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Mustad Hooks & Terminal Tackle

Ever since hook production started in the 1870s, Mustad has manufactured an impressive number of different fish hook patterns for a vast array of fishing methods. Such a long history and experience has given us invaluable knowledge about what it takes to perfect a fish hook for a specific type of fishing as well as all round freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Mustad has manufactured hooks since 1877, but now the company has made an effort to be able to offer all the tackle you need when you go fishing.

With durable material and fine, quality craftsmanship, from the strong shank to the razor sharp hook, when you've latched onto the tournament sized fish, you may have to be concerned with the "line and sinker" but the hook is a sure thing with Mustad!
Mustad 34007-SS O'Shaughnessy Stainless Steel HookMustad 3407-DT O'Shaughnessy Duratin HookMustad 3407-DT O'Shaughnessy 2X Strong HookMustad TG90-BN KVD Triple Grip Musky Treble HookMustad 37160-NI Wide Gap HookMustad 9174-BR O'Shaughnessy Bronze HookMustad 92553-BL Beak HookMustad 92641-BR Beak Hook Sliced Shank BaitholderMustad 9430-DS Treble 5X Strong DuraSteel HookMustad 9510XXXS-SS Salmon Stainless Steel HookMustad 39944-BN Perfect Circle HooksMustad 92641-GL Sliced Shank HookMustad 3260B Aberdeen HooksMustad 2330DT Sea HooksMustad 3407 O'Shaughnessy HooksMustad 39960D Circle HookMustad 34091DT O'Shaughnessy Duratin Open Eye HooksMustad 37162 Gold Wire Gap English Bait HooksMustad 3261 Bronze Aberdeen HooksMustad 35518 Gold Treble HooksMustad 3777 Hollow Point Central DreughtMustad W3369A Weedless Sproat HooksMustad 34007 O'Shaughnessy HooksMustad 3561E Treble HookMustad 4011E Hollow Point Virginia HooksMustad 3412 O'Shaughnessy Needle Eye HooksMustad 3714 Hollow Point Wide Gap HooksMustad 92642 Hollow Point Beak HooksMustad 92641 Hollow Point Beak HookMustad 3260B22 Gold Aberdeen HooksMustad 3551 Bronzed Superior Treble HooksMustad 92625 Hollow Point Beak HooksMustad 92553 Hollow Point Beak HookMustad 39950NP-BL Catfish Demon Circle HookMustad 37160-BR Wide Gap Hooks - 50 PackMustad 34185-DT O'Shaughnessy Jig HookMustad 7982HS Double Tuna HookMustad 91715-DT O'Shaughnessy Jig HookMustad 3551-DT Mustad Treble HooksMustad 7790X Open Shank Treble HooksMustad 7766-DT Tarpon HookMustad 3261 Aberdeen HooksMustad 39960-DT Circle Duratin HooksMustad 32500 1X Skipjack Jig HooksMustad 32570 1X RB Jig HooksMustad 3400-BN O'Shaughnessy HookMustad 3599C 4X Kingfish Treble HookMustad 37240-BR Bronze Wide Gap Hollow Point HookMustad 37240-NI Nickel Wide Gap Hollow Point HookMustad 39925-DT Duratin Circle HooksMustad 39946-BN 1X Offset Classic Circle HookMustad LR-3674-BN Lure Ryder Double Assist Hook
Mustad Ultra Snelled HooksMustad 10546NP-BN Ultra Point Drop Shot HookMustad 10827NP-BN Hoodlum HookMustad 10829NP-BN Big Gun HookMustad 10848NP-BN Open Eye Siwash Hook 6pkMustad TG76NP KVD Triple Grip Treble Hook Mustad TG78NP-BN KVD Elite Triple Grip 1X Strong HookMustad TR78NP-BN KVD Elite Round Bend 1X Strong HookMustad 36329NP-BN Ultra Point Treble 3X Strong HookMustad G34131NP-BN Grip-Pin Max HookMustad G91768NP-BN Grip-Pin Swim HookMustad 39941NP-BN Demon Perfect Offset Circle HooksMustad 412NP-BN 3X Skipjack Bend Beak Bait HookMustad 39942NP-BN 3X Strong Demon Perfect Circle Offset HooksMustad 39943NP-BN 4X Strong Demon Perfect Circle Offset HooksMustad 9174NP-BN O'Shaughnessy 3X Short HooksMustad 92553NP-BN Beak Bait HookMustad 39951NP-BN Super Fine Wire Circle HooksMustad 37177BLN Mega-Bite Worm HooksMustad 39951BLN Ultrapoint Demon Circle HooksMustad 10829NP-BN Big Gun Catfish HooksMustad 9175UPBLN Oshaughnessy Ultra Point Live Bait HooksMustad 39933NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle HooksMustad 39948NP-BN Demon Wide Gap Circle HooksMustad 92553-BN Classic Beak Octopus HooksMustad 32824NP-BN Ultra Point Jig HooksMustad 39950NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle HooksMustad 39937NP-DT-20/0 Demon Giant Circle Shark HookMustad 39931NP-BN Demon Perfect Circle Inline HooksMustad 36330NP Inline 4X Strong Treble HooksMustad 37755NP-BN Wide Gap Ultra Point HookMustad 39808NP-BN Big Bite Grip-Pin Offset Worm HookMustad 60403NP-TX TitanX Wacky/Neko HookMustad S412NP-BN 3X Skipjack Bend Beak Bait HookMustad 39938NP-BN 1X Strong Demon Inline Circle Hook
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Fri, 13 Sep. 2019
Summer in South Florida has been rolling on without a hitch. Heat, humidity and lots of bait. Our bait run started several weeks ago with huge schools of pilchards and sardines arriving on the rock piles offshore and the inshore waters alike. These baits can... Read More
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