Saltwater Fishing Knives

If you plan on making your next big catch into your next big dinner, you'll need a good set of knives on hand for cleaning, scaling, gutting and other dirty work. TackleDirect has an unmatched selection of high-quality saltwater fishing knives to make sure you don't get caught without one when you need it most. Choose from filet knives, bait knives and pocket knives from leading manufacturers such as Mustad, Bubba Blade, Hansom, Evolution and Benchmade.

Our 6-8 inch long saltwater filet knives are designed to be all-purpose knives for smaller fish, with thin, flexible curved blades and a pointed tip for gutting. Our 12-13 inch knives are for bigger fish like halibut and tuna with straight, sturdy blades. Smaller bait knives allow you to cut bait as you prepare it to attract fish, while folding pocket knives and multi-tools have great cutting power while fitting easily in your pocket or on a keyring. With corrosion-resistant stainless steel blades and comfortable moisture-resistant handles, our saltwater fishing knives will hold up to the elements. You can also order knife sharpeners and carrying cases to keep your blades fresh. Satisfaction is guaranteed when you order from TackleDirect, a family-owned business.