Shimano Stella SW C Spinning Reels

Shimano Stella SW C Spinning Reels

The 2019 Stella SW C Spinning Reels are the latest edition to the legacy of Stella Spinning Reels that have led the fishing world in durability, power and operability.

$899.99 - $1,299.99
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Gear RatioLine Retrieve Per CrankMono Capacity
(lb test/yds)
Braid Capcity
(lb test/yds)
BearingsMax DragWeightPrice
12+124lb12.5oz$899.99 USD
13+129lb14.8oz$949.99 USD
13+129lb15oz$949.99 USD
13+155lb22oz$1,049.99 USD
13+155lb22oz$1,049.99 USD
13+155lb23.6oz$1,049.99 USD
13+155lb23.8oz$1,049.99 USD
13+162lb30.9oz$1,199.99 USD
13+162lb31.2oz$1,199.99 USD
13+155lb34.4oz$1,299.99 USD

The Shimano Stella SW C Spinning Reels are the latest edition to the legacy of Stella Spinning Reels that have led the fishing world in durability, power and operability. Shimano builds on that tradition with cutting edge technologies bringing further unmatched strength, reliability and ease of use to serious saltwater anglers.

Featuring Shimano's signature HAGANE Body, Stella SW C boasts a highly rigid metal construction. This means exceptional impact resistance and less body flex under the pressure of heavy loads, keeping the internal gears and components properly aligned for continued flawless performance. At the heart of the reel, Shimano-proven HAGANE Gears are cold forged for lasting durability and smoothness.

With the introduction of X-Ship in the 2013 Stella SWB, the Stella changed the way anglers look at targeting giant fish on spinning gear. This dual-bearing supported pinion gear system allowed for easier and smoother winding under enormous pressure, allowing anglers to use spinning reels to target bigger fish than ever before. While X-Ship has since become a standard feature among many Shimano reels, the 2019 Stella SW C features Shimano's new Infinity Drive Technology that offers an even further improved winding experience, optimizing winding torque by an additional 26%. SilentDrive further improves smoothness by eliminating worm shaft and drive gear play, along with any sound or clicking from all functional parts.

For even better drag performance, Shimano’s new HeatSink Drag transfers heat away from the spool, reducing spool surface temperature by up to 100 degrees. Stella SW's IPX8 waterproof body along with X-Protect and X-Shield's water resistant construction in the line roller and roller bearing guard your investment against the harsh elements of a saltwater environment so you can fish with confidence.

The Stella SW C is available in 10 different models that offer varying line capacities and gear ratios to cover a wide array of saltwater fishing techniques. The models cover an extremely wide range of sizes, from a 4000 size for inshore use with lighter tackle, all the way up to a powerhouse 30000 size for use with the heaviest of lines for targeting the largest species imaginable. HG or "High Gear" models feature a mid-range gear ratio that offers an ideal balance of speed and power for a number of common techniques, while the PG and XG models are more technique specific. PG or "Power Gear" models feature lower gear ratios to provide increased power and torque for jigging and bottom fishing applications, while XG Models utilize a high gear ratio for faster retrieval rates for casting lures. For 2019, Stella SW C takes another step up in powerful, reliable performance.

5 Stars based on 53 reviews
By Luis A.
poderoso (powerful)
August 9, 2022
sin duda es el carrete referente de shimano, es una belleza en dise?o, tecnologia, materiales. este carrete inspira y hace sentirse poderoso.
(Without a doubt, it is the reference shimano reel, it is a beauty in design, technology, materials. this reel inspires and makes you feel powerful.)
  • SW
  • super suave
  • muy fuerte
  • poder de arrastre increible
  • el clicker tiene un sonido hermoso
  • sellado
  • (SW
  • super soft
  • very strong
  • incredible pulling power
  • the clicker has a beautiful sound
  • sealed)
  • ninguna (none)
By Jeffreyn
Oak island, NC
Great reels
August 7, 2022
The reels are a Workhorse and will get the job done.
By Nick
Randolph, MA
Amazing reel
July 27, 2022
Best saltwater reel I ever had. Super smooth, drag is amazing, quality build reel!
By Brennan
Best high end reel
July 25, 2022
One of if not the best high end spinning reel on the market.
  • Quality
  • Price
By miller
you should probably buy it
May 24, 2022
love this reel. i caught 4 reds on it in one hour and had no issues.
By Brian
Solid reel
April 17, 2022
You can't go wrong with a Stella! Not the cheapest reels out there but you get what you pay for. Put this on a Shimano Tallus and have no complaints.
  • Solid construction
  • Completely saltwater safe
  • Pricey
By Bill k.
Wall, NJ
Best reel ever
March 16, 2022
Got it for Christmas and its the smoothest spinner I own for tuna fishing.
By kl
20k & 10k
February 19, 2022
We have used these 2 reel sizes for our tuna jigging loaded with 65lb & 50 PP Max on 80lb & 60lb grappler jigging rods. Great set ups, hard to find better, IMO.
  • great balance and feel, super smooth
  • its not diamond crusted for the price. it is after all only 3 more ball bearings then the twin power for 1/2 price.
By Trung N.
Cypress Tx
February 7, 2022
Very smooth and very good reel
By Tam T.
Awesome as always
February 7, 2022
Shimano Stella never let me down!! Smoothest and strongest spinning reels. I have 4 of them and going to get more… as long as you take care of them reels they will hold their value…
  • Last long and strong drag ? reliable shimano reel
  • None
By Tony
Incredible Reel
January 17, 2022
Amazingly smooth reeling and drag... masterpiece.
By James
Great Reel
December 23, 2021
This is a phenomenal reel. I have this paired with my ODM Jiggster rod. Has not disappointed me yet!
By Jason
san jose, CA
Super Smooth
November 13, 2021
I owned 2 of this reel, must say it’s super smooth, and strong
By Christopher
Homosassa, FL
Out performed my expectations!
October 25, 2021
I paired my Stella 5000HGC with the NRX 921S MR. We were catching some nice reds near Clearwater. After releasing a 35 in red a bull shark bit it in two! Following that, twice I hooked into what I believe were sharks due to the head shaking I could feel and my line ended up cut. One of them stripped out half of my line before I managed to turn it. The drag worked flawlessly on the long runs. After about 10 minutes of fighting it, we never saw it, the braid was cut. Both the reel and rod greatly exceeded my expectations.
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth
  • Powerful Drag
  • Price
By Cgar13
First defective one I ever got
October 13, 2021
Love my Stella's. Received my 8000 HGC. When I get a new Stella, I will sit and crank it while watching TV to let in seat its self, Like a break in period. This one felt different and had a kind of clunk when the spool shaft would change directions from from up and down. I gave it a couple weeks and still did not feel right. Checked it against my other Stella's and found the end play of the spool shaft was quit a bit more than my other ones. Contacted TD and as always they were great to deal with. They sent me a return label and set up the exchange. I feel this reel did not get the correct shims and was just to loose. I'm sure the new one will be the usual Stella quality. Thx TD
  • It's a Stella
  • TD was great to deal with as always
  • The one I received was a factory defect.
33 Questions & 33 Answers
Joe L.
from Rohnert Park, CA asked:
October 29, 2019
Why 2013 has 61.7 max drag and 2019 has 55 max drag.  

What changes?

1 Answer
There were a few changes to make more specific reels for certain applications. One notable thing was the heatsink transfer system reducing heat means a longer life for your reel. As far as the drag poundage drop there's no exact reason why they lowered it by 5 pounds. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on October 30, 2019

from New Jersey asked:
June 24, 2019
Hi. The spool of size 14000 is compatible with the 8000?
1 Answer
It's somewhat close but the 14000 has a larger spool capacity. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on June 26, 2019

from north carolina asked:
May 2, 2019
why is it expensive
1 Answer
Best components in the fishing industry don't come at a cheap price and the 2019 models are priced better then the 2018 models 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 2, 2019

from RI asked:
March 25, 2019
What's the difference between the 2013 version Stella's and the 2019 version Stella's
1 Answer
A more rigid body resulting in less body flex, The new infinity drive increases torque by 26% and Shimano's new heatsink drag transfers heat away from the reel resulting in reducing surface temps by up to 100 degrees. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 12, 2019

from San Diego, CA asked:
March 10, 2019
Is the Stella 14000 convertible for left hand use?
1 Answer
The Shimano Stella reels are ambidextrous 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on March 11, 2019

from Papua New Guinea asked:
February 26, 2019
I have a fishing trip on April 15th. Will these be out in time? What are the expected dates?
1 Answer
To soon to confirm that the 2019 Stella models will be here on time to make your trip 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on February 28, 2019

Donald Bessette
from Lebanon Ct asked:
August 26, 2022
Have a custom 58 xxh spinning rod for jigging. Thinking of a 14000 size, but dont know if I should go up to a 18000 for more line capacity. Dont know if the 18000 would be to heavy jigging for a while. Thoughts??? 
1 Answer
Hi Donald, Depending on the size of the fish your targeting I would recommend a 14000 size Shimano Stella SW C Spinning Reel. This would pair well with a 5'8" Jigging rod for offshore jigging applications. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 29, 2022

from Puerto Rico asked:
April 7, 2022
Hey what would be a good rod to pair with the 18000 Stella?
1 Answer
Hi Sean, Depending on your fishing application, I would recommend a Ocean Tackle International FB510300S Fathom Blade 300g Spinning Rod. This would pair well with your Stella 18000 SW and would be ideal for jigging, and bottom fishing applications. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on April 7, 2022

Christopher Yang
from GA asked:
March 14, 2022
Are the Stella HGC 8000 and HGC 6000 spools interchangeable?
1 Answer
Hi Christopher, According to Shimano, The Shimano Stella SW C 6000 HGC and 8000 HGC do not have interchangeable spools. The gearing and body size are different for both models. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on March 15, 2022

from Boston,MA asked:
December 13, 2021
Does Stella 14000 pair nicely w ODM jigster 11ft 4-10 rod?
1 Answer
Hi Jay, The Shimano STLSW14000XGC Stella SW C Spinning Reel would be a great pairing for a ODM NXJ-1110 The Jigster Surf Rod 11ft 4-10oz Spinning Rod. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on December 15, 2021

from ct asked:
October 15, 2021
Would the 4000 pair up well with the imx pro blue 7' ML 842S? Or is the 843S better for the 4000?
1 Answer
Hi Jason, The Shimano Stella 4000 SW C would pair nice on the G-loomis IMX-PRO 843S F. This model is a little bit stiffer than the medium-light and makes it a little more versatile for fishing applications. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on October 22, 2021

Alejandro Echaves
from San Diego asked:
September 26, 2021
What is a nice rod to pair with the 5000? 

1 Answer

The St. Croix Legend Tournament Inshore spinning rod LTIS70MHF will pair nicely with the Shimano Stella SW 5000 spinning reel.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Submitted by: Rick - TackleDirect Customer Service on September 27, 2021

from San Francisco California asked:
August 14, 2021
This reel it is good for surf fishing for striper and rock fishing?
1 Answer

The Shimano Stella SW C is an excellent choice for stripers or whatever you are pursuing in the surf.  As is has a waterproof body and drag and boosts a solid metal construction for durability.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Submitted by: Rick - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 16, 2021

from California asked:
August 14, 2021
This reel is left and right handle?
1 Answer
Yes, there is a conversion kit in the box to swap the reel to a right hand retrieve if you would like. 
Submitted by: Brian - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 16, 2021

from Alabama asked:
August 13, 2021
What rod would you pair a Stella 30,000 with for bluefin tuna?
1 Answer

For going after Bluefin Tuna with a Shimano Stella 30000, a couple of rod recommendations would be for popping the OTI-TS27680120 and for jigging the OTI-FB56500S.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.  

Submitted by: Rick - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 13, 2021

from Florida Miami asked:
August 5, 2021
How much line does the 8000 10000 14000 hold of 50-40 max Quattro and does the 8000 come with the ball handle?
1 Answer

The Stella 8000 does come with ball handle.  As for line capacity (50lb) Power Pro braid:

8000 (265), 10000 (360), 14000 (400). You will get a bit more line using 40lb and Max Quattro.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Submitted by: Rick - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 6, 2021

from Winston Salem , North Carolina asked:
June 18, 2021
Might be an odd question but you think I have a 13ft century surf machine 5-12…. I would like to get the 18000 because I just like the line capacity and I honestly will just be leaving it in my sand spikes…. Do you think I’ll be fine with that set up? 
1 Answer
This setup will be fine personally I recommend coming down to either a 14000 or 10000 to cut down considerably on reel weight and you still get more than enough capacity on those reels for the surf as well. 
Submitted by: Paul Olah on June 21, 2021

from NY asked:
May 12, 2021

I recetly got a Stella SW 18000 rig with an 80lbs of braided line, and was wondering what type of rod would anyone suggest for either a casting type in shore or jigging method for boat charters. 

Thank you, and Stay Fishing. 

1 Answer
The Shimano TXNS70H Teramar XX Northeast Spinning Rod will pair well with this reel. It'll give you the sensitivity jigging; also its 7'0" so it will also give you some good casting distance but also be manageable on charter boat.
Submitted by: Paul Olah on May 19, 2021

from RI asked:
April 27, 2021
What size Stella's would you recommend for ST Croix Legend LSWS70MHF medium heavy, and LSWS70MF medium?


1 Answer
The 4000 SW C Stella would be the best match for that rod and would balance well.
Submitted by: Austin - TackleDirect Customer Service on May 6, 2021

from MA asked:
April 3, 2021
Which size work perfect with  lamiglas gsb 10 light ?
1 Answer
Go with the 6000. Should pair great. 
Submitted by: Cory - TackleDirect Customer Service on April 5, 2021

from Rhode Island asked:
March 22, 2021
I'm looking to pair a STLSW10000PGC or STLSW14000XGC to a Terez rod for casting/jigging for tuna.  Any suggestions about what would pair well? 
1 Answer
The 14000 has more line capacity and only weights .2 oz more than the 10000. I would go with the 14000, Tuna can rip out a lot of line fast, so that extra capacity without sacrificing extra weight is a great advantage.  
Submitted by: William Larkin on March 22, 2021

Lino Remorin
from Texas asked:
March 20, 2021
Stella sw 10000 were. Is made?
1 Answer
This is made in Japan. 
Submitted by: Cory Comunal on March 22, 2021

from Mexico asked:
February 17, 2021

Which Stella will pair good for St. Croix 9’6 Avid surf MHFast 12-25lb  2-6oz?

1 Answer
I would go with the 6000.
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on February 17, 2021

from CC, MA asked:
February 14, 2021
Given the price-is there a model that would span large stripers through small/med size tuna (if I used different rods and two spools with appropriate braid for each?) effectively?
1 Answer
I would go with the 10K. You'd be able to effectively fish for larger bass, and would still have the stopping power for small-mid size tuna. 
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on February 16, 2021

Irving Butler
from Maryland asked:
February 3, 2021
I know the sw stands for saltwater but what does the c stand for 
1 Answer
The C in the model number just indicates which generation Stella this is, for example the next Stella model would most likely be listed as the SW D model.
Submitted by: TackleDirect Customer Service on February 4, 2021

from Ber asked:
January 26, 2021
Which model best fits the Shimano Grappler 5’3 Xxh rod? And what rod best fits the 200000 model ?
1 Answer
For jigging scenarios, you'd want the 18k or 20k Stella. Either model would pair up nicely with the 5'3" Grappler XXH. 
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on January 26, 2021

from Doha asked:
January 4, 2021
What are the main differences between stella Fj and Stella SWC 
1 Answer
The Stella FJs are geared more toward inshore saltwater fish like stripers, redfish, snook, etc., whereas the SWCs are designed for offshore saltwater species such as tuna, dolphin, wahoo, GTs, etc. 
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on January 5, 2021

from Pensylvania asked:
April 16, 2020
I’m trying to get one and I need help for choose one for surffishing  i don’t know if the 14k is good or the 18k the difference is 7 lbs more and I be throwing lures like popper etc
1 Answer
Kelvin, the 18k will be too large. The 14000 has a very fast retrieve that is useful in certain situations like up at the canal and also locally for keeping sinking style topwaters up on the surface. If you are set on a Stella for surf fishing the 14000 on a 10'6" or 11' surf rod would be our recommendation. 18k was designed almost specifically for casting poppers and stickbaits to large bluefin tuna and other pelagics. 
Submitted by: Brian on April 17, 2020

from New York, NY asked:
April 16, 2020
Which Stella reel size would be a good match for Lamiglas GSB 9'2'' 2 piece John Skinner?  I can't decide between the 4000 and 5000 size.  What is your recommendation?
1 Answer
The Shimano Stella 5000 will be the best fit for a rod of that size. 
Submitted by: Sydney on April 17, 2020

jason cope
from South Yarmouth asked:
March 26, 2020
Whats the deal with shimano stella 18k? I kinda have a problem shelling out 3500 for something not in stocl???
1 Answer
That size is preorder at this time, still waiting for Shimano to release them for the first time. For Preorders we do not charge until the order is ready to ship, only an authorization is used at the time of order. Let us know if we can help answer any questions you may have regarding these new Stella SWC Reels. 
Submitted by: Brian on March 27, 2020

from RI asked:
March 16, 2020
Why is 8000 size braid only?
1 Answer
This will be due to the spool. Shimano reduced as much weight as possible from the reel and since mono stretches unlike braid, it could bind up the spool and cause damage under heavy pressure. 
Submitted by: Brian on March 16, 2020

from NY asked:
February 19, 2020
What rod would you match up with a 20000?

1 Answer
Depending on what you are fishing for, how you are fishing, and what you are fishing with lure or bait wise will help us recommend the best rod option for your application. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on February 25, 2020

kim Chi
from USA FL asked:
April 8, 2019
When will they start selling the 2019 Stella in the 4000 and 5000 sizes? Just wondering how long is the wait to buy them at your store sir.
1 Answer
At this time (4/10/2019), we have no confirmation that they will be producing them in the immediate future.
Submitted by: Ryan on April 10, 2019


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