Base Layers Apparel

In some parts of the country, an old saying has it that "if you don't like the weather, just wait a minute." If you love to fish or just to be outdoors, you're fully aware of how fast the weather can change. But there are ways to prevent the weather from getting between you and your love of the outdoors. One of them is a brilliantly simple idea: base layers.

Base layers provide the foundation of a layering system. This smart system will keep you cool and comfortable when the weather's warm. But when a sudden storm rolls in or the mercury drops 20 or 30 degrees in a matter of minutes, base layers form the core of a layered set of clothing that will help keep you warm and toasty. The additional layers of clothing you can easily put over base layers, along with the air trapped between layers, keep you that much warmer. If the good weather returns, simply strip back down to your base layer.

At TackleDirect, we carry a huge assortment of base layers fishing and outdoor apparel for men and women. Designed with angling and the outdoors in mind, these garments will keep you comfortable outdoors but also looking good back at the dock or around town. Our list of leading brands for this outdoor apparel is long. You'll recognize many famous fishing names, such as Grundens, Montauk Tackle Company, Native Outfitters and many more.

Our tops include long-sleeve crewneck shirts as well as hoodies for those chillier fall and spring days when the fishing heats up as the weather and water cool down. For warmer days, we have short-sleeve polo shirts that are easy to slip a windbreaker over if it breezes up.

You'll also find a wide selection of bottoms to keep that all-important other half of your body comfortable. For men, we have watersports and board shorts. The ladies will like our curve-clinging leggings that stretch to fit an active day on the water or in the gym.