Beulah TSH500SP-V2 Tonic V2 Shooting Head Spey Fly LIne

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.
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The Beulah Tonic V2 Fly Line has been redesigned with re-engineered loops, changed line color, and added line ID on the front loop to help keep you organized. Slight improvements to the head taper will also improve turn over and casting control for bullet shaped loops even while you are casting up to 15 feet of T-14 and a bunny leech. This head is a workhorse; designed to satisfy your sink tip and large/heavy fly needs. For spey use tips in the 6-15? range with a grain window of 60-168 grains depending on rod weight. Beulah?s Tonic V2 Heads have been designed to be just over 2 times rod length this allows for sink tips in a wide full range of lengths and grain weights combined with moderate to large and heavy flies to be presented with ease and grace. These lines are generally designed to cast with sustained anchor techniques including the Snap ?T? or ?C? and Double Spey. With the right touch, splash and go casts like Single Speys and Snake Rolls aren?t out of the question.

How is Beulah?s Tonic V2 different from most other Skagit style Heads? Most Skagit style heads are designed with the majority of the profile as a large diameter with out much taper to move the mass of sink tips and large/heavy flies. Crude, effective, but,?..not pretty. Beulah?s new Tonic V2 can be dissected into four areas of line profile to improve casting, control and line flight: A Short Rear steep taper that connects to your running line allows for the line to quickly collapse into bullet shaped tight loops. The rear taper then melds into the belly or body of the line which carries the majority of the lines weight (in grains) close to your rod tip allowing for instant load, and the ability to work tight casting spaces. From there, the lines feature a condensed continuous taper to a large diameter tip which connects to and handles all of your sink tip and large or heavy fly needs.

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