Korkers Boots and Cleats

Over fifty years ago... the first Korkers product was created in the basement of Korkers founder. Made by hand using scrap rubber, nylon cord, and carbide spikes, Korkers "River Cleats" were born. The functional, yet versatile design of the cleat system quickly grew as a favorite among fishermen, and spread to provide traction safety to a number of industrial applications.

Today, under new ownership, Korkers has taken the fundamental values of Korkers original design of functional and versatile footwear to another level. By incorporating OmniTrax V2 Interchangeable Sole Technology, Korkers has developed a full line of versatile footwear systems that gives you the unique ability to maximize performance, despite conditions. No matter where your next adventure takes you or what surprise mother nature might throw at you, with Korkers you'll always be ready.