Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reels

Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reels

ICAST 2019 Best Saltwater Reel Winner!

$199.99 - $229.99
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Gear RatioLine Retrieve Per CrankBearingsMono Line Capacity Braided Line CapacityMax DragWeightPrice
6.6lb6.9oz$199.99 USD
19.8lb7.9oz$199.99 USD
19.8lb7.9oz$209.99 USD
24.3lb9.2oz$219.99 USD
24.3lb9.3oz$229.99 USD

New for 2019, the Shimano Stradic FL Spinning Reels are the latest edition to a line of spinning reels that for generations has served as a benchmark by which all other reels in its class are measured. For years, the Stradic has set the bar for innovation and performance at its price point, and the Stradic FL continues this tradition by putting flagship level performance in the hands of anglers at a price never thought possible. Now driven by Shimano's MicroModule II cold forged gear, anglers can experience unprecedented smoothness and power transfer. Internal components are tuned to the highest tolerances possible with Shimano's Silent Drive technology.

To protect your investment from the elements, Shimano's X-Protect water repellent coating and specially designed water channeling labyrinth construction work to prevent water intrusion and preserve that out-of-the-box effortless rotation for the life of the reel without adding the rotational resistance commonly felt in sealed reels. Euipped with a heavy duty Cross Carbon Drag system, the Stradic FL is poised to be put to the ultimate test against the hardest pulling inshore species. The introduction of the Long Stroke Spool offers enhanced casting capabilities by decreasing the frequency in which your line changes direction while coming off the spool, creating less turbulence going through the guides and resulting in longer, smoother casts. From the lake to the back bays and beyond, the Stradic FL proves itself to be a worthy edition to the Stradic legacy.

Shimano Technology Found in Stradic FL Spinning Reels :

  • Hagane Gear - Boasting amazing strength and durability, Hagane Gear is a process in which the gearing is calculated in minute detail and cold forged instead of being cut. This application of state-of-the-art technologies gives the angler reel smoothness from the first use through years of enjoyment.
  • Hagane Body - A reel body with high rigidity, which virtually eliminates body flexing due to its stiffness and impact resistance. The result? An anglerís actions are more efficiently transformed into cranking power. Itís efficiency through strength.
  • X-Ship - By supporting the pinion gear on both ends with bearings, the pinion gear remains in precise alignment with the drive gear and stays in the same position under even the heaviest of loads. This eliminates friction between the spool shaft and gear which translates to better casting performance and increased gear durability.
  • MicroModule II Gear - State-of-the-art gear design makes use of smaller gear teeth and more of them, which results in a more efficient gear train and much smoother retrieve.
  • Long Stroke Spool - By increasing the height of the spool, the line is able to be laid on the spool without the spool having to fully oscillate as frequently. This results in the line having to change direction while coming off the spool fewer times during a cast, resulting is less turbulence going through the guides for a smoother and longer cast.
  • SilentDrive - A long list of fine-tuned internal micro adjustments and enhancements that reduce any handle play and noise from moving parts.
  • X-Protect - By combining a water repellant coating and a specially designed water channeling labyrinth construction, X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without adding weight or sacrificing light rotor rotation.
  • G-Free Body - G-Free Body technology enables the reelís center of gravity to be moved closer to the center of the reel seat, and therefore the anglers hand position. This shift in weight and balance helps to reduce fatigue and enhance casting comfort.
  • S A-RB Bearings - These bearings undergo the same anti-corrosion process as Shimanoís A-RB Bearings, with the addition of shields on both sides of the bearings to reduce the possibility of salt, dirt, or other foreign objects inhibiting the bearingís rotation.
  • Cross Carbon Drag - Allows for a wider range of drag settings, enhanced drag washer durability, and the smoothest Shimano drag performance ever.
  • 5 Stars based on 16 reviews
    By Will
    Lady Lake, FL
    Wow.... from a owner of two stradic CI4s
    January 18, 2020
    This is, by far, the smoothest and longest casting inshore or freshwater reel I‚€™ve ever used or owned. The drag setup is much better than some of the older models; it‚€™s more of a progressive increase as you tighten it down, rather than basically being max-drag-or-nothing like some other reels I‚€™ve fished. The max drag for this reel is quite powerful as well. All this in a very lightweight package is pretty impressive.

    I own an older Stradic Ci4 2500 and a relatively newer 3000, and this Stradic FL makes me want to get one for every inshore or freshwater rod setup I own.

    Caveat: I‚€™ve only used it about 7 or 8 times now, but every other Shimano spinning reel I‚€™ve owned has held up wonderfully, so I‚€™d expect more of the same.
    ProsLong Casting Nice Drag System Very Lightweight Looks Sharp as a Tack
    ConsNone that I?ve found so far.
    By Tony
    Excellent Reel!
    January 10, 2020
    Being a life long Shimano user, this Reel does not disappoint. Smooth operation and very nice design!
    By Tyler
    Ocean city maryland
    Great all around reel!
    January 8, 2020
    I originally purchased this reel with the intent of jigging for tog filled it with 300 yards of 20 pound power pro maxcuatro and put it on a jigging world nexus. It has been outstanding
    By Chase
    Quincy, MA
    great quality
    January 5, 2020
    I am a huge fan of Stradics and they did not disappoint yet again. I have the 5000fl paired with a 7' Teramar. It is smooth and powerful. Ive used it for schoolie striped bass, lake trout, and LMB.
    By Reginald M.
    Atlanta, GA
    Very smooth. Good for salt water.
    December 17, 2019
    Very nice reel for light salt water. Decent line capacity for the size of reel that it is.
    ProsTough and smooth. Appears durable for salt water. Elongated spool casts well.
    ConsIt is a relatively heavy reel for its size, but since I use it for light surf, it works fine.
    By Tucker B.
    Murlles inlet SC
    The smoothness is reel
    December 11, 2019
    I‚€™ve had the three thousand since about two weeks after they came out. I don‚€™t say this about most reels, but this reel is amazing. I‚€™ve caught up to 30 in reds on it and have been putting in work with light swim baits inshore, and it‚€™s just as smooth as when I got it (extremely). I haven‚€™t put it through bad conditions though such as sand and a lot of splash so no comment on that, and I don‚€™t plan to. If you want an amazing inshore reel for reds or a super nice reel for throwing jerk baits to brown trout this is the best reel for your buck. The only reels that compare to this reels quality in the small game market are in the $500-$1000 range, ( Certate LT, and Stella). Overall an amazing reel and a great buy. Would and will buy again.
    ProsSmooth. Durable. Great casting with braid and fluro ( LS spool design). Great carbon drag on 3000-5000, I haven?t used the 2500 down with the felt washers so no comment. No anti reverse switch, and one piece handle. Overall great value for what you are getting.
    ConsNOT sealed, so you are not using this for surfcasting to bluefish in a rough surf. More for light surf, bay, or boat fishing. No anti reverse, I put this in both because I personally do not like an anti reverse switch (another port for water) but I know some people like it when they are hooking up their hook to their rod without messing with their drag or for getting that lure at just the right length from the rod tip for a cast. Either way that?s up to you.
    By Dylan
    Melbourne, Florida
    Awesome Reel
    December 10, 2019
    Great reel for the price. New design is way better the the FK because they sealed the roller bearing so it won't make noises. Also this reel has a way better seal now.
    ProsSealed roller bearing Smooth Light Water resistant
    By avery
    , florida
    Best reel for the money
    November 22, 2019
    You simply cant beat the stradic when it comes to the price. Outdoes anything in its category.
    By Jose
    Provides RI
    Best purchase this year
    November 18, 2019
    I bought a new saltwater rod for the striped bass fall run. I needed a red to complete the combo. I did a large research and decided to buy the new stradic. I can‚€™t be more happy with my new reel. It feels so smooth but at the same time is really strong when dragging the fish. I‚€™ll definitely recommend!
    ProsSmooth and strong drag.
    ConsNothing yey.
    By Kenny
    , MD
    mini stella at an attractive price
    November 17, 2019
    This reel is the best bang for buck out there right now on the market. Shimano decides to add Stella parts to this reel and keeps it at a very great price.
    By Ron
    Bulverde, TX
    best $400 reel you can buy...
    November 9, 2019
    but wait, it's a $200 reel. The reel take down guys on youtube seem to agree Shimano only sells 2 reels in the US: the Stella and the 2019 Stradic FL. With this reel, they've rebuilt the Stella using lower grade materials - composite flier instead of machined titanium, wear treated aluminum shafts instead of wear-proof stainless - many of the parts interchange.. Worm-gear drive, long spool oscillation for longer casts. Same overqualified roller bearing clutch, big drive gear to deliver more torque through the handle, finer and more gear teeth for less freeplay = less wear; low spindle deflection to let you use silly big drags. This is the baseline reel for anyone who truly needs to use more than 4-lb drag (a bunch if you've ever used a spring scale to set a drag). Can't submerge the reel overnight, but if you dunk it and keep fishing, no worries. If you really don't like the Tee handle grasp (me), easy to replace with a Yumea or JW round handle.
    Prosit's the Stella Junior; long spool for longer casts, worm-gear oscillation, stiff spindle to use silly big drag settings; seriously lightweight - half the weight of other reels in the same capacity
    Consfull-time anti-reverse - you decide if that's a con - it fished fine for me using manual bail or drag to feed trim line Line capacity is a size smaller than its rating, e.g. 4000 = 3000 (and still half the weight)
    By Steezo
    Block Island, RI
    Do it. Buy it. Reel is awesome.
    October 21, 2019
    Took me a while to leave the domestic spinning reel line. I‚€™ve seen the light. This new 5000FL is an amazing reel.
    ProsLight, holds up in salt, great drag, casts a country mile. Sweet ball knob
    ConsNone. Just buy it.
    By Chase
    Quincy, MA
    so smooth
    October 17, 2019
    I have 2 and am considering a third. I use these primarily for freshwater but I use the 5000 for both. The 5000 has caught largemouth bass and stripers in many situations. The 3000 is my favorite freshwater reel ever.
    By VT
    A nice looking reel
    September 18, 2019
    Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it preforms flawlessly. Smooth retrievals and great ASMR coming from the drag.
    By Brad
    Champaign, Illinois
    My new Stradic 1000 FL
    September 16, 2019
    Just got my new Stradic 1000 FL. It is truly a beautiful reel, but the jury is still out. Just got off the water with it along with my Stradic 1000 FK and Sustain (2) 1000 FG. To be truthful i am a little disappointed. It is a very tight reel with zero gear play. Maybe too tight. It is not a smooth (under a load) as the other 2 reels. The only description I can come up with, is it feels "gravelly". Hoping that in time it will break in and get smoother. Maybe the larger sizes will be smoother.
    Pros1.. Beautiful reel 2.. Reel has extremely tight tolerances. 3.. Casting distances are as good or better than previous model. 4.. Nice reel for the money. 5.. With X-protect this will be my go to wading ultralight reel.
    Cons1.. At first use, reel is not as smooth as previous model (hopefully it gets smoother with use).
    14 Questions & 15 Answers
    Hook Charters
    from Provincetown, MA asked:
    January 14, 2020
    I have 2 Hanta Sensation 6’4” jigging Ross. I’m thinking of pairing them up with Stradic  FL 5000 with either 40# or 50# super slick. I fish near shore off Cape Cod.
    1 Answer
    The 40# test line would be the better option without going to a larger pound test increasing line diameter and decreasing line capacity.†
    Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on January 16, 2020

    from San Diego CA asked:
    December 30, 2019
    I am planning to buy the Stradic FL 5000. Which 8 ft St Croix Avid Inshore would pair with the 5000 size Stradic?
    1 Answer
    The Stradic FL 5000 would pair well with either SCR-1850 or SCR-1879 both 8ft one MH and the other M power.†
    Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on December 30, 2019

    from LA asked:
    December 27, 2019
    What is the difference between the Shimano Stradic FL and the FK?
    1 Answer
    The key features that the Stradic FL has that the FK did not is the Micro Module Gear II, silent drive, NEW Hagane Gear, X Protect, Long Spool, Carbon Cross Drag Washer. Overall a better reel and key for inshore saltwater fishing!†
    Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on December 31, 2019

    from NC asked:
    December 21, 2019
    With the 5000 would the grappler be a good rod?

    If yes what size 

    2 Answers
    Yes, a Shimano Grappler would pair well with the 5000 Stradic FL for jigging applications. Which Grappler model to choose depends on the types of fish you are targeting and the weights of the jigs you will be using. The Medium Heavy models rated for 50lb line and 250g jigs would pair well with a reel that size and are a versatile option for a fairly wide range of species and jigging depths.
    Submitted by: Devon Hicken on December 30, 2019
    The Stradic FL 5000 would pair well with a few of the Grappler series rods. Depending on the application the best jigging model would be the††and if you are using it for mainly topwater application check out the popping model:†
    Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on December 30, 2019

    from Houston, Tx asked:
    November 8, 2019
    What is best size for inshore? Speckled trout, flounder, drum and red fish.
    1 Answer
    Either a 4 or 5000K
    Submitted by: Ethan Matuzsan on November 9, 2019

    KC Johnson
    from Folsom, CA asked:
    September 11, 2019
    Looking for a Spinning Reel to match up with my G. Loomis TSR792-1 6'7" and was wondering if the Stradic FL 1000 would be a perfect fit.
    1 Answer
    Yes the FL 1000 would be a good pair for that rod.
    Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on October 5, 2019

    Chris Richardson
    from Atlanta, Georgia asked:
    August 30, 2019
    Is it possible to put the power know that comes with the 5000 onto the 4000?
    1 Answer
    This information is not available yet.†
    Submitted by: Ethan on August 31, 2019

    Jerry Hayner
    from Pontiac, Illinois asked:
    July 10, 2019
    Can this reel be turned backwards?  Can you wind it forward and backward?  Thank you.
    1 Answer
    No, there is no anti-reverse switch. The handle cannot be turned backwards.
    Submitted by: Devon on July 13, 2019

    from Crystal River, Florida asked:
    January 23, 2020
    I own a shimano Teramar QL-SP and need to purchase a reel. Which do you recommend.The rod is TMS-F70H. I fish salt water inshore Florida. Catch Reds, Sea Trout, Snook, Cobia and an occasional shark.  They like pin fish.
    1 Answer
    Hello, I would recommend the 5000 size†
    Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on January 23, 2020

    Ron Strong Jr.
    from 06082 asked:
    January 11, 2020

    Which reel size would you recommend for a St. Croix Tidemaster 7'

     MH rod...4000 or 5000?

    1 Answer
    Hello, either sizes will work perfect, The 5000 has a deeper spool for line capacity but same size body††
    Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on January 13, 2020

    from Oregin asked:
    November 30, 2019
    Is the 5000 suitable for saltwater bottom fishing? 
    1 Answer
    This reel would be great for back bay flounder and casting top water lures.
    Submitted by: John on December 1, 2019

    from North carolina asked:
    November 26, 2019
    can the retrieve be reversed such as right handed or left handed?
    1 Answer
    Hello, Yes this can be switched from right to left†
    Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on November 26, 2019

    from Oxnard, CA asked:
    November 24, 2019
    Does the 4000 come with a knob handle and if not is there one available to purchase?
    1 Answer
    The 4000 size does not come with the knob handle. There may be a company who has and after market one.†
    Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on November 25, 2019

    Arsenio Z GONZALES
    from Texas asked:
    September 4, 2019
    Is the retrieve handle of the 5000FL

     an egg shell like the Stradic FG or FL?

    1 Answer
    The knob is a ball style
    Submitted by: Tyler Bennett on September 25, 2019


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