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Avet SXJ 5.3 MC Single Speed Lever Drag Cast Reel Left-Hand Silver

Avet SXJ 5.3 MC Single Speed Lever Drag Cast Reel Left-Hand Silver

Reg Price $229.99
Our Price $206.99

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TD Code
RetrieveLine ClassMono Capacity
Braid Capacity
Max Drag
Inches Per CrankWeight
SXJ 5.3 MC L/H Silver
Left-Hand10-25 lb.15/320
Strike: 9
Full: 14
5.3:130 in.14 oz.SilverReg Price $229.99Our Price $206.99
Avet SX Reel Features:
  • Precision machined 6061 T-6 marine grade aluminum and stainless steel components.
  • Anodized for superior corrosion resistance and beautiful finish.
  • True one piece frame for the ultimate in strength vs. weight.
  • Powerful lever drag system with adjustable strike pre-set.
  • Precision machined stainless steel gears.
  • Avet's patented, indestructible, silent dog and gear anti-reverse system, the most reliable in the industry.
  • Reliable Avedrag dry carbon fiber drags for superior stopping power, smoothness and wear resistance.
  • 8 sealed stainless ball bearings.
  • Alarm clicker.
  • Offset machined handle arm to reduce centerline profile and cranking wobble.
  • Large comfortable soft touch handle knob.
  • Specially designed rod mounting foot to fit most graphite trigger seats as well as standard rod seats.
  • Matching machined aluminum rod clamp.
  • Designed, machined and assembled in USA.
  • SX, SXJ Reel diameter: 2-3/8 in.
  • SXJ spool width: 1-1/8 in.
  • SX spool width: 1-1/2 in.
  • SX crank handle length (except Raptor models): 2-3/4 in. w/ oval knob
  • SX Raptor crank handle length: 3 in. w/ oval knob
  • MC Models - Magic Cast Control System.
    • Prevention of backlash and as a line out adjustment for live bait fishing.
    • 1 through 5 Cast Control knob setting for multiple weight casting applications.
    • MC Cast is a standard feature on Raptor models (HXW Raptor excluded)
Avet Single Speed Reels
Avet single speed reels include industry leading features unlike any other reel on the market. Featuring an adjustable strike pre-set lever drag system, precision machined 6061-T6 aluminum and stainless steel components, 8 rubber sealed stainless steel ball bearings, stainless steel gears and Avet's smooth, powerful Avedrag dry drag system. Avet single speed reels are at the peak of quality and performance. All Avet single speed reels are available with or without their M.C. Cast control system. (except HXW)

Avet 2-Speed Reels
Avet 2-speed reels include all of the quality features of our single speed reels, with 2-speeds. The simple, yet reliable gear shift mechanism built into the 2-speed models is so easy to operate that it becomes second nature almost immediately. The push button located at the center of the handle arm permits shifting between the high and low gears without your hand ever leaving the handle knob, and can be shifted with or without pressure, so you can shift while cranking, or when a fish is running. All Avet 2-speed lever drag casting reels (SX-HX) are available with or without their M.C. Cast control system.

Avet M.C. Cast Anti-Backlash / Cast Control
Avet's revolutionary M.C. Cast (Magic Cast) adjustable magnetic anti-backlash cast control system is available as an option on all of their single and 2-speed casting reels, SX through HX, and is a standard feature on the Raptor Series Reels (excluding the HXW Raptor). The M.C. Cast control system incorporates Avet's Patented Adjustable Intensity Polar Amplification Technology to create the most efficient and easy to use cast control system for a conventional style reel. From the lightest bait to heavy lures, the M.C. Cast Control System is simple to use, even if you have never before cast a conventional style reel. Simply place your thumb on the spool to cast, swing, remove your thumb from the spool and let it fly! You will only need to thumb the spool when the lure hits the water.

Avet Raptor Series Reels
Avet Raptor Series Reels are the cutting edge in compact large game reels. These reels are consistently landing shockingly large fish in relation to their compact size. Designed for use with the ultra thin, super strong superbraid lines available today, it's now possible to target large game species with a reel half of the size and weight compared to a reel traditionally designed for similar monofilament line and drag capacities. And the Raptor has the drag and cranking power to back it up.

The Avet Raptor Series comes standard with Avet's innovative 2-speed gears, M.C. Cast control, and a ratcheting drag lever with a positive stop strike button to prevent accidental advancement past strike. Featuring Avet's patented DUAL DIRECT DRIVE Full Surface Caliper Brake System, Raptor models put out nearly twice the drag pressure of the original Avets! There's a Raptor model that will stop any fish in the ocean, yet small and light enough to cast. If you find a fish too big for a Raptor, you probably wouldn't want it near your boat! The Raptor Series reels are the same sizes as the original Avet reels, with enhanced line capacities, and each are engineered and built to fish several line classes heavier than the original Avet Reels.
5 Stars based on 206 reviews
By Tony
Pasadena, MD
June 7, 2018
Powerfull Little Reel
This reel is very strong and durable. Great reel for 30# braid. I use it for flounder and other inshore and back bay fishing.
Proslight weight and strong.
By Kyle
Pittstown, NJ
April 11, 2018
Best reel I own. This reel is bullet proof and looks amazing, Feels super great in your hands to
Proshigh line capacity amazing drag system looks looks looks durability
By Mike
March 9, 2018
Love this reel
Have been loving this reel. It's extremely easy to use, never have any issues. Should last years as long as it's maintained.
By davidk
Union City, CA
January 25, 2018
great reel
compact yet powerful with good line capacity.
By Leo Fahmie
Los Angeles
January 25, 2018
Avet reel
it is a very nice reel
By Jim G
Sarasota, FL
January 22, 2018
Avet SX 5.3 Excellent reel
I use this reel for snapper fishing. Excellent reel
ProsGreat reel for good price.
By Green Tide
South Florida
January 18, 2018
This is my second one
After using my first SX for over two years I decided to purchase a second one because of the ease of use , cast ability , large handle knob and Gear ratio. I feel very comfortable fighting 5 and 10 pound fish with this reel on the bridges in the Florida Keys and it is very fun. Check out this load of yellow jacks I caught on a recent two day trip. These are primo eating fish not Jack Cravales. All caught on my SX in a screaming current . Smallest fish 12 inches largest 24
ProsNational recognition and service centers in my area of South Florida
Cons I would like to the clicker to be louder as I generally have spread of five or six rods out.
By Mike
Silverton Oregon
January 10, 2018
Turns hard when drag engaged
I bought this reel because it has cast control on a small lever drag reel. Quality is ok but not any better than the accurate fury that I own. What is really disappointing is when you move the lever from free to drag the handle gets progressively harder to turn the more drag you apply ....according to dealer, this is Ô€œnormalÔ€. Maybe Avet should hire someone from accurate to show them how to make a high quality and functional reel.
By John
Sacramento, CA
January 6, 2018
Great reels for the salt
Great reels and they are easy to maintain. Have used these on a kayak in saltwater for 20 trips and I just dunk them into a bucket of freshwater as recommended after each trip and it's as smooth as it was when it was new. Very durable reels with alot of cranking power.
By john
bordentown, NJ
December 13, 2017
just great
these reels are the best great for in shore fishing
By Eric
Aston Pennsylvania
December 7, 2017
Great reel!!
Just what the fishing doctor ordered!!
ProsMade in America Ultra smooth casting Very well made
By Matthew
Clyde Hill, Wa
November 30, 2017
Avet SX single speed
Great price on the real
By Michael McArdle
Central Jersey
November 29, 2017
Great Reel !!
At first I thought it was small, but after using it it packs a nice punch.
By Gregory
Manasquan, NJ
November 15, 2017
Sick inshore reel
Great reel for fluking, striper, and bluefishing and comes in great colors
By Evan
Tampa bay, Florida
November 12, 2017
Awesome Little Reel
Used it for snook fishing from the jetties and boat, great paired with 20-30lb braid. Even took offshore for small kingfish.
By Mo
Arroyo Grande, CA
October 31, 2017
Won't buy anything else again
The screws were too short for the rod I put it on, but a quick trip to the hardware store and 50 cents fixed that.
Proswell built
Consscrews too short
By Joe
Jamaica, NY
October 9, 2017
great reel
I used for for both surf casting paired with a 10 ft surf rod, and use it for party boat sea bass fishing paired with the Tsunami TSCC-701H Classic Casting Rod
By ryan
August 30, 2017
Avet SXJ
Only used once so far.. went ocean fluking and it perfomed better than expected..very simple to use and built like a tank..
By Sean
Colchester, CT
August 23, 2017
Sharp looking reel
Bought this reel a bit ago. Many comments on the finish on the reel as well as the functions of it. It is a very comfortable reel with plenty of back bone for its size
Coos Bay, Oregon
August 18, 2017
Perfect Kayak nearshore jigging reel.
This reel could not be better for the price, size and power. I don't know why the industry wants to load reels with many hundreds of yards of unnecessary line for near shore fishing in depths of 100' feet or less. It makes zero sense. Also, a level wind is not necessary and only adds to the friction. This is a great reel at a great price. I cannot imagine better without paying twice as much and that would not be better. Also, the lever action drag is absolutely necessary for working the bottom of rocky structure with weight. It is a critical component of a sound fishing technique.
By Joe
San diego,ca
August 17, 2017
Solid reel
My avet reel is well built and has a smooth drag. Great for small game fish. I always start with my sx avet with 20lb.mono to get bit. Joe san diego, ca.
ProsCompact Light Sturdy
By Adam
New York , NY
August 13, 2017
Sturdy reel.
Bought this reel for tog fishing. Great gear ratio for cranking tog out of the reefs. Also caught some Striped Bass and blues without an issue.
ProsLightweight, solid construction, good gear ratio, holds plenty of line for inshore.
ConsDon't overspool with line, there is no line runner and the line can build up and block the spool from turning.
Pt. Pleasant NJ
August 11, 2017
Awesome reel
Love the reel, have only used it for fluke so far but I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this thing can do! Seems like it'll fit a variety of different fishing styles which is perfect for the region I live in.
By Christopher
Central, NJ
July 14, 2017
Top of the Line
I just purchased my third SX 5.3 MC reel and I must say they are bullet proof. An excellent reel for fishing the bay for fluke or the ocean for big bass and similar species, they will not disappoint!!
ConsThere are none other than you can only get silver if you're a lefty.
By Greg Christopher
North Carolina
June 26, 2017
bought 2 sx 5.3. Liked them so much, ordered 2 6.0's !!
Prossmall but strong, built like a tank
By jaime
pasadena tx
May 11, 2017
good real
built like a tank, easy to cast
Prosshipped fast
By Craig
ringwood, NJ
April 21, 2017
Favorite Reel
Spent more that $100 on a reel for the first time in my life and could not be happier!!! I paired this with a Shimano Trevala S and it is the perfect light rod with plenty of power.
ProsSize, weight
By James
Flemington, New Jersey
April 6, 2017
Awesome Reel
This reel is great for jigging.
By Phil C.
Brooklyn, New York
April 5, 2017
Awesome reel, hold lots of braid line, outstanding quality! I love the lever drag system on the Avet reel so happy I bought it. I have 50lb power pro braid line on this reel use it for both inshore and offshore fishing. If I purchase another casting reels it will be another Avet. Best of all it a USA company and made in the USA to boot. What more can I say very happy with Avet.
By Alex w
March 6, 2017
Small but powerful
Amazing reel. My first avet. Small comfortable and even more powerful than I could think possible
By Alvaro
January 18, 2017
avet sx
great reel love it
By Hussam
staten island, NY
December 29, 2016
great all around reel
this reel is bulletproof and has tons of drag pressure and torque to muscle up fish like blackfish of of the bottom
Consdont spray with hose after outing, if you do you'll kick the grease out of the reel just wipe it down with a wet paper towel to get the salt off of it
By Michael
Westfield, NJ
December 20, 2016
Green MC
Very smooth reel. The MC version does help with casting. I like the large handle on the reel and I have had the reel for 2 years now with no issues what so ever.
ProsSolid build, smooth drag, loud clicker, great color choices.
By robert
williamstown, NJ
December 12, 2016
Make a Kid Happy
I got a couple of these for my son. He loves them, and so do I. Quick learning with the MC feature. If you purchases, buy a Magic Cast one. Very nice inshore and bay reel. My son just loves them. Finish and quality are top notch on these reels. Do some general yearly maintenance and they will last a lifetime.
ProsAmerican Made. Looks awesome. Great quality.
By Bill
Flemington, NJ
December 10, 2016
Bullet proof little reel
Perfect size for fluking & sea bass, but strong enough to wrestle Togs out of the rocks. Good line capacity with 30lb braid. My favorite inshore salt reel!
ProsSmall, light weight, good line capacity, typical bullet proof Avet construction.
By John Montoya
New jersey
December 6, 2016
This has been my favorite go to reel for stripers and fluke , have mine paired with a medium heavy 7.6 St.Croix 40 pound spider wire braid love it very light and powerful
Excelent reel for the price built strongly , Light durable and efficent
Proshighly recommend
By Big Bob
December 3, 2016
Avet SX
Reel is awesome bro!
ProsSmooth reel! Tackle Direct is always on point.
By Frank
Bodega Bay California
November 21, 2016
Small but deadly!
This little guy was my goto reel on a 8 day out of San Diego last year from landing fifty pound blue fin and yellow fin tuna while fly lining small baits to ripping irons for strong yellow tail. This reel has the finesse to catch rock fish halibut and salmon to casting for strippers. I use it for everything under about 60#.
By Ashley
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 17, 2016
Excellent reel for light trolling with 20lb mono
Excellent reel for light trolling with 20lb mono, Have caught 20kg plus Cobias on it and this reel did not disappoint
ProsSmall and light yet very strong
By Ashley
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
November 17, 2016
Excellent reel for light trolling with 20lb mono
Excellent reel for light trolling with 20lb mono, Have caught 20kg plus Cobias on it and this reel did not disappoint
ProsSmall and light yet very strong
By Jae
Sterling, Virginia
September 16, 2016
Wife loves the reel. Lightweight compared to other conventional reels.
Wife has had issues using the standard boat rental reel and rods as they are bulky and heavy. Currently this AVET is on a Shimano Trevala rod and she had no problems on a 7 hour fishing trip. Wrapped with 30lb. fluro. Highly recommend this reel and the Shimano Trevala rod combo for teens and women who may not have the arm strength for longer fishing trips.
ProsLightweight, extremely smooth, and it's PINK
ConsFor people just used to 1 click dropping for just vertical deep drop fishing, might be find it a bit of a hassle as this has Free (same as 1 click), Bait (for free lining bait), Strike (initial drag fighting), and Full (all power).
By Andrew
September 5, 2016
Great reel
fantastic reel...went tuna fishing in Taiwan. caught bunch of Big Eye Tuna....
August 31, 2016
Very well done unit
Got this reel to wade around in gulf surf on a 10' St Croix Avid Surf Rod. The thing is like a Red ant, hard working and high strenght to weight rato. Can wrangle the setup all day and its as powerful as a mule. The Reel and rod combo has become my favorite after a few outings. Its very well designed and machined and as good looking a unit as it is built. Priced well, and Tackle direct ships fast. I think id like to have another SX in the future and put it on an inshore rod.
ProsWell built, flush it out in a freshwater bucket, holds decent capacity of 20# test, fits all my salt water rods - Mojo surf, Avid Surf, Cal-star West coast boat rod, berkley big game rod. It fits marginally on freshwater catfish rods, but it comes with a clamp and if trigger is not in the way it can be used. I can not imagine not having the SX on a Fishing trip. Very compact and fits anywhere. Hendles very well and is light.
Hutchison, Mn
August 10, 2016
absolute powerhouse
This little reel is the ultimate powerhouse whether I'm pulling up to 9+ oz. Of weight, or casting bulky musky lures all day on 50lb braid, I have the utmost confidence in this amazing reel. My I add that it is made in the USA­Ÿ˜
ProsBrute strength, light weight, MADE IN THE USA!!!!
ConsNone at all
By Stephen
Albany, CA
August 6, 2016
Just a great little reel!
This is just a great little reel. It is very good casting and it is very reliable. I have it paired with a light surfcasting rod and use it for surf fishing, where the ruggedness of the lever-action to engage/disengage the spool is a huge advantage.
ProsReliability. Smoothness of operation. Good casting ability. Magnetic cast control.
ConsNone, really. You'd have to spend two or three times as much to get a reel that matches this for performance.
By Blake
Lake worth, Florida
August 5, 2016
Solid reel
Great drag system and can go the extra mile!
ProsDrag and gears
By Daniel
Hollywood florida
August 4, 2016
Awesome reels
This reel is great I've fished a lot with it now and will definitely be getting more
By Kevin
Cape Cod, MA
July 21, 2016
This is a great reel
I have 2 of these, bought the blue one 3 years ago, it is so amazing I bought a second. Used for fluke and black sea bass mainly - you could bring in much more. smooth smooth reel and holds up well to frequent use. for the money - i won't buy another reel aside from AVET.
By yuan
July 2, 2016
Avet SX 5.3 MC
I've tried´┐Ż´┐ŻŒbest reel on the market´┐Ż´┐ŻŒI like Avet our products of good quality, I am very satisfied, I will continue shopping
ProsSmooth tough quality light weight´┐Ż´┐ŻŒStrong and powerful´┐Ż´┐ŻŒsmooth
By Andrew
West River, MD
May 21, 2016
Built like a tank. Just used this reel yesterday to pry Black Sea bass off wrecks and reefs in Ocean City, MD. Easily handled eight ounces of lead and four dozen sea bass without a flaw. Outstanding reel for the price.
By deepwatermaritime
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
April 25, 2016
Beautiful Reel
In love with this reel. The combination of small size, large line capacity and lever drag makes it a winner. Mine is paired with a Shimano White Terez 20-40# rod. Cannot describe how happy I am with it. Best fish to date 23# Spanish Mackerel (King mackerel I think in the U.S.). This is my go to outfit for inshore fishing.
By Don
April 17, 2016
Great Reel
This is the third Avet I purchased. Love this reel, smooth drag, and the blue camo is awesome!
By chris
tavernier, FL
April 4, 2016
Great Reel
Purchased this for my wife. The real works great. Now I have to get my own
By Tim
spring lake, NJ
April 4, 2016
I picked this up to use on one of my bottom rods for inshore fluke, sea bass and the occasional striper on jigs. The narrow body is perfect for this application and the line capacity is great. The body of the reel is strong and the mechanics of the lever and its settings are fluid. Can't wait for spring!
By john
March 31, 2016
nice little package
this is a very cool version of the SX, holds a ton of line and is very light and comfortable
Conswoo hoo pink
By Nikolaos
Volos, Greece
March 31, 2016
Excellent reel
Smooth operation, trustworthily breaks, light weight, small size. Great relation between cost - benefit.
ProsSmooth operation, trustworthily breaks, light weight, small size. Great relation between cost - benefit.
By Matthew
Fort Worth, TX
February 1, 2016
Super Reel
I have caught many many fish and it flat cranks emm quality reels.
By Bill
January 23, 2016
Great reel
I have several of these reels. Light weight and compact. Perfect for bottom fishing around New England.
ProsCompact. Smooth drag. Great gear ratio. Easy to match up to a small casting rod.
By Blake
Lake Worth, Florida
December 25, 2015
Great reel
Solid reel great drag
By John Rainone
Rhode island
December 4, 2015
A great reel that is made in the USA
At first I was not pleased with this reel. I set the hook on fish and it would slip drag and not come tight on strike. Once I adjusted the drag settings a few times I was pleased with its performance. it is a smooth drag and is small and light. It does seem a little slow on dropping down. It seems like the drag system does not release completely, like my other bigger Avets, but I am getting used to it.
By Charlie
new jersey
October 6, 2015
great reel
Bought reel after talking to salesman at tackle direct. Took on its maiden voyage bottom fishing in October. Caught 2 nice cod, 2 nice flounder, and alot of ling. Real happy with the reel. Almost forgot won the pool.
ProsSmooth, sensitive and easy to fish with in 200 plus feet of water
By cody
Brevard County Fl
October 1, 2015
Best Lefty Conventional
#Bonafide Anglers Fishing team I own 2 of these reels personally Spooled up with 30lb Suffix 832 Advantage Ghost Casts amazing awesome Reel period... Very smooth Reel... very decent Price... Small reel with a lot of power.... I use this reel Mostly for Fluke an Blackfish in new jersey and in Florida I use for Grouper an off shore bottom fishing Never had a problem with them
Prossmooth drag Casts Easy Lefty optional is awsome
Boca Raton, FL
September 16, 2015
By Damon V Tomeo
July 28, 2015
Great little reel
Purchased this for my fiancÚ to bottom fish. Has worked great. The small size and the smooth operation are perfect for her.
ProsSmooth operation. Great looks
By Fishon_Limit Out
Anchorage, AK
July 15, 2015
Great reel!
Very nice for middle weight and some larger (>50lb) fish.
ProsStrike and drag lever is smooth. I like it does not click (is silent) unless selected.
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 28, 2015
great reel
this is a good reel for anything offshore
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 28, 2015
great reel
great for anything offshore
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 28, 2015
awesome reel
great reel for girls
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 28, 2015
great reel
great reel for anything offshore
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 28, 2015
great reel
great reel. everything you expect from avet
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 24, 2015
great reel
solid reel with solid drag
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 24, 2015
never dissapointed
these reels are smooth and tough to bring in fish
By Kamran
Boynton Beach, Florida
June 24, 2015
solid reel
great line cap and has super smooth drag and retrive.
By Stephen
Darien, CT
June 11, 2015
Avet's are tanks
I've had ordered my avet SX last fall and i'm finally getting to put it to the test. Its a great little reel and it doesn't weigh anything. Would recommend it to anyone looking to jig or bait fish. I have done both without a hiccup. It holds a ton of line and its built to last!
ProsDrag system Line capacity Light Weight Durability Smoothness
By Colby
June 10, 2015
Very impressed
Im very impressed with this reel. Its small and powerful, and very simple to use.
By max
Redding, CT
June 10, 2015
Really good reel
very smooth, very strong for its size. Ive seen guys pull in marlin and Blackfin tuna on this, small and compact but super powerful.
Prossuper strong, powerful, smooth
June 4, 2015
Great Reel - Everything From Back Bay Flounder to Blackfish and Stripers
It has been a great reel using in the Back Bays of NJ Fluke to mouth of Del Bay in Cape May for Stripers and Tog.....taking some practice on the casting as i have always used Sinning reels...O love this compact smooth reel! Tackel Direct Staff is great. Advised me on a great Rod to use for Jigging for Fluke. (7 ft one piece Penn Battalion - fast action. Good price...didnt break the bank but a perfect match for Fluke and jigging)
ProsSize, Weight, Smooth even reeling motion...
ConsNone - But I do want the MXLMC
By Chris
New York City USA
May 31, 2015
Wonderful reel
I have used this reel only 3 times since I bought it and I must say this may be the best reel I ever used. I use it for Stripers and Blackfish and all I can say is this reel is great. Just try it.
By Andrew
Vancouver, BC
May 21, 2015
Brilliant little reel!!
I ordered this online, and when I received it the first things I noticed were that it was far smaller than I had expected, and also somewhat heavier. It's built very well it would seem, and is a nice solid reel. The bit of extra weight for its size helps balance out rods its capable of fishing. This reel is small. It's the size of a baitcaster. Don't be fooled. The drag is super smooth. Full drag has plenty of punch for big fish, and fishing in 250 + ft of water all day with heavy jigs was a breeze. I've only used it on lingcod and rockfish up to 30lbs, but would be confident it could handle far bigger fish with ease. I plan to take this to fish the great barrier reef (swains) and I'm sure it will be up to the hard pulling fish, despite it's size. Thoroughly recommend.
ProsExcellent construction, drag, smoothness, and small size with decent line capacity. Little rugged beast.
ConsNone noted.
By Don
East Lyme, CT
May 14, 2015
Good Reel
First time with the Avet, great reel. Getting used to the lever drag instead of star drag. Sturdy, well built reel.
By david
lake worth, FL
May 7, 2015
offshore slayer
this reel is great for snapper and kingfish on driftboats love the drag and the line cap
By david
May 5, 2015
great overall reel
this reel is great for fishing offshore for big kingfish and bonito
By Duramax19734
Townsend, DE
May 4, 2015
Avet SXJ
Love the reel, actually ordered another one for a backup, had a friend pull a 37" striped bass with it, he loved it so much he went the next day and bought the same set up.
ProsSimple to use, good for all around use on the right rod
Constakes a little time to get it tuned in and cast, that's just something that comes with practice but only took me two outings to get it right.
By Alex
lake worth, fl
April 29, 2015
Great lefty reel.
By Alex
lake worth, fl
April 29, 2015
Great live bait reel.
By Alex
lake worth, fl
April 29, 2015
Great casting reel.
By Alex
lake worth, fl
April 29, 2015
This reel is great for smaller live baits.
By cristian
Lake worth, FL
April 28, 2015
love the drag
great over all reel i use mine for trolling and drifting and it does em dirty evevry time and the color is great
By cristian
Lake worth, FL
April 28, 2015
awesome reel
great reel for bridge fishing think everyone shoud buy one
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
April 25, 2015
avet sx
really cool color and has a great drag.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
April 25, 2015
avet sx
This reel works great and casts excellent.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
April 25, 2015
avet sx
This reel performs great and has an awesome drag.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
April 25, 2015
avet sx
This reel casts great and has a sick color.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
April 25, 2015
avet sx
This reel is super tough and has a great drag.
By andre
Boynton beach, FL
April 25, 2015
avet sx
Great left handed conventional reel that can catch big fish.
By Raiyan
April 23, 2015
my go to reel
i lve how smooth the drag and the actua reel is well made out of the best of materials
By Raiyan
April 23, 2015
avet wins again
great free spool and power to bring up the big AJs
By Raiyan
April 23, 2015
amazing reel
great castablity and tremendous power
By Raiyan
April 23, 2015
amazing reel
great power to muscle in those big AJs
By Raiyan
April 23, 2015
sweet reel
great for vertical jigging
1 Question & 1 Answer
Don Rohrke
from San Diego asked:
August 7, 2015
what does the "J" mean? this is $30 more than the SX without the J.
1 Answers
The J on this reel means that it is the jigging version with the more narrow spool. The reason that that particular reel is $30 more is because it has the magic cast feature, which allows it to be efficiently casted. There is a standard option for this reel that is $10 cheaper than the regular SX, shown here:
on August 7, 2015


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Fri, 22 Jun 2018
New Jersey's offshore waters are bustling with marine life right now, like true Nat Geo type of situations with thousands of dolphin, whales, tuna and sharks proliferating in the bluewaters. I just stepped off the boat from a mako trip, and after releasing... Read More
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