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Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Saltwater Lures

Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Saltwater Lures

$9.95 - $13.95
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TypeDepthLength (in.)Weight (oz.)Hook SizeColorPrice
Salt Pro Minnow Floating3 feet5-1/8 in7/8 oz#1Select Color$9.95 USD
Salt Pro Minnow Sinking3 feet5-1/8 in7/8 oz#1Select Color$9.95 USD
Salt Pro Minnow Floating3 feet6 in1 1/9 oz#1Select Color$9.95 USD
Salt Pro Minnow Sinking3 feet6 in1 1/9 oz#1Select Color$9.95 USD
Salt Pro Minnow Sinking3 feet6 in1 1/9 oz#1Ayu$9.95 USD
Salt Pro Minnow Floating-6-3/4 in1-5/8 oz#3/0Select Color$13.95 USD
Salt Pro Minnow Sinking-6-3/4 in1-7/8 oz#3/0Select Color$13.95 USD
The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow is a versatile, long casting bait designed for a fast, ripping style retrieve that produces an erratic side-to-side swim action to draw predator's attention. The Salt Pro Minnow features: a weight transfer system for easier, longer casts; realistic scale pattern and 3-D eyes; heavy duty saltwater hooks.

The Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow Bullet is a sinking lure that has a tight S action to imitate a real fish swimming. Salt Pro Minnow Bullet was designed for surf fishing to catch striped bass but will catch many other varieties. This lure sinks level so you will get many bites on the fall and its heavy weight and small lip helps it cast in windy conditions. Salt Pro Minnow Bullet is constructed with 1.4mm heavy wire-thru construction.
4.5 Stars based on 120 reviews
By stephen
South Portland, ME
February 17, 2018
Great plug, deserves better hardware
Love the action on all these plugs. Mostly like the floating version, but suspended is fine too. Wish they would give them better hardware to begin with like yo Zuri or Shimano so I didnÔ€™t have to change em out right away.
ProsAction,size variation, color options, castability.
ConsHardware is crap.
By Emmitt
Cape May, NJ
February 17, 2018
One Of The Best Lures On The Market
The SP Minnow has grown to be one of my favorite lures to click on my TA clip. Catches both Stripers and Bluefish with ease. Even have caught Weakfish on them before! I've become so addicted to throwing them that I own just about every color of the DSPM15F, which is total overkill, but I can't help it. If you haven't checked 'em out, I highly suggest doing so.
ProsCasts great, swims great, very durable.
ConsStock hardware is a tad weak. Easy solution is to switch out split rings (whatever brand you prefer), and hooks (VMC).
By jimmy
rockaway beach
February 5, 2018
Catches fish and comes in various colors, sizes, and weights
ProsReasonably priced
By Ryan
Pascoag, RI
February 5, 2018
The best all around saltwater lure on the market!
Awesome bait that can be used in every situation from the beach to the Cape Cod canal it will not let you down.
By Ryan
Pascoag, RI
February 5, 2018
The most versatile saltwater bait on the market.
Awesome bait that can be used in every situation from the beach to the Cape Cod canal it will not let you down.
By Timothy Moriarty
Queens Rockaway NY
February 4, 2018
Great action lure
These lures i have caught many striped bass pass fall swimm great excellent action
ProsSwims excellent match the hatch
ConsRear hook should be single or tail hook
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
January 9, 2018
Love the larger size
The smaller SP has been one of my favorite lures. The larger size version is even better with beefy 4x kooks and split rings right out of the box (no more need to replace the hooks). They cast great and swim great as well. Highly recommended
By Rod
Congers, New York
January 9, 2018
Game changer
when you need that minnow style action that casts like a bullet and can be retrieved in moderate current when other minnow styles plus just isn't enough. I like the floating 6 inch for the beach in dark silver or white colors
By Igor
January 7, 2018
Daiwa Salt Pro 6" Minnow Lure
Good lure for blue fish.
By nicholas
December 31, 2017
Great lure
Highly recommend this lure I use this all summer in Massachusetts and it slams stripers.If nothing else is working I can always count on a sp minow to work
By ali
December 20, 2017
GTs Love this lure.
Highly recommend it.
By Ryan
Rhode Island
December 15, 2017
LOVE SP Minnows
This is hands down my favorite all around Striper and Blue fishing plug, I have had countless fish on these lures on many color patterns and sizes.
ProsThe shifting weight system makes for easy long casts.
By TOD26
New Jersey
November 15, 2017
sinking lure
These lures can fly through the air with the right setup. They have a better action in the water that comparable lures of the same variety. It is great that they sink to about 3-4 feet when you are retrieving. This can definitely increase your hookups over time.
Prossinking, long distance casting
By Sam
November 13, 2017
Awesome lure
The hooks and split rings are wimpy, but once swapped out for sturdier rings and some VMC inline singles, they're built to catch.
ProsGreat action, great profile, can cast a mile, sturdy, and even the paint holds up well.
ConsNone. Ever.
By lee
New York, NY
November 12, 2017
i keep coming back for more.
I love the larger profile. Great casting lure and helps cull out the bigger fish.
By lee
New York, NY
November 12, 2017
bigger and just a great!
all that you love about an SP minnow but with a larger profile. Fantastic!!
By lee
New York, NY
November 12, 2017
great lure at a great price
SP minnows have become a favorite of surfcasters because they cast great (particularly for a swimming plug) and they catch fish. They also can take a lot of abuse on the rocks and keep on swimming.
By Gregory
Manasquan, NJ
November 9, 2017
Best minnow lure on the market
Enough said, the reviews and ratings for this plug are great and this plug is even better
By Elihu
Hamilton nj
October 25, 2017
A must have plug
great over all plug just have to upgrade hooks and split rings
By Matthew
Smithtown, New York
October 11, 2017
Great lure
I have caught a lot of fish in this lure. Great in rough of calm surf. Twitch your rod tip in calm conditions to get a strike.
Pros Reliable, catches fish and casts great
By anita nirma
Springfield Gardens, new york
September 26, 2017
Great lure
awesome lure for travelly and other game fish
Prosgood action. works well
Consnone so far
By Tony Lemme
Cape Cod South Wellfleet Mass
September 6, 2017
Great fop ocean side
I find that the 63/4 salt pros work great when there's a big heave on the beach. Even if the fish are eating smaller bait where it would normally call for a 51/8 sp they hit this one it just fine. I'm sure it's because of turbulent water making the lure look smaller. We have a lot of rough water on Cape Cod at this time of year and the 63/4 is just what the doctor ordered.
ProsCasting, swimming...
ConsHooks and split rings...
By Daniel Stephens
Middlebury, CT
August 22, 2017
Sp Minnow
This is the lure I've reached for so much this season! Landed a lot of nice keeper bass and big blues on it.
ConsStock hardware is junk you should change it out for stronger split rings and hooks.
By Bill Bothelio
San Jose, Ca.
August 15, 2017
SP Minnow Lure
i really like this lure, it casts very well and catches strippers.
Prosgreat lure, cast far and catches fish, happy with it.
ConsThe hooks and rings are not the best and some what pricey, cost alot but what can you do.
By Bill Bothelio
San Jose, Ca.
August 15, 2017
SP minnow lures
i really like this lure, one of the best lures on the market, very pleased with it.
ProsGreat Lure, cast great and very good for catching strippers.
Conslittle bit pricey, but what can you do.
By Poncho
pacifica, california
August 3, 2017
just finished landing a 15lbs Hog off the Pacific Coast wit that BONE SPMinnow 17F. Striper Candy!
By Kai
Carpinteria, CA
July 31, 2017
Halibut like them
I've caught several CA Halibut from the surf this summer using Salt Pro Minnows. Just no legal ones yet.
By Brian
Portsmouth, NH
July 13, 2017
once again lure of the year for me
The SP minnow in bone and mother of pearl during the day has been my top producing lure again this year. I remove the rear hook and replace the front treble with a 2/0 VMC.
Proscast a mile great action not expensive
By Christopher
Brooklyn, NY
June 23, 2017
Improvement on Great Lure.
Love the extra distance in this size. SP Minnows are deadly for Striped Bass.
ProsExtra distance, high quality rings and hooks. No need to to change them up.
By Jesse
Holmdel, New Jersey
June 3, 2017
Good Upgrade, but has some faults
The 17S series have gone through a big upgrade that the original 15S lacked but at the same time, you lose some points. But over all I give it a 4 out of 5 star for usage. Pros - Casting Distance has improved (with no wind) Swimming action also improved and easier to swim through hard rips in the water. Bigger Plug means bigger Fish Hooks are not like the old thin bendable hooks. they are much beefier and will hold that new PB (personal best), that you have lost in the past. Cons - Casting Distance has dropped when casting against the wind - Because of the thicker and larger Build, it is hard for the plug to cut Through the wind unlike the 15S. Overall great plug to use.
ProsCasting Distance has improved (with no wind) Swimming action also improved and easier to swim through hard rips in the water. Bigger Plug means bigger Fish Hooks are not like the old thin bendable hooks. they are much beefier and will hold that new PB (personal best), that you have lost in the past.
ConsCasting Distance has dropped when casting against the wind - Because of the thicker and larger Build, it is hard for the plug to cut Through the wind unlike the 15S.
By Keith
May 5, 2017
Thumbs UP.
The bigger the plug the bigger the fish. Next to my Danny's this is in my surf bag.
ConsRocks tear them up.
By Lawrence
new milford, CT
March 10, 2017
Nice lures
nice lures, Need to change the hooks and rings, factory hooks are weak
ProsGreat lure, good action
ConsNeed to change out low quality hooks and snap rigs
By Jon c
New Canaan, CT
February 17, 2017
Bigger is better
New larger models cast so far with the outstanding results. You must own one
By Luis Fernando Velez O
January 27, 2017
Muy bueno
Se├▒uelo muy equilibrado en el lance largo y ademas de excelente nataci├│n, son mis preferidos para la pesca de r├│balo.
By 617
January 24, 2017
Very good
Nice looking lure. They really stepped it up.
By Cristian
Lake worth, FL
January 11, 2017
Great lure
This is a great lure ecspecially the sinking feature, you can use this from fresh to salt water
By Jon
Long Island, NY
December 1, 2016
Excellent Plug
This lure has great action and casts really well for a Minnow plug. The only issue is the stock split rings and hooks must be replaced to handle anything larger than a schoolie.
ProsCasting, action, it works!!
ConsStock hardware, not through wired.
By Glen
Oakland, CA
September 30, 2016
Staple in the bay area
The larger model is used by almost everyone I know in the surf during the striper run. This model works great in the bay and at night to avoid 'shakers'. Casts really well.
By Guy
New Hartford, NY
September 26, 2016
Excellent action in the surf
The Daiwa 6" Salt Pro Minnows are effective in the surf because of their suspending characteristic. They stay in the strike zone longer than a full floating or full sinking minnow imitation. Sometimes it takes just a twitch to draw a strike from a striped bass. The weight distribution system also extends their casting distance.
ProsReasonably priced and durable.
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
September 16, 2016
I got my hands one one of these and I must say, extremely impressive. Casts like a bullet and catches fish like nothing else. Larger than the standard model and perfect for slightly more moderate conditions. A+
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 5, 2016
I use the sinking in deeper water where I need to get down when the fish are hanging low. This lure produces well in deep drops and in channels. All the models of SP minnows work exceptionally well. Use the sinking in deeper water and you'll catch more fish.
ConsFactory hooks need to be upgraded.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 5, 2016
This is my number one lure to throw. I don't even take it off my line most of the time. Casts great! Amazed at the size of the fish ill catch on this lure.
ProsCasts well, catches fish
ConsFactory hooks need an upgrade.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 5, 2016
This has become a stable on the beaches of long island. And my go to lure in the fall for bass on the south shore, If the fish are around the will hit this lure almost every time.
ProsCasts well
Consstandard hooks are a bit weak.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
July 8, 2016
Great lure for bass and blues
This lure is many times the first out of my plug bag. Decent casting and great action. I've had bass to 20lbs fall to this lure. Change out the hooks and split rings as they tend to be weak.
ProsGreat assortment of colors Decent casting Versatile under different conditions Inexpensive
ConsHooks and split rings are weak.
By Hombre
June 22, 2016
Daiwa Salt Pro Minnow
This lure has been very productive for me this year. I mainly fish at night from jettys and beaches and this is my go to lure. A slow retrieve in the current with a few twitches and hold on! I use the floaters and change out the split rings and use VMC 9626 4X 2/0 hooks.
Prosfloaters great lure
Conssplit rings hooks
By Aaron Roy Basillote
New York
June 17, 2016
Cast very far
I'm surprised as to how long I can cast this lure, even though am only using 16lb mono, was able to cast the lure far to cover more and more space. Quality was good considering its not JDM. Swims and suspends well. Not that heavy when reeling in from a far cast, which was a plus, because it lessened the fatigue especially when casting all day long. Overall nice swim action and casts very far.
ProsSwims nice and casts very far
ConsPaint finish easly scratched
By Darith
Attleboro , Massachusetts
May 4, 2016
Love the colors and design !
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
April 26, 2016
Must Have Surf Fishing Lure
The Daiwa SP Minnow is a must have surf lure. Casts great, awesome action and catches fish. I upgrade the hooks to VMC 9626 and the split rings to 90lb Spro.
By Craig
Ringwood, NJ
April 25, 2016
Catches Stripers from NH down to DE
I have used various colors and styles from the beached of NH down to DE and produces fish. As others have mentioned the hardware on them is not the greatest so i replace the hooks.
By Kevin
greenlawn, NY
April 9, 2016
killer night plug
first plug out after dark blurple color just replace the hooks with vmc 2/0 and your set
Prosgreat action and cast a mile for a little swimmer
Conshooks are garbage
By james
arverne, NY
March 25, 2016
Catches Fish
Always have one in my bag. Casts well , affordable, catches fish,, first time trying the laser green
Pros$ price
ConsInferior Hooks
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
March 24, 2016
also an excellent trolling lure for freshwater!
Most of these reviews concern surf casting for striped bass - I haven't done any of that but inland in the Great Lakes region this is an outstanding trolling lure for introduced Pacific salmon spp., Steelhead, Brown Trout, and Lake Trout - here again, the durability and strength of the lure withstands powerful strikes and thrashing about, and its action, rattle and flash are particularly effective in attracting widely scattered fish in open water. Yo-Zuri beats Rapala every day in this situation. The lure is also good for Muskellunge.
ProsQuality, durability, lively wobble-action, flash and realism.
ConsAn expensive lure - it's use should be avoided in snaggy areas.
March 12, 2016
Proven Fish Catcher
Have fished many colors and weight variations - floating, sinking, slow sink and fast sink bullet. All productive in appropriate applications. Standard floating model has become an affordable staple in nearly every north-eastern surf-casters plug bag. Black, bone / white, mackerel, chicken scratch, wonder-bread / pearl, sardine, shiner, translucent green, sand-eel - have all caught fish for me. Sinking and Bullet models work better in moderate - heavier current, sweep, and/or wave action and the Bullets seem to need faster retrieve or current do get the S swimming action going - regular SP minnows wiggle tighter and will do so at slower retrieve. Mackerel and bone / pearl (white) SPs and Bullets, with upgraded hard-ware have caught bass up to 25lbs for me in Cape Cod Canal and all colors (esp. Blurple, white, chicken-scratch at night) have produced for me at night from South County Rhode Island breachways to North Shore Mass. and NH seacoast sand beaches and rocky shorelines. Replacing factory hardware with stronger (3-4X VMC, 2/0 or 3/0) hooks and split rings is necessary for targeting bigger fish, especially in current, but may slow down the lures action, which may be desirable to some - opinions vary. SPs do track better and stay stable in heavier current conditions than many lighter weight "Finnish"/ minnow plugs. SPs also cast much better (internal weight transfer) than many similar sized plugs.
ProsCastability Stability in rough water Fish-catching action & color patterns
ConsNeed to upgrade factory hard-ware or risk losing nice fish
By Erich Kielburger
Wading River, NY
March 3, 2016
Gotta have a few SPs in the bag
SP minnows are always in my surf bag, can't go wrong
By Db
new york, NY
February 25, 2016
new sp
I think it is newer version. I love the size for my local water. same action, and same castability
By Joshua K.
Alexandria, Virginia
January 29, 2016
Chesapeake Bay Must Have
The diawa salt minnow is a staple for my fall striper fishing. When fish are feeding in the top 10' of the water column a hard jerkbait can be a great option, especially if bluefish are in the mix. While I throw many brands of jerkbaits for bay rockfish, the 6" suspended diawa salt minnow stands out in its ability to catch quality fish. As a light tackle guy I appreciate It's castability, action, finish and hardware. You can jerk and reel to cover water quickly or slow down and jerk-jerk-jerk reel and it practically dances in place staying in the strike zone longer. One of the major draws to this bait is its size, rock fish and sea trout are not afraid of big baits so increase your chances of catching big fish by throwing a big bait! If your not sure what color/finish to go with try the green laser or bone.
By Anthony
January 10, 2016
Catch fish
Caught a ton of fish on a sp lure
By Anthony
January 10, 2016
Catch fish
Catch more fish with sp then any other lure
By Matt
Hampton, Ohio
December 4, 2015
They never fail to catch fish, the hooks are not the strongest and need to be replaced but other than that it is perfect. I caught a 70 pounder on one this year, my third biggest bass.
By Matthew
October 17, 2015
Must have
I use this lure every time I go. Cast way better then a bomber. You can use in calm water or rough. Lure will help you catch more fish.
ProsCasts well
ConsHooks are a little cheap. Replace with stronger. Had a nice almost straighten the hook.
By Hernan
Nayarit, Mexico
September 25, 2015
Nice lure! Muy buen se┼"uelo!
Nice MINNOW, great colors, perfect for my surf fishing in Mexico! Muy padre currican, bonitos colores, perfecto para mi pesca de orilla en Mexico!
By Steve
Albany, CA
September 12, 2015
My top-scoring lure
The SP Minnow is easily my top-scoring lure for Stripers. It casts well, and the finish really stands up to the scouring of the surf.
By gerardo
September 7, 2015
good lure
good looking lure, very nice materials and good looking for fisherman and fish
ProsPrice, materials
Conson windy days youll have a Little of trouble casting
By Joseph
Baltimore, MD
July 14, 2015
Great Action
The SP minnow has a very lifelike swim and casts a mile.
By Kyle
Nantucket, Massachusetts
June 13, 2015
Casts great into the wind, great lure for bass and bluefish
Very east to cast far, great lure.
By Jeremy
Brooklyn, NY
June 12, 2015
Must have. Very light
Great lure, must have, but not great on windy days.
ProsGreat action
ConsBad in wind
By otto
New Jersey
June 4, 2015
Daiwa DSPM15F Salt Pro 6" Minnow Lure
A must have lure. Dont go fishing without a few.
By udon
Providence, RI
June 2, 2015
Not impressed
Not impressed with the lure. Outstanding casting distance is the only upside. Action of the lure absolutely sucks. No action whatsoever.
By Jeremy
Lumberton nj
May 29, 2015
Killer lures
These lures have great action and can be tweaked with your retrieve style to really get the bass and blues to strike. Factory hardware is weak and ok for smaller fish but on blues 10lb and up and stripers 15lb and up your gonna wanna swap to stronger split rings and hooks,
By Dan
May 28, 2015
Effective Lure
Saw results with the SP minnow on my first couple trips this season.
By Daniel Mazabras
May 21, 2015
Swims perfectly
The SP's always swim really nice making them attractive for the fish to hit. Weight is perfect for the extra distance on each and every cast.
By jonski
New canaan, CT
May 19, 2015
Spring time winner
looks like the bait in hold over rivers. the perfect lure
By Jonski
New Canaan, CT
May 19, 2015
Great lure with Killer action
perfect for taking spring stripers.
By Dan M.
Hartford, CT
May 18, 2015
Thumbs Up!
I bought 4 and couldn't be happier. A++
ProsGreat Action & Cast A Mile
ConsRepalce the rings & hooks.
By Eugenia
Pozzuoli, Italy
May 18, 2015
Very good
very good lure for bluefish and sea bass. i always catch fish when i use this lure.
By Reginald
Fort Lauderdale, FL
May 10, 2015
Awesome lure
Purchase the Laser Green Shiner to try it out, my only regret was I only bought one! Bottom line, fish have no chance with this thing.
ProsGreat casting distance, great appearance
ConsI only bought one :(
By Alex
California, MD
April 26, 2015
Great Lure for Stripers!
Very productive, just need VMC Hooks.
By Alex
Solomons, Maryland
April 2, 2015
Great lure, bad hooks.
This is a great lure, but the hooks are very weak (I learned that the hard way). I have a few with me at all times.
By Mark
Pinole, CA
March 4, 2015
Striper catchers
These lures cast very well. They have a nice action on most retrieves. The finish is very tough. bottom line is they catch fish!
ProsGreat finish. Hooks don't need replacement before use. great action.
By Travis
bayville, NJ
March 3, 2015
a must in your plug bag
caught tons of fish on these lures my favorite colors are bone and black and purple
By Paul
Branford ct
February 12, 2015
Great lure
Cast like a bullet cuts wind and catches fish Outfished other 6" similar plugs 10/1 great for night time slow rolling in current i change the hooks to vmc 2/0
ProsCast well good colors nice action
By Db
January 24, 2015
great swimmer
I have floating version also. both required to replace hardware.. like vmc or owner treble hook. this lure swim very well and motion is amazing.. I believe this sinking version swims better than float version.. just my opinion
ProsGreat motion. . Affordable price..
ConsHardware weak for big dtriper. But easy enough to change
By Db
January 22, 2015
great lure
I purchased one last summer, it hooked some fish but kept dropping, after, I read some complains about the stock hook I replace the hook and ring with VMC 4x treble 1/0 with owner HD 4.. after replacing hardware, it turns out to be great lure.. I ordered one again and switch the hardware immediately..
Prosgood swimmer, cheaper than yojuri darter.
Consstock hardware is garbage. that is why it is 4 star.
By Eric
Cherry Hill, NJ
January 17, 2015
The SP is a great swimming lure. The rings and trebles are weak so change them out for something beefier. I use just one treble in the middle and leave the tail hookless. You won't miss any fish due to this and you will lower your chances of getting yourself hooked.
By Leon
Tonsupa, Ecuador
January 13, 2015
Minnow Lure
Great finish!
ConsNeeds heavier rings and hooks.
By Leon
Tonsupa, Ecuador
January 13, 2015
Salt Pro Lure
Great Lure, good finish.
ConsNeeds heavier rings and hooks.
By brad
hyannis, MA
January 2, 2015
awesome swimmers
One of my favorite swimmers in my bag.. they work excellent day and night
Conshooks/ splitrings
By HKJonathan
New York, NY
December 24, 2014
Great lure but weak hooks
This along with the Yozuri Mag Darter are my go to lures for surface plugs. The SP has great swimming action and really casts well. The only reason why I didn't give it a five star rating is because of the well known issue of weak hooks and split rings. I replaced my with VMC 4x hooks and Rasco split rings.
By Christopher
Point Lookout, NY
December 24, 2014
Great plug for the price
much action on the Bone, nothing yet on Laser Shiner, but I fished it too late in season. good action on a slow retrieval with brief pauses. hooks and rings should be replaced.
By Charles
Middletown, RI
October 7, 2014
Great lure, replace the hooks!
This lure is a consistent producer, in calm to knee high waves. Anything bigger they get banged around and swept by the waves so I switch to a needlefish. Big fish love them too but don't forget to swap out the hardware. Bottom line: if a lure's biggest problem is that the fish they catch are too big for the hardware is that really a bad thing?
ProsCasts very well, relatively inexpensive (even when considering the hardware needs to be swapped out). More than enough color selection. BTW I've had zero problems with a rear siwash instead of a treble.
ConsI read the all the comments about weak hardware but chose to ignore because I landed a few big stripers under ideal conditions on the stock hardware. I figured that the hooks were strong enough. WRONG. I lost two big stripers that opened up the treble. REPLACE ALL THE HARDWARE! Put VMC hooks on with upgraded split rings.
By Nicholas
Peabody, MA
October 2, 2014
my GO-TO lure for NE Stripers
I prefer the blue mackerel color during the day for pattern reasons, but any low-light or night situations.. color doesnt seem to matter. If there are fish around, they will bite this lure. Always my first plug out when i first arrive at a spot. GREAT searching lure.
ProsCasts like a bullet even into headwinds. Price is reasonable. Awesome finishes. (Hint: take off the back treble hook for a much more side-to-side erratic action)
Consboth hooks and split rings need to be replaced out of the package unless you're only catching schoolies and micros, a keeper size fish will straighten the stock hooks.
By Kristi
September 24, 2014
Great lure for massive stripers! Just make sure you change the hooks and split rings with VMC 9626 hooks.
ProsAction Catches fish
ConsHooks and split rings
By Alex Chell
United States
September 19, 2014
Awesome plugs
They catch fish simple as that. I work at Tackle direct and this is the first thing i show people when they want a lure for striper. The second thing i tell them is to CHANGE THE HOOKS. 1/0 vmc with 150 lb spro split rings. im looking forward to fishing the new bullet.
ProsCasts great , catches fish ,
Conshooks suck, i buy to many of them
By james
arverne, NY
August 10, 2014
Have caught many bass and fluke with the black/purple and bone color from the surf. I use the floating and sinking versions.
Proscasts exceptionally well price catches fish!
By MIke
August 9, 2014
Daiwa SP minnow sinking.
Cast very well and caught a blue fish in a short time.
By Jaime
West Haven, CT
July 14, 2014
Must have lure!!!
Great lure for stripers, but pretty much anything here in the New England waters will bite this lure.
By Bonefishr
johns Island, Sc
May 26, 2014
Great baitfish Imitation
This lure looks like what fresh water fisherman have used successfully for years only in a salt water size. It casts well and runs true.
ProsCompact, easy to cast. Nice finish.
By Mike
New York
May 23, 2014
Very fluid in the water. Nice overall swimming action.
By William Buckley
Shelton, Connecticut
May 1, 2014
If you fish for stripers you must have!
ConsHave to change Hooks
By Brendan
April 4, 2014
Great lure!
Great overall lure! Casts like a missle and has a nice tight wiggle. Stripers and bluefish love this thing. I would have given it 5 stars if the split rings and hooks weren't junk. Make sure you switch out the split rings and upgrade the hooks to at least 1/0 VMC 4X hooks.
6 Questions & 6 Answers
Paul Ancelli
from MA asked:
February 14, 2017
Is the spm17s the bullet model
1 Answers
The SPM17s is not the SP Bullet model.
on February 15, 2017

from CT asked:
March 1, 2016
how fast does the 2 1/8 oz sink
1 Answers
1.25 feet per second.
on March 2, 2016

from pa asked:
November 16, 2014
What is the best way to rig this bait? A coast-lock swivel or line knot on the split ring.
1 Answers
Some of us use a Tactical Angler's clip and some use a loop knot. Different strokes for different folks.
Customer Service
on November 17, 2014

from Maine asked:
July 6, 2014
How do you pick a color? Are certain colors better then others?
1 Answers
It is better to try and "match the hatch". Go with colors that are similar to those of the bait in the area. In your area for example, there maybe Boston Mackerel or Pollack around. So I would go with colors similar to them. On the other hand white, black, and yellow are always good too.
Customer Service
on July 7, 2014

from Nashua, NH asked:
June 24, 2014
What are the different uses between the floating and sinking? Fishing for Stripers?
1 Answers
The floating is for when bait is holding near the surface, The sinking is for when the bait is suspended in the water column.
Customer Service
on June 24, 2014

from Maine asked:
June 23, 2014
What are the different applications for the floating verses the sinking? I'm fishing for Stripers. Thanks
1 Answers
The floating will stay on the surface, for when bait is on top. Sinking is for when bait is holding deeper in the water column.
Customer Service
on June 24, 2014


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