G-Loomis GL Series Fly Fishing Rods

G-Loomis fly rods are known for their "lighter than air" balance, subtle power, castability and immediate response. Many professional guides agree that G-Loomis GLX rods are the highest performance rods on the planet. Twenty five per cent lighter than rods of comparable strength, GLoomis ultra-high modulus GLX rods allow you to cast monster casts with even weighted flies all day long.

G-Loomis GL3 rods offer performance, durability and forgiveness at a reasonable price. These intermediate modulus rods are very lightweight, incredibly responsive, more sensitive than many rods twice their price, and will help you improve your casting stroke.

G-Loomis GL2 fly rods were designed to be smooth and easy to cast. The GLoomis GL2s are quite light, yet extremely durable - another bonus during those first forays into the fly world. If you're just beginning to become addicted to fly fishing, or you want a precision graphite rod for occasional use, you can't go wrong with a GLoomis GL2.