there is a blow and you know the fish are there.
ProsCasts into the wind like a rocket.
ConsGot to keep it moving or it will sink to the bottom. Ok except if there are rocks to snag on.
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
October 28, 2015
Great quality lure
One of my go to lures in the fall. The HW versions are great when theres a strong on shore wind.
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
October 28, 2015
Great quality lure
Great when sandeels are around. Slow retrieve, you'll be amazed how it attracts fish with almost no action.
By Arthur
September 21, 2015
Good headline. Just what I needed
Great plug. You can control its depth as you retrieve in.
ProsIt's great
ConsNo issues. It is a Gibbs.
By Aaron
Petaluma, CA
September 3, 2015
Great lure
I prefer to use this when I'm getting short strikes on pencil poppers. I'll get a swirl change to this, cast to the same place, work it like a pencil and more times than not, fish on. Casts like a bullet, works well with a slow steady retrieve or working the lure.
By Db
new york, NY
May 28, 2015
best needle fish lure in those group. this one is the biggest lure I can throw a mile from beach. strong current situation also works great. hardware is awesome and very durable plastic body.
By Alex
California, MD
April 26, 2015
Hog Producer!
The Super Strike Super "N" Fish is an absolute hog magnet! I caught my biggest striper ever on one. It was 51 inches and 54lbs. The Super N fish is a must have for serious surf fishermen!
By Margaret
Poughkeepsie, NY
April 18, 2015
Excellent lure
Very very effective night plug. It looks like a stick in the water, but it drives fish nuts!
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
March 29, 2015
Essential lure
SS makes the needlefish in a variety on lengthy and weights. I have a couple of different sizes. It casts great and does catch fish. I only use it at night on a pretty slow retrieve.
ProsGood quality lure with good hooks.
South Miami, FL
March 18, 2015
Haven't gotten much use but I know by reputation these are go to lures. I use them in place of bucktails when the wind is up or there's current and I need to hit the outer bar.
ProsCast great, good color selection, good harware but I remove the belly treble for conservation reasons.
February 20, 2015
good sandeel
very well made quality. I'm using this when sandeel appears in the beach. I like lighter version because snagging the bottm
Prosvery well made, beautiful finish
By Eric
Cherry Hill, NJ
January 17, 2015
Sand Eel Imitation
When sand eels are present in the surf this lure is very productive. The most success I have is at night on a slow steady retrieve.
By Anthony
January 8, 2015
Great Lure
By far one of the most productive lure in my bag.
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
December 24, 2014
Another great Super Strike essential
SS is consistently my favorite company for plugs based on the combination their durability and price. This is no exception. It's hard to imagine that this lure with essentially no action actually works, but it it is a very effective lure for night time use.
By Robert
Pleasantville, New Jersey
December 19, 2014
Purple Haze
These things cast very nicely, and get some distance. Great in those ruff conditions.
By Charles
Newport, RI
September 18, 2014
Excellent Quality and Performance
These are the farthest casting plugs in my bag. I have a range of weights/sizes depending on wave, wind, current etc. I use white and black, if I had to pick one color it would be albino. When the fish are keying in on sand-eels these lures are great.
ProsVMC hooks, durable plastic. Castability. Can fish the entire range of the water column with various weights.
ConsCost. A word of caution they enter the water like an olympic diver so if you're casting into a shallow reef and fishing the drop off, it is possible to loose a lure in the rocks especially if you use the 3 oz super "n" diver. I use 20# fireline and I probably should have gone with a heavier line to bend the hooks and pull them free.
By John
Milford, NJ
September 18, 2014
Great Lures!
these lures are great and always perform well. I like the larger size, as they cast great in windy conditions.
By John
Milford, NJ
September 18, 2014
Well Made
these are great lures. Always perform well. Highly recommend
By Phil
Ft Lauderdale, FL
July 6, 2014
Great Surf Fishing Lure
Casts easily, nice action on retrieve - green is definitely the color
ProsCasting Ease
By Phil
Ft Lauderdale, FL
July 6, 2014
Excellent Surf fishing lure
Casts great, action is very good,
ProsCasting ease
ConsMay need larger size
By Sean
Farmingdale, NY
June 2, 2014
Top Quality Plugs!
It only took one use of a Super Strike Needle Fish to realize that these are the only plugs I should use! And the Stripped Bass I caught with it was one of the many deciding factors. Right away you will notice that they are quality crafted, and painted to perfection. The hooks that are used are of top quality stainless hooks, with a teaser, that never rust. The Darters, Bombers, and Bottle Plugs that Super Strike craft, not make, craft, swim superbly, as well as cut through the wind with ease, when casting. And they stand up to the rigors of hooking Stripers and Blues over and over again. It will be the last plug you ever buy. So invest the extra cash in these plugs. You will be as happy as I am!
ProsQuality crafted and painted, Stainless hooks that never rust, great casting and swimming plugs, ability to use over and over again
By Shaka Antoine
United States
May 4, 2014
Great lure
This is an absolute casters dream of a lure. I'm casting farther then I ever have.
ProsI love the fact that it has one siwash type hook in the rear versus a treble.
ConsI have not caught a fish with it yet. Season is still very early ( 5/4/14)
By jonathan
Hempstead, NY
April 26, 2014
super strike
this is my go to plug when there's a stiff onshore wind and heavy surf. I can reach fish with them, unlike other types of plugs which usually fail in similar conditions. although I fished mainly sandy beaches last fall, I had great success with this lure during the day and at night.
By Joe
April 11, 2014
One of the best tools
Under the right conditions these lures are the only one that will produce. In any heavy surf or winds they are a must. Several colors and sizes to choose from. Now with VMC hooks. Only draw back is they are pricy, but unless you loose one the color lasts a long time. Solid plastic body.
By shane
sandwich, MA
March 11, 2014
Great plug for not so great weather
With hard wind in your face and big surf this plug cuts through the wind like a knife. Once you gain confidence in needlefish plugs you wont leave home without them.
By Colin
Wallingford, PA
January 16, 2014
superstrike needlefish
this lure has a great construction and catches fish, but the one I recieved didn't have a single dressed tail hook, unlike the picture.
By Nick
Scituate, MA
January 5, 2014
casting machine
This needle will cast a mile into onshore winds with no problem. Even Better, it will produce... I've been using the Black/gold model at night and it did very well this past season. Cast among boulder fields and let the bite ensue...
By Stefan
, Bloomfield nj
December 9, 2013
good action
I have the all black and blurple lures 1.34 oz lures.. Love fishing them at night for fall and spring stripers.. Very easy to keep in contact with these lures in heavy surf being that they sink..
By John
December 1, 2013
so far so good
Took a few casts with the new 1.5 oz. copper color. Good weight. Enabled nice casting distance. Worked like it was designed to but the only fish I caught was a belly snagged a white mullet. Not a great surf season this year. Guessing the beach reclamation projects are keeping the fish well past cast length. Will put it more to the test next Spring.
By Davis
brentwood, ny
March 29, 2013
best choice
for when the fish are in the middle water column feeding on needle fish this will catch there attention.
By Davis
brentwood, ny
March 29, 2013
bad weather no prob
when the wind is whipping and your facing into it this will launch cutting that wind.
By Aaron
Lake Hopatcong, NJ
October 17, 2012
My go to lure
I have 6 different colors and sizes of this. It is by far my most successful striper lure. especially the smaller pink/white one fished at night.
ProsCasts a mile Durable Good variety of size and color
2 Questions & 2 Answers
from Sanford, ME asked:
October 16, 2015
Does the 6 3/8 inch, 2 3/8 oz have the red eyes?
1 Answers
Yes, it does have red eyes.
on October 17, 2015

from new york asked:
November 15, 2014
when there is only one hook size shown dose that mean there is one hook or two hooks same size?
1 Answers
Hello Bill. Yes, when there is only one size that means both hooks on the lure are the same size. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!
Customer Service
on November 16, 2014


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