Super Strike Lures

If you love to catch bluefish, striped bass or any other aggressive saltwater fish that will slam a properly presented artificial, you should include one or more Super Strike saltwater fishing lures in your arsenal. These lures combine audacious colors and lifelike action that practically compel any fish they pass to strike.

TackleDirect carries a variety of Super Strike lures to fit your fishing style. Whether you're a surf caster or like to cast to blitzing schools from your boat, this company's poppers and floating lures will draw heart-stopping attacks when you retrieve them on the surface.

If you need to get your lures down a little deeper to where the stripers and other big ones are prowling, check out our Super Strike sinking lures. Imitating prey like finger mullet and peanut bunker, these lures cast like bullets even through stiff breezes. They get down deep fast and can draw vicious strikes from species ranging from bluefish to peacock bass.