MagicTail Bucktails, Jigs & Trolling Lures

Cast a spell in oceans and seas with a magical bucktail from this fast-growing brand MagicTail Bucktails came about in October 2014, created by a young couple who had tied their own bucktails for catching fluke. They've grown into a respected brand for a simple reason: they are top-quality bucktails with the best components and the cleanest ties on the market.

By shopping at TackleDirect, you can use MagicTail jigs anywhere in the world. Their product line has grown rapidly to include striper bucktails, blackfish jigs, mojo rigs, offshore trolling heads and other incredibly effective hooks. As MagicTail says, they're here to help you "land the fish of your dreams." Our experts love these bucktails and will gladly answer any questions you may have about them. Just give us a call Monday-Saturday.