Pelagic Offshore Apparel and Casual Wear

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Pelagic has used extensive research and development and rigorous on-the-water testing to develop a comprehensive product offering that includes high-tech garments for the serious offshore enthusiast, as well as a line of stylish casual wear for the modern waterman.

Pelagic Pirate Tank TopPelagic Premium Tuna Republic T-ShirtPelagic Deluxe T-ShirtPelagic Atomic Logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Angler Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Waterman SS TeesPelagic Premium Aquatic Short Sleeve T-ShirtsPelagic Premium Psycho Dorado Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic OCP TBF Classic Logo T-ShirtsPelagic American Camo T-ShirtPelagic Fish Or Die! T-ShirtPelagic Premium Greylight T-ShirtPelagic Premium Circle Logo T-ShirtPelagic Fish or Die! Long Sleeve T-ShirtsPelagic Deluxe P Logo Long Sleeve ShirtPelagic Double Hook Up Long Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Twin Diesel Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Deluxe Logo Pattern Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Premium Psycho Dorado T-ShirtsPelagic Deluxe Logo Pattern T-ShirtsPelagic Makau Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Premium Tuna Town Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Premium Sport Fisher Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Premium Floridodo Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Mandala Women's Tank TopPelagic Deluxe Waterman Short Sleeve T-ShirtsPelagic Marlin Nation Long Sleeve ShirtPelagic Bob Marlin T-ShirtPelagic Script Logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic OCP TBF Classic Logo Short Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Patriot Flag T-ShirtsPelagic American Marlin T-ShirtPelagic Patrol Henley Long Sleeve ShirtPelagic Quest Performance Flannel ShirtsPelagic Fish Co Long Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Charter Long Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Patriot Marlin Long Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Patriot Dorado Long Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Patriot Tuna Long Sleeve T-ShirtPelagic Patrol HenleyPelagic Aquatek Fish Co. Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Fish Market Short Sleeve ShirtPelagic Fish Skirt Chaser Short Sleeve ShirtPelagic Deluxe Dorado Short Sleeve T-ShirtsPelagic Deluxe Americamo T-Shirt - WhitePelagic Deluxe Fish Camo T-ShirtPelagic Long Range Short Sleeve T-Shirt - CharcoalPelagic Deluxe Fill Long Sleeve T-ShirtsPelagic Scribble Long Sleeve Fishing T-Shirt - Navy
Pelagic Exo-Tech Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt - Coral Camo WhitePelagic Aquatek Florida Wide Long Sleeve ShirtPelagic Aquatek Floridodo Long Sleeve ShirtPelagic Aquatek Pro Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Exo Tech Hoody Dorado Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic OCP Billfish Foundation Aquatek ShirtPelagic Aeroflex Tek Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic AquaTek ShirtsPelagic VaporTek L/S ShirtPelagic Eclipse Pro Series Guide Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic LS Eclipse SPF Guide LS ShirtsPelagic Eclipse SPF Guide SS ShirtsPelagic Exo-Tech Long Sleeve Hooded ShirtPelagic Atomic HoodyPelagic Fish or Die! HoodyPelagic Cyclone HoodyPelagic Offshore Tek Zip HoodyPelagic Established Zip HoodyPelagic Marlin Nation Zip HoodyPelagic Foamer HoodyPelagic Tails Up HoodyPelagic Exo-Tech Long Sleeve Hooded Shirt w/ Face ShieldPelagic Deluxe HoodyPelagic Stormbreaker JacketsPelagic Hurricane JacketsPelagic Dri Flex Lightweight JacketsPelagic Stormbreaker BibsPelagic Polaris Fishing PantsPelagic Battle GlovePelagic End Game GlovePelagic Wireman HD GlovesPelagic Aquatek Patriotic Series Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Insulator Soft Shell JacketPelagic Tempest Pro Storm BibPelagic Tempest Pro JacketPelagic Hurricane JacketsPelagic Pinnacle Zip HoodyPelagic Cyclone Hoody IIPelagic Vaportek Sideline Americamo Long Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Performance Polo Pro Short Sleeve ShirtsPelagic Aquatek Icon Long Sleeve Performance ShirtsPelagic Vaportek Sideline Long Sleeve Performance Shirt - Fish CamoPelagic Double Hookup Long Sleeve Performance Shirt - BlackPelagic Chill Factor Long Sleeve Performance Fishing Shirt - Light GreyPelagic Outrigger Lightweight JacketsPelagic Outrigger Lightweight Fishing Pant - BlackPelagic Dri-Flex 2.0 Lightweight JacketsPelagic End Game Pro Gloves
Pelagic Deluxe Logo Flexfit HatsPelagic Dorado VisorPelagic Coral Camo VisorPelagic Performance Logo VisorPelagic FlexFit ''Pelagic'' CapPelagic Offshore CapPelagic Flexfit HatPelagic Greylight CapPelagic Sonar Trucker CapPelagic Psycho Dorado CapPelagic Diamond CapPelagic Circle Patch Snapback CapPelagic Sunsetter HatPelagic SunshieldPelagic Square Hooks Trucker HatPelagic Reversible BeaniesPelagic Reefer VisorsPelagic Aquatic Snapback HatPelagic Sailfish Republic Trucker HatPelagic Established Trucker HatPelagic Bait Co. Offshore HatPelagic Women's Offshore Trucker Hat - Light BluePelagic Flexfit inCOREin HatPelagic Ambush Visor - Digital Camo BluePelagic Offshore Cap - DoradoPelagic Offshore Cap - HexedPelagic Offshore Cap - AmericamoPelagic Performance Visor - AmericamoPelagic Offshore Cap - Ambush CamoPelagic Snapback Hat - Ambush CamoPelagic Performance Visor - Ambush CamoPelagic Alpha Snapback HatsPelagic Delta Flexfit Pinacol HatsPelagic Offshore Pro Flexfit HatsPelagic Swells Performance Hat - NavyPelagic Offshore Cap - GreyPelagic Offshore Cap - GreenPelagic Logo Flexfit HatsPelagic Offshore Pro Fishing Hat - NavyPelagic Offshore Print Hat - Blue Dorado HexPelagic Offshore Print Hat - Americamo BluePelagic Offshore Print Hat - Americamo GreyPelagic Deep Sea Snapback HatsPelagic Performance Fishing VisorsPelagic Performance Print Fishing Visor - Green Dorado HexPelagic Performance Print Fishing Visor - Americamo BluePelagic Performance Print Fishing Visor - Fish Camo GreenPelagic Baja Straw Fishing HatsPelagic Sunshield Pro 2.0 Fishing Neck GaitersPelagic Sunshield Fishing Neck Gaiters