Outdoor Apparel

Good clothes should make you comfortable, both in the way you feel and the way you look. That's not so easily done for anglers and outdoorsmen, however. You must go out in all kinds of weather and often face extreme conditions. There are solutions, however. TackleDirect offers a huge assortment of fishing and outdoor apparel, footwear and accessories that will help keep you warm and dry while looking good. Our lineup of outdoors and fishing apparel for men and women is so large that you will find plenty of products here to please everyone. Whether you're looking for offshore fishing apparel for a multiday trip or a simple T-shirt to wear around town and show your love of fishing, you'll find what you're looking for here.

Our lineup of fishing apparel has you covered from head to toe. We have hats, caps and visors that will help protect your face and eyes from the sun's blinding and damaging rays while also helping to keep you warm in cold weather and cool in hot weather. If you fish in intensely sunny weather, you'll want to check out our big selection of good-looking bandannas to keep the sun off your head and neck.

Our lineup of shirts ranges from simple T-shirts emblazoned with fishing graphics and famous fishing names to guide shirts specifically designed to keep you comfortable on the water. We carry fishing shirts from many companies. If you're looking for Penn fishing apparel, for instance, you'll find lots of Penn fishing shirts with different designs, including vented shirts that will keep you cool even in the sweatiest conditions. You'll find plenty of other shirts and T-shirts from other famous fishing tackle companies, including Shimano and St. Croix.

If you go out in snotty conditions, you'll want to check out our foul-weather gear. We offer a variety of items from bib pants to rain jackets made by leading manufacturers. Grundens, for instance, earned its reputation making gear for commercial fishermen, who have to be at sea no matter what the weather. We also have flotation pants and coats that can save your life in addition to keeping you warm.

TackleDirect has plenty of shorts for tropical and subtropical fishing and water sports as well as long pants with roomy designs for freedom of movement and plenty of pockets for tools and accessories. We have socks specially designed for wading and fishing as well as deck shoes that will help prevent nasty slips and falls while also protecting decks from scuffing.