Erupt Fishing RTD Rod Threading Device

Erupt Fishing RTD Rod Threading Device

The RTD Rod Threading Device makes threading your rod quick and easy with patented technology that threads line through every single guide in mere seconds!

Price: $29.99
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Rod Threading Device$29.99 USD
The Erupt Fishing RTD Rod Threading Device features patented technology that threads line through every single guide on your fishing rod in mere seconds! Every fisherman has experienced the frustration of threading their line through the first several guides, only to drop the line and have it fall through every guide and having to start over. Some anglers experience difficulty seeing and handling thin monofilament or braid, making threading their rods a frustrating task. The RTD Rod Threading Device eliminates these issues by threading line through every guide in one easy motion. Simply attach your line to the bobbin with a simple tug into the line catch, and then run the RTD up the length of the rod. The RTD self-centers along the fishing rod to feed the line through each guide, as it is drawn up the rod from reel to tip. This device works perfectly with all rods that have standard sized guides.
5 Stars based on 12 reviews
By ZornFish
New Jersey
A Must Have Addition
April 12, 2019
I was extremely skeptical of the RTD at First That was till I got a chance to try it for myself. I was blown away with how simple the design was. It was definitely a why didn’t I think of that moment! I highly recommend this item Great for Threading multiple rods at once or for anglers that have vision and hand problems. The RTD Is worth every penny also makes a great gift for the angler has everything!
  • Simple design compact extreme efficiency
  • That you haven?t put one in your box yet
By Tanner
Lincoln, NE
RTD is amazingly fast!
May 14, 2019
After receiving my RTD I had my 1st rod threaded in less than 30sec! Pretty slick!
By Robert P.
New Orleans
sent it back
May 10, 2019
not good for all rods micro guides and spinning rods it will not work, nice if you have all bait caster rods with the reg. guides I had to send it back for a refund cost me $15 for shipping both ways
By Ryan
Erupt Fishing RTD Rod Threading Device Review
May 10, 2019
higly recommend this item worth the money, buying two more.
  • helpful to rigg multiple rods. helps when windy
  • can't use on micro guides
By Jesse
Central Alabama
Must-have fishing gadget
April 18, 2019
This is a great tool for people my age who can't see the guides as clearly as we used to. You never miss a guide and it's super quick and easy.
  • -Saves time
  • -Good if you can't see as well
  • -Threads the line up or down the rod
  • -Easy to rig in the wind or at night
  • -I only bought one, so I keep having to go back and forth from the truck to the shop to get it. I'm purchasing another one immediately
By Tony S.
Major time saver for crappie fisherman!
April 15, 2019
Best product to hit the market in many years. This is not a gimmick! It saves me 20 min on relining 14' Jenko Slab City's.
  • You can thread your line in the dark.
  • You can wear gloves and thread you rod.
By Dave
South Carolina
Great New Tool!
April 14, 2019
I've been using the RTD for a couple of months now, and love the product. It saves me a ton of time and hassle when stringing multiple rods.
  • Easy to use
By Fred C.
Best tool
April 13, 2019
This is the best fishing tool ever. I have been using the rod threading device since day one. Can't leave home without it!!!
By Steve
Omaha, Ne.
It's about time!
April 13, 2019
This product is awesome! Not.only does it save a ton of time stringing my rods but it saves me the frustration of having to restring the whole rod again after realizing that I missed an eyelet. Nice to have and use after a busted line and setting up new reels as well. Solid produce and not flimsy, made well and thought out well. Comes with replacment parts if needed.
I was hesitant at first but after two or three times using it, it was a snap to use. I keep it in my tackle box as it is small and compact. I plan to use it with my fly rods as well but I will put it on a lanyard for the streams. Bye the way, it has a ring for lanyard use. See, well thought out. This device was thought up and designed by fisherman so it works and addresses problems that we all face everytime we hit the water.
I plan on getting two or three more as gifts for my buddies, even though they laughed at me when I first showed it to them. After I used it in front of them, they aren't laughing any more. Some times, old habits are hard to break, even if the new way is better. This is one of those products and times that demand a try!
  • Compact
  • Well made
  • Easy to use
  • Can hang it around your neck or attach to vest.
  • Big time and frustration saver.
  • I didn't buy more at first, really!
By Matt H.
The fishing line manufacturers should be thanking these guys.
April 13, 2019
As and early adopter and a beta tester I was sold on the product right away. Running new line is now so fast and easy, the dread of changing line virtually goes away. The fact that you can change out the end piece for different size guides is great as well. The RTD is small enough to fit in most tackle boxes so it’s convenient to keep one or more around. Keep up the good work Erupt Fishing!
By Jason
Makes my life so much easier
April 13, 2019
I will never thread a rod again without the RTD.
By John M.
Omaha, Nebraska
Best Fishing Product Ever
April 12, 2019
I purchased the RTD and this product has solved a huge problem for me, that is stringing rods up. In the past I have hated to do this task because I always get to the top of the rod and then drop the line and have to start all over again. Also when I go to bring line to the reel when I am re-spooling is a huge hassle when I have 15 rods to get ready the night before. The RTD saves me time and it works under all conditions with any kind of line. Also it does not matter if it is windy, cold, low light. ECT.. The RTD by Erupt Fishing always works. This is the best product to come out in fishing I have seen in years. You got to buy this you will love it like I do.
2 Questions & 2 Answers
Craig Pletcher
from Ringgold, Georgia asked:
May 12, 2019
Does this produce work on both casting and spinning rods. Does it come with both the 3 and 5 millimeter attachments?
1 Answer
It will not work on micro-guides. 
Submitted by: Ethan Matuzsan on May 24, 2019

Eddie Poston
from Fairborn, Ohio asked:
May 2, 2019

does this work on micro guide rods like a duckett micro magic pro rod also ?

1 Answer
This product will work with micro guides 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 6, 2019


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