Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reels

Shimano Stella SWB Saltwater Spinning Reels

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Line Retrieve Per CrankMono Capacity
PowerPro Capacity
Max DragBearingsPrice
55.1lbs.14+1Reg Price $1,259.99Our Price $879.99
55.1lbs.14+1$1,259.99 USD
44.1lbs14+1$1,419.99 USD
28.7lbs.14+1$1,059.99 USD
28.7lbs.14+1Reg Price $1,059.99Our Price $739.99
28.7lbs.14+1$1,059.99 USD
28.7lbs.14+1$1,059.99 USD
28.7lbs.14+1$1,059.99 USD
61.7lbs.14+1$1,159.99 USD
61.7lbs.14+1$1,159.99 USD
55.1lbs.14+1$1,159.99 USD
55.1lbs.14+1$1,159.99 USD
Shimano announces its new showcase spinning reel series – the Stella SW, offered in sizes and construction features to handle nearly any game fish found in the world’s oceans The 12 models include the STL-SW5000XG, 5000HG, 6000HG, 6000PG, 8000HG, 8000PG, 10000PG, the ‘Cape Cod Canal jigging special 14000XG, 18000HG, 20000PG, and a true spinning reel built to tackle Bluefin tuna – the STL-SW30000. Shimano’s SW-X Concept brings together power, rigidity, toughness, drag performance and water resistance, focusing on retrieving power, strength and durability.

  • X-Tough Drag, with its dramatically enhanced smoothness, control and toughness anticipates the vigorous speed of Blue-Fin Tuna and Giant Tuna
  • X-SHIP enhances power transmission through the gear. This results in increased cranking power with extremely smooth feel
  • X-Shield and X-Protect combine to provide extreme water resistance in the harshest conditions
  • The Power Aluminum Body, X-Rigid Rotor, X-Rigid Body and X-Rigid Handle combine to provide ultimate rigidity & eliminate loss of power caused by reel flex
  • Propulsion Line Management System: Propulsion Spool Lip, SR One-Piece Bail Wire, Power Roller IV Oversized Roller with Overflange for the Ultimate in Line Protection, Redesigned Bail Trip, S-Arm Cam
  • Septon Handle Grip - On models 10,000 and up
  • Direct Drive Mechanism (Thread-In Handle Attachment)
  • Approved for saltwater use & Rated for use with PowerPro, Fluorocarbon and Mono lines
  • Aero Wrap II Oscillation
  • Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement with Low Wear Rate Pinion Gear
  • Cold Forged Aluminum Spool: Proprietary Coating on Spool Lip is harder than a Ti coated Stainless Steel Spool Lip, Ceramic Coating on entire spool for extreme corrosion resistance
  • Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) Coating on Line Roller
  • S A-RB Bearings (Shielded A-RB
  • Super Stopper II
  • Stopperless Design (No Anti-Reverse Switch
  • Fluidrive II & Dyna-Balance
5 Stars based on 42 reviews
By Chio P.
California (CA)
Awesome, top of line spinning reel.
February 6, 2019
Awesome, top of line spinning reel. I absolutely love this reel.
By Moto
Upstate NY
I wish I could wait for 2019 Stella SW 14000PG........
January 16, 2019
I am fine with 2013 Stella SW 8000PG.
strong drag power, smooth retrieve, strong body
I love it.
But, I should have waited for 2019 Stella SW 14000PG...
Consneed better (X Protect) for line roller like 2019 model need Heat SINK drag system spool like 2019 model
By Tony
Boca Grande, FL
June 16, 2018
This reel is like butter! The 6000 is light enough to cast all day yet strong enough to land 200+ pound tarpon. I spooled it wit 50# Power Pro Super Slick. The drag is extremely smooth and allows for really putting the heat on fish. Love this reel. Just bought another one!
ProsTo many list
ConsPrice. This reel is expensive, but you get what you pay for.
By Chris
Excellent Reel
June 3, 2018
Bought the 20000 and 14000 just uesed them for the first time in Panama for yellow fin tuna

the 20000 landed Tuna to 100lb+ yellow fin no problem, and a 70lb Cubera Snapper along with other fish.

Look, feel, drag gearing, durability all top class
Proslook and feel, smoothness of the drag, durability and power of the reel
Consnon - get what you pay for a top class reel
By Philippe
Great reel!
April 18, 2018
14k handles Hawaii jacks np, saving up for smaller 5k high gear
ProsQuality, smooth and big game np
By SoCal F.
Long Beach, CA
Great Offshore Spinning Reel
April 10, 2018
One of the things I love about this reel is how powerful it is for a spinning reel. Not only that it has a lot of drag, but the drag is really smooth. I have 80# of PP MaxC and pair it with a 8'3 popping rod.
By Dean F.
Bradenton, FL United States
Awesome product
March 31, 2018
Probably the best reels out there,one of mine recently spent five days at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico before I got it back.It just needed a quick rinse and was as good as new.Unfortunately I had already bought this one to replace the one I thought I would never see again.
By Doug
Ocean City, NJ
Great Reel
February 22, 2018
Currently fishing a 14k and an 8k. Wonderful reels.
By Ulysis
Yigo, GU
Great reel
February 5, 2018
Super smooth real. Define type top notch quality!
By Christopher
St Cloud, FL
Simply The Best
November 30, 2017
This is the daddy of spinning reels, I have the 20000 for popping, and the 14000 for jigging

smooth as butter, and as strong as an ox
Prosbeautiful designed reel. top of the range engineering, look after it and will last for a long, long time
By Darin W.
Jacksonville, FL
Best Reel Ever Created.
August 8, 2017
I bought the 30000 series. LIterally a beast and comparable to some 50w conventional reels. This is perfect for what I do. SHARK FISHING. Haven't caught anything yet with it so hopefully my review can be better after I catch an 8fter on this reel.
ProsLight Weight Line capacity Bearings
By Manuel
Reston, Virginia
Powerful Stella 10000
February 25, 2017
Best reel I ever owned! Not only a beautiful reel all around but build with the latest Shimano improvements / technology that makes the Stella a most have. I have the 10000 model and put it to the test last year fishing yellowfin tunas in the 60-100 # class. Incredible power for such compact reel. I am already saving to add the 18000 into my arsenal, more line capacity.
ProsBack up by Shimano customer service pricy but you are paying for a reel for life with 55lbs of drag (10000 model) it can handle big fish Engineering marvel in your hands Lightweight
By Jeremy
Best Spinning Reel I have ever owned
August 1, 2016
Love this reel. Best Spinning Reel I have ever owned
By Victor
umeå, västerbotten,sweden
Best on the market!
May 29, 2016
Shimano has allways delivered high quality tackle and this is the best they have!
The stella series are a masterpiece the drag is supoer smooth and has never failed me on any size of reel.
They will probably out live you with proper maintance, which they should for the price!
If you are lookingto get the best reel out there and have it last forever this is the reel for you !
Worth every damn penny
By Victor
umeå, västerbotten,sweden
So worth it
May 29, 2016
Shimano has allways delivered high quality tackle and this is the best they have!
The stella series are a masterpiece the drag is supoer smooth and has never failed me on any size of reel.
They will probably out live you with proper maintance, which they should for the price!
If you are lookingto get the best reel out there and have it last forever this is the reel for you !
Worth every damn penny
25 Questions & 25 Answers
john vaughan
from New York, New York asked:
September 1, 2019
I purchased a Stella SW4000XGB about a year ago  On about my 4th time I used it, surf fishing for redfish the drag froze up.  I lost a nice fish when it happened.  I sent it back to the warranty shop for repair.  They said I needed a new drag knob but that I would had an Asian model and would have to go to Japan for this part.  As you can imagine I'm pretty upset after paying top dollar for a saltwater reel that breaks faster than anything and I get the run around on warranty support.  Can you help me???

1 Answer
Hello John, JDM parts are hard to find in the states. They aren't impossible to find but it does look like ebay does have the drag knob for a jdm 4000 stella. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on September 2, 2019

from Houston, Texas asked:
May 18, 2019
What factors into decision on what gear ratio would be more preferable.  Trying to decide between 18000 and 20000.

1 Answer
Factors such as what you're fishing for and how you're fishing plays a huge role in which gear you need. 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 22, 2019

from Destin, Florida asked:
March 14, 2019
Which Stella reel and speed would work best for jigging on Type J 603 (GTYPJS603) rod targeting snapper, grouper and AJ in water depth up to 250 feet?
1 Answer
The 6000 stella with the 5:7:1 gear ratio 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 3, 2019

dan kuesis
from Barrington Hills, IL asked:
March 3, 2019
What is best option for stella reel on a terez 7 8 heavy for popping tuna, cubera, roosters Panama/ Costa Rica?

Being versatile for tarpon in the future?


1 Answer
The 2019 Stella model 8000
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on March 6, 2019

from Norwich,Connecticut asked:
December 31, 2018
What’s the best size reel pair with a Lamiglas TFS 10’6 MHS rod for Striper bass fishing?
1 Answer
A 6000 Stella would pair up best however if your fishing a heavy current body of water like the Cape Cod Canal then a 8000 can be used
Submitted by: Bernie on January 4, 2019

from Pennsylvania asked:
January 20, 2018
1 Answer
It would depend on the pound test you were looking at if you like you can give us a call at 1-888-354-7335 to discuss some different options.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 22, 2018

from Dallas tx asked:
November 21, 2017
The Shimano still make the 4000 Stella sw and does tackledirect sell it
1 Answer
Hello Johnny, Shimano makes a stella 4000 in the f1 models.
Submitted by: Bernie on November 22, 2017

lucy vizcaino
from Massachusetts asked:
September 23, 2017
es en dolares o en peso
1 Answer
El peso de los carretes está en el lado izquierdo mientras que el precio se enumera a la derecha.
Submitted by: Bernie on September 25, 2017

from Germantown, MD asked:
June 5, 2019
Thinking of the Stella SWB 4000 for fluking with my Game J, any thoughts?
1 Answer

Hello Jerry, 

I looked at the Game J rod on-line and it looks like the 4000 with pair up just fine.  

You can flounder fish, with this set up no problem.

Submitted by: Andrew Montagna on June 6, 2019

Aidan Thompson
from asked:
August 5, 2018
Could you get a regular rubber grip on the 6000?
1 Answer
Unfortunately, the Stella 6000 is only sold with the ball handle.
Submitted by: Rebecca on August 7, 2018

from SCITUATE, MA asked:
March 9, 2018
I'm looking at buying a Stella 5k and am having a hard time deciding on which gear or model is right. Will be used for mixed purposes, casting plugs, bucktails and livelining mackarel for stripers. Thanks
1 Answer
The Shimano Stella SWB STL5000SWBHG Saltwater Spinning Reel is the reel i would recommend using for the application your intending using the reel for.
Submitted by: Donald on March 9, 2018

from Brooklyn, NY asked:
March 1, 2018
Will the 14000 balance well with the mojo surf 11’? If not, which Stella will?
1 Answer
The Stella 14000 would pair nicely with the Mojo 11' surf rod for casting distance and durability.
Submitted by: Donald on March 6, 2018

from South Africa asked:
February 15, 2018
Can you please specify the line diameters used. Would be help full to be able to have that comparisons as well
1 Answer
Unfortunately each braided line diameter is slightly different based upon the brand of the line. That is the main reason we do not post line diameter because it could be slightly off based upon brand (braided line).
Submitted by: Donald on February 15, 2018

Marc Shelstead
from Colima mexico asked:
January 22, 2017
Where are the shimano reels made
1 Answer
Shimano reels are manufactured in either Malaysia or Japan. The Stella is manufactured in Japan.
Submitted by: Devon on January 24, 2017

Mohamed Mostafa
from Cairo Egypt asked:
October 4, 2015
I've got the shimano Stella 18000sw ( the old model ) Is it ok for jigging ?
1 Answer
That is a little big, it would depend what you are jigging for. It is also a little heavy, so it comes down to preference and whether or not you would want to stand there and jig with the weight of that reel all day. But, as far as performance goes.... Than it is a great reel for fighting fish you would be jigging for.
Submitted by: Kaitryn on October 5, 2015

from Providence, RI asked:
June 7, 2015
Is it fully sealed like the van staal?
1 Answer
Hello Udon. The drag system on the Stella is fully sealed. However the rest of the reel is not sealed like a VS is. Please feel free to contact s if you have any more questions!
Submitted by: Brandon on June 12, 2015

from clearwater, fl asked:
May 9, 2015
Are the spools interchangeable on the 5000 and 6000? Would the spool from a 6000 fit on the 5000 xg?
1 Answer
Ben, The 6000 spool will fit on the 5000, but we don not have any information on how the reel will perform or any problems that can occur when swapping spools.
Submitted by: Frank on May 11, 2015

from clearwater, fl asked:
May 7, 2015
would the handle for the 5000xhg fit on the 6000hg
1 Answer
John, Looking at both reels the handles look to be the exact same. For any further question or to help us better answer your question please call in at 1-888-354-7335 or email us at
Submitted by: Frank on May 11, 2015

from Florida asked:
May 6, 2015
What the best rod for stella sw 5000 ?
1 Answer
Ken, I would recommend you take a look at the Tallus blue water rods, or the Terez spinning rods.
Submitted by: Frank on May 7, 2015

from Clearwater, FL asked:
May 4, 2015
Do all Stella swb models have the twin drag system?
1 Answer
John, All the Stella SWB's are twin drag reels.
Submitted by: Frank on May 4, 2015

from Lake Orion, Michigan asked:
April 27, 2015
I would like to know which size STL-SWBHG reel is best fishing for permit, bonefish, redfish, and/or steelhead. I will travel with this reel between Michigan and the Keys.
1 Answer
Scott, the 5000swbhg would be to heavy for your application but the (SHM-2811) Stella 4000 FI filled with 10 lbs bread would be excellent.
Submitted by: Frank on April 28, 2015

from New York, NY asked:
January 17, 2015
I recently got a 10000 PG, it seems a little rough, when placed horizontally, the weight of the handle does not even move the roller. Is that normal?
1 Answer
Hello Mark. Yes this is normal. We just took one here in house and gave it the same test with the same results. Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions!
Submitted by: Customer Service on January 19, 2015

from Los Angeles CA asked:
August 31, 2014
Where is this reel manufactured? Scott
1 Answer
The Stella is manufactured in Japan.
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 1, 2014

Shiraz Arsiwala
from India asked:
September 14, 2013
can the handle be interchanged from left to right without compromising waterproofing ,
1 Answer
Yes the reel handle can be exchanged without compromising waterproofing.
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 17, 2013

GRaeme Blem
from South Africa asked:
September 9, 2013
What do all the letters stand for in the new range of Stella reels, i.e. "SWB" and "XG", "HG" and "PG"? I presume HG is high gear!? The other elude me though and I cant seem to find anything online. Thanks, Graeme
1 Answer
The letters describe the gear ratio XG = 6.2:1 HG = 5.7:1 PG = 4.4:1 The SW is the Saltwater model
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 9, 2013


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