Minn Kota Trolling Motors, Anchors & Accessories

With roots dating back to 1934, Minn Kota has decades of experience making trolling motors. In fact, ever since the company’s founder invented the electric trolling motor at his business near the border of North Dakota and Minnesota, Minn Kota has been setting the pace for quiet, reliable trolling motors. That’s why we’re proud at TackleDirect to rank among the best Minn Kota dealers.

We offer an extensive lineup of Minn Kota electric trolling motors, anchors and accessories. Whether you’re stalking largemouth bass in your favorite lake or sneaking up on tarpon, redfish or other inshore species in saltwater, these motors and other products will provide you the combination of stealth, reliability and features that you need to succeed.

We have a Minn Kota trolling motor for sale to fit every need or budget. Whether you’re searching for discount trolling motors or seeking specific applications in your fishing, you’ll find it here. Our lineup of Minn Kota motors includes bow-mount, transom mount and engine-mount models to suit the type of fishing you do. We have Minn Kota motors specifically designed for freshwater as well as models built to stand up to the rigors and corrosion that saltwater presents.

Besides Minn Kota’s marquee motors, TackleDirect also carries other products from this long-time manufacturer. These include shallow-water anchors that have been designed for super-quiet deployment. Minn Kota’s drift socks will help you slow your drift for better and prolonged presentations.

In addition, we carry a full line of Minn Kota accessories to help you get more out of your motor. These include remotes for operating your motor from a distance as well as cables, brackets, foot switches and much more.
Minn Kota RemotesMinn Kota 1810246 Talon Travel Cover - 8 ft. - BlackMinn Kota 1866400 i-Pilot Link System for TerrovaMinn Kota 1866415 i-Pilot Link System for Riptide SPMinn Kota 1866405 i-Pilot Link System for Riptide STMinn Kota 1866470 i-Pilot Link Holding Cradle and Belt ClipMinn Kota CoPilotMinn Kota 1810256 Talon Wireless Foot SwitchMinn Kota 1810237 Talon and Humminbird 360 Dual Mount Extension PlateMinn Kota Foot PedalsMinn Kota Quick Release BracketsMinn Kota On-Board Precision Digital Battery ChargersMinn Kota Circuit BreakerMinn Kota Trolling Motor Plug & ReceptacleMinn Kota MKR-15 Transducer Mounting KitMinn Kota 1810211 BMS Talon Spacer Block KitMinn Kota Talon Quick Release Handle KitsMinn Kota MKA Drift SocksMinn Kota MKA-42 Quick Release BracketMinn Kota MKA-49 Cable & HandleMinn Kota MKA-50 Bow-Mount Stabilizer Kit f/ FortrexMinn Kota MKR-US2-13 Universal Sonar 2 Adapter Cable f/ ONIXMinn Kota MKR-US2-14 Universal Sonar 2 Adapter Cable - Garmin 8-PinMinn Kota Riptide Ulterra Corded Foot PedalMinn Kota Talon 3-Piece Jackplate BracketMinn Kota Talon Pontoon Edge Mount KitMinn Kota Talon Pontoon Performance KitMinn Kota Talon Quick Release Disconnect PlugMinn Kota MKP-6 Weedless Wedge Replacement PropMinn Kota MKP-7 Weedless Wedge Replacement PropMinn Kota MKP-8 Weedless Wedge Replacement PropMinn Kota MKR-US2-9 6-Pin Universal Sonar 2 Adapter CableMinn Kota 1866350 i-Pilot Replacement TransmitterMinn Kota 1810300 Universal Modular Talon/Humminbird 360 AdapterMinn Kota 1810257 Talon Bluetooth Wireless Foot SwitchMinn Kota 1866155 CoPilot Accessory f/ PowerdriveMinn Kota 1810125 Deckhand 25Minn Kota 1810126 Deckhand 25R w/ Corded RemoteMinn Kota 1810140 DeckHand 40Minn Kota 1810150 Deckhand 40 Remote SwitchMinn Kota 1820087 Digital Battery MeterMinn Kota 1866680 Heading Sensor f/ BlueTooth i-PilotMinn Kota 1866310 i-Pilot System f/ PowerDrive V2Minn Kota 1866315 i-Pilot System f/ Riptide PowerDrive V2Minn Kota 1866305 i-Pilot System f/ Riptide STMinn Kota 1866300 i-Pilot System f/ TerrovaMinn Kota 1821031 MK-1-DC Single Bank DC Alternator ChargerMinn Kota 1821032 MK-2-DC Dual Bank DC Alternator ChargerMinn Kota 1822105 MK-210D 2 Bank x 5 AmpsMinn Kota 1822205 MK-220D 2 Bank x 10 AmpsMinn Kota 1832300 MK-230PC Precision On-Board Charger 2 Bank 15 AmpsMinn Kota 1821033 MK-3-DC Triple Bank DC Alternator ChargerMinn Kota 1823155 MK-315D 3 Bank x 5 AmpsMinn Kota 1823305 MK-330D 3 Bank x 10 AmpsMinn Kota 1824405 MK-440D 4 Bank x 10 AmpsMinn Kota 1820085 MK-BC-1 Battery ConnectorsMinn Kota 1820089 MK-EC-15 Battery Charger Output Extension CableMinn Kota 1831060 MK106PC 1 Bank x 6 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1831100 MK110PC 1 Bank x 10 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1832120 MK212PC 2 Bank x 6 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1832200 MK220PC 2 Bank x 10 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1833180 MK318PC 3 Bank x 6 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1833300 MK330PC 3 Bank x 10 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1834400 MK440PC 4 Bank x 10 Amp Precision ChargerMinn Kota 1854101 MKA-18 Extension Handle 18''Minn Kota 1865262 MKA-28 Drift Sock Harness w/ BuoyMinn Kota 1862012 MKA-29 Bow Mount Stabilizer Kit - Side MountMinn Kota 1862013 MKA-4 Bow Mount Stabilizer KitMinn Kota 1854107 MKA-43 Telescopic Extension Handle 17''-25''Minn Kota 1854108 MKA-44 Telescopic Extension Handle 24''-40''Minn Kota 1854120 MKA-45 Rope & HandleMinn Kota 1854045 MKA-48 Universal Mounting Bracket Top PlateMinn Kota 1854100 MKA-7 Extension Handle 30''Minn Kota 1865011 MKP-10 Prop & Nut Kit B - 1/2''Minn Kota 1865002 MKP-2 Power PropMinn Kota 1865014 MKP-23 Prop & Nut Kit DMinn Kota 1865013 MKP-24 Weedless Wedge PropsMinn Kota 1865017 MKP-32 Weedless Wedge 2 Prop - Prop Nut Kit AMinn Kota 1865018 MKP-33 Weedless Wedge 2 Prop - Prop Nut Kit EMinn Kota 1865019 MKP-34 Prop & Nut Kit EMinn Kota 1865022 MKP-37 Power PropMinn Kota 1865023 MKP-38 Weedless Wedge 2 Prop f/ 112lb ThrustMinn Kota 1865010 MKP-9 Prop & Nut Kit A - 3/8''Minn Kota 1865101 MKR-12 Quick Connector PlugMinn Kota 1865107 MKR-20 Trolling Motor PlugMinn Kota 1865108 MKR-21 AC Power Port - FreshwaterMinn Kota 1865110 MKR-23 AC Power Port - SaltwaterMinn Kota 1852061 MKR-US2-1 Garmin Adapter CableMinn Kota 1852060 MKR-US2-10 Lowrance/Eagle Blue Adapter CableMinn Kota 1852080 MKR-US2-11 Universal Sonar 2 ExtensionMinn Kota 1852072 MKR-US2-12 Garmin Adapter Cable f/ echo SeriesMinn Kota 1852068 MKR-US2-8 Humminbird 7-Pin Adapter CableMinn Kota 1810141 Pontoon DeckHandMinn Kota 1866120 Replacement CoPilot Remote f/ PowerDrive, Riptide SPMinn Kota 1370645 RT160/EM Engine Mount - SW Trolling Motor 24V-160lbMinn Kota 1810220 Talon 6'' Setback Bracket RiserMinn Kota 1810242 Talon Security Adapter Bracket LockMinn Kota 1810210 Talon Spacer Block Marine Atlas 4 & 8'' Jack PlateMinn Kota 1810222 Talon Tilt Bracket f/ 8', 10' & 12' 3-Stage TalonsMinn Kota 1810302 Talon Universal Adapter Sandwich Style Port SideMinn Kota 1810303 Talon Universal Sandwich Adapter Starboard SideMinn Kota 1820175 Trolling Motor Power Center