Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels - 200, 300, & 400

Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels - 200, 300, & 400

$209.99 - $309.99
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Inches Per CrankGear RatioMono/Fluoro Line
(lb test/yds)
PowerPro Line
(lb test/yds)
Max Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)Hand
123+18.3Right$209.99 USD
123+18.3Right$209.99 USD
123+18.3Right$209.99 USD
123+18.3Left$209.99 USD
225+111.6Right$289.99 USD
185+111.6Right$289.99 USD
225+111.6Left$289.99 USD
185+111.6Left$289.99 USD
225+112Right$309.99 USD
185+112Right$309.99 USD
225+112Left$309.99 USD
185+112Left$309.99 USD
Shimano TranX Baitcasting Reels allow the angler to tackle anything that swims in freshwater or saltwater. X-Ship & HEG technologies combine to provide massive cranking power with a smooth effortless retrieve, perfect for throwing big baits and catching big fish. These reels feature Shimano's new CoreProtect water resistant technology for long lasting durability in harsh environments.
  • New Coreprotect water resistance feature for dependable use in tough conditions
  • HAGANE Body, X-Ship and HEG Gearing for big baits and big fish
  • Higher gear ratio, higher drag rating and more line per crank
  • HG model has a 70 mm single handle with a Ci4+ handle knob.
  • Low gear model has a 102 mm double handle with oversized rubber knobs.
5 Stars based on 74 reviews
By Luis A.
gran aliado de pesca (great fishing ally)
August 16, 2022
Este carrete es un la opcion perfecta para empajerarlo con alguna ca?a de jigging cuando quieres descansar del peso de algun carrete convencional y sin temor a quedarte sin linea y poder de arrastre
(This reel is the perfect option to pair it with a jigging rod when you want to rest from the weight of a conventional reel and without fear of running out of line and drag power.)
  • poder de arrastre
  • capacidad de linea
  • balanceado
  • materiales de calidad
  • proteccion a salpicaduras de agua salada
  • (pulling power
  • line capacity
  • balanced
  • quality materials
  • salt water splash protection)
  • ninguna (none)
By Maciek
Sayreville nj
August 14, 2022
By Jonathan
drexel hill, PA
Nothing but the best
July 10, 2022
Been a long time Shimano fan and needed something for fluking and toggin. The tranx is perfect sooooo smooth and if needed you can cast the thing a mile
  • Smooth lightweight line capacity
  • Nothing at all
By Trevor
Best saltwater baitcaster
June 11, 2022
This is the best saltwater baitcaster in my opinion. I have the 200,300 and 400 they all perform well. Amazing reel for the money.
By Brian
Baja California Sur
Excellent Reel!
May 15, 2022
The Tranx 400 is an amazing reel. I also have the Tranx 500. I fish the mangroves of Baja California with this reel. I highly recommend the Shimano Tranx 400.
By Adam
Go To Fluke Fishing Reel
December 12, 2021
Perfect reel for all my fluke fishing, both in the bay and on the ocean. Light weight is great for working a bucktail all day. While there isn't much difference between the 200A and the 200HG, the slightly lower gear ratio of the 200A results in a small difference of inches per turn on the retrieve which definitely makes reeling in larger bucktails and bigger flounder less of a chore. Great match for any medium or even medium heavy conventional rods.
  • Lightweight, smooth, ergonomic
  • Lower profile can result in your index finger getting in the way of the line coming off and going on the reel when fully palming the reel.
Long Island
Great for Light Tackle Fluking
December 10, 2021
Used for quite a few party boat trips for Fluke this year on South Shore of Long Island. Handled very well. Drag is smooth and if you need a little extra oomph you can thumb the spool easily. Caught a few large bluefish with this reel as well and no hiccups. Highly reccomend for Fluking with Bucktails.
  • Small, lightweight.
By paul
Strong, Smooth Gearing
September 29, 2021
Bought this for deep cranking and smaller swimbaits. Handles both tasks perfectly. Although not known as one of Shimanos best casting reels, it bombs baits farther than I expected and winches in hard resisting baits with ease. Very happy with the purchase and have since purchased the 300 size for larger glide baits (up to 5 ounces). Another great product from Shimano.
  • Never in stock.
By Michael
Burke, VA
TRX301 Great Reel
September 21, 2021
Use primarily for Fluke and Tautog fishing. Left hand retrieve and power handle make reeling very comfortable.
  • Power Handle
By Dara
Orange County, CA
Best Reel for both Salt and freshwater..
September 2, 2021
I purchased about 1 month ago, I went out of San Diego on Overnight chasing Tunas and Yellowtails. Hooked on a 35lb. bluefin it was amazing, button down the drag and just started reeling it in with ease. The reel is soooo smooth. Next week I went to Daimond Valley Lake and Hooked to a 18lb striper and it was so smooth to Reel the fish in..I would RECOMMEND anyone who wanted small Reel with power and smoothness for saltwater and freshwater..
  • Power, Smooth Reel in, Compact.
  • N/A
By Eric
Not a saltwater reel.
August 30, 2021
Ok this reel is alright, but it's not a good saltwater reel. It's a musky reel made for freshwater. Daiwa lexa tw has replaced the larger size tranx's but I still have my 200. The Daiwa lexa tw has a better saltwater design than the bigger 300-400 tranx and a lot more torque maintaining the same weight and better cast ability.

I honestly believe the tranx 300 is better suited for salt than the bigger tranx's because of it's lack of bearings, there is pretty much nothing to corrode.

  • not sure, it's just as smooth as my daiwas but they always like to fail.
  • They fail fishing exclusively in saltwater.
By David
Insane water resistance
August 27, 2021
My lucky day included a beautiful 25Ē fluke on the kayak, AND pulling a heavily encrusted tranX 300a attached to a 7í St Croix rod. The rod and reel were so covered with saltwater nastiness, that I had no idea what I had pulled up at first. Regardless, I brought it home to throw in the trash rather than just toss back in the ocean, then noticed the Shimano font on the reel cover. A quick pressure wash later (and a little bit of toothpick work) and the reel worked. Smooth as butter. I cracked open the case the next day to see that almost zero growth was inside. A tiny bit on one for the bearings that was easily removed. When I say it looked new inside, thatís zero exaggeration. Iím going to put a new star drag and handle on purely for aesthetics. Reel (and rod) worked like new. Iíll never know for sure, but Iím guessing that the combo was immersed in a saltwater bay notorious for heavy growth for a minimum of a year. Can your Diawa do that? Two that I threw in the trash after months of use (and several $ervice appointments later) couldnít. Iím actually amazed. That CoreProtect is real!
  • Amazing
  • None noted at this point.
By allen
Bakersfield, CA
very light and effective
August 4, 2021
very fun to handle when the fish runs...
By Salt C.
Hackensack, NJ
Strong and lightweight
July 21, 2021
Awesome reel for my bottom fishing needs in the Northeast. Can't wait to test it on Tog
  • Light, strong, oversized dual paddle handle
By Joshua
Valley Lee, MD
My favorite baitcaster 201
July 19, 2021
Bought this to pair with a G-Loomis E6X swim bait rod. Rod is on back order, but so far it has been amazing on every rod Iíve used it with. When rigging my rods prior to fishing. I always tie my anticipated ďbest lureĒ on it. Iím getting ready to order another one when I get a shipping time frame on the G-Loomis.
  • Great casting, control, and smoothness.
  • Comfortable.
  • Good looking.
  • Great for salt water too.
  • Plenty of power for fishing heavy cover.
  • Great amount of line capacity.
  • None that I can think of
43 Questions & 43 Answers
from Thailand asked:
January 12, 2020
Will this rod (spec below) match the Tranx 300HG?

- 6'6" jigging rod

- PE 1-3

- Jig weight 40-120 gram

1 Answer
Depends on the reel seat of the rod for some bait casting reels to match up. However typically a 6ft6 40-120g rod we would say is a medium to medium heavy power and would pair great with the 300HG. 
Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on January 14, 2020

from long island ny asked:
December 28, 2019
What reel would you match with 200AHG for fluke in bay,Thanks
1 Answer
If you mean rod, the Trevala S ML 6ft 3 would be perfect for jigging fluke in the back bays. 
Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on December 30, 2019

from Lanexa, Va asked:
July 9, 2019
Will tackle direct put line on a reel if you buy a new reel?
1 Answer
Yes, mono is free and any other line you would just add to the order and add instructions for spooling under comments/instructions. 
Submitted by: Ethan on July 13, 2019

Nicolas gamboa
from Colombia asked:
May 28, 2019
How the 200 size reel will handle big peacock bass on the amazon river?
1 Answer
You'll be better off going with the 300 series much stronger drag 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 29, 2019

from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania asked:
April 30, 2019
Can a power handle be attached to the 400 size?
1 Answer
A power handle can be attached 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 8, 2019

from Norfolk, Va asked:
October 31, 2018
What would be the best south east teramar for the 300? Could the 300 withstand a small Cobia
1 Answer
The 300 would withstand a small cobia and the 7 foot heavy or the medium heavy.
Submitted by: Bernie on October 31, 2018

Jon underwood
from Plainfield illinois asked:
September 25, 2017
Can the 400 ahg handle Muskie? Can it also hold 100 lb power pro line, if so how much?
1 Answer
I would lean more towards the Shimano TranX TRX500HG. It has 25 lbs of max drag and will hold about 230 yards of power pro. The 400 ahg will maybe hold 100 yards of braid with a small max drag of 15lbs.
Submitted by: Bernie on September 25, 2017

Tyler P
from Long Island, NY asked:
August 15, 2022
Looking to pair a Tranx 300A with a Jigging World Black Demon 7'5 MH for heavy sinker days for bottom fishing for blackfish, sea bass, possibly stripers. Looking to see your thoughts on the pairing and what line you'd recommend  
1 Answer
Hi Tyler, Based on your fishing application, I would recommend a Shimano TRX400A TranX Baitcasting Reel. This has the lower gear ratio needed to use heavy sinkers in rough current and would be ideal to pair with a Jigging World Black Demon MH conventional rod for bottom fishing applications. I would recommend to pair this with 40lb Power-pro Super8Slick V2 Braided line which would be strong enough to bring in blackfish, sea bass, stripers and bluefish. Please let us know if there's anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Huy - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 17, 2022

Robert G
from NJ asked:
March 23, 2022
Do you sell or do they make a power handle for the tranx 200?
1 Answer
Hi Robert, Unfortunately we do not carry any power handle options for the Shimano Tranx 200 at this time. I would recommend to contact Shimano Fishing USA to obtain the reel handle part that you need. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on March 24, 2022

from Sacramento, CA asked:
December 23, 2021
When are these expected to be back in stock?
1 Answer
Hi Pavlo, The Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels - 200, 300, & 400 have a earliest estimated date between mid to late January 2022. This is not guaranteed but only a estimate from the manufacturer. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on December 24, 2021

from Punta Gorda, Florida asked:
December 3, 2021
I have a Crowder salute series rod that has a penn squall bait caster on it right now but I want to switch to Shimano

7' 6"10-20 lb.3/8 - 1 1/2 oz.Med-HvyFast
those are the specs, which model and/or size would be the best for that rod, and is there a better option reel for that rod? I mainly fish inshore reds snook and Juvy tarpon,

mainly use topwater on the rod. Thank you

1 Answer
Hi Jackson, Based on your fishing application for the setup I would recommend a Shimano Tranx 300 size baitcasting reel. Specifically model: TRX300AHG; TD Code: SHM-3229. This model has a fast gear ratio and the line capacity needed for working topwater lures. However since that is sold out currently, I would recommend a Shimano Calcutta B 400 size baitcasting reel. Model: CT400B; TD Code: SHM-0609. This reel has a large line braid capacity and woud pair great with your Crowder rod for fishign redfish and juvenile tarpon. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on December 7, 2021

from Fort Myers, Florida asked:
October 21, 2021
I was wondering what rod to pair my Tranx 200 HG for throwing jigs and swimbaits for snook in the 1-2 oz range
1 Answer
Hi Kaleb, I would recommend the Shimano Teramar XX Southeast Casting rod. Specifically, Model: TXECX70MH, This rod will pair nicely with your Shimano Tranx 200 and be perfect for your fishing application. Please let us know if theres anything else we can assist you with. Tight Lines.
Submitted by: Brendan - TackleDirect Customer Service on October 22, 2021

from Marmora nj asked:
September 7, 2021
What rod will pair with the tranx 300hg; I want to use to cast for the bigger striper 
1 Answer

A good rod to pair with the Shimano Tranx 300 HG would be the Daiwa Proteus Conventional rod PTB76MHF (DAI-3588).  This combo will allow you to generate long casts to Stripers or whatever you are targeting.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.  

Submitted by: Rick - TackleDirect Customer Service on September 8, 2021

from Tampa asked:
August 29, 2021
Howdy, I have a 300HG and wondered what rod you guys would recommend for throwing big live baits and swimsuits at mainly snook? I wanted to stay in the 7‚€™6‚€ to 8‚€™ area but want back bone. Thanks 
1 Answer

The recommended rod to go with your Shimano Tranx 300HG would be the Shimano Teramar PX Southeast Casting rod TPEC76H.  This combo will allow you to throw big baits and be able to muscle big fish away from snags / bridges / pilings.  Please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

Submitted by: Rick - TackleDirect Customer Service on August 31, 2021

Michael Riverin
from Chicoutimi, Québec asked:
February 24, 2021
TranX 301 A Will match Ste-croix mojo inshore casting rod , 7‚€™.6‚€™‚€™ , heavy , lyres wheight 3/4-2 oz ? It‚€™s for stripper bass With 1 1/2 oz swimmy Eels  Jigs.... 

I‚€™m fishing striper bass on Miramichi river N-B . 

1 Answer
Yes, the TranX 301A will pair up nicely with the 7'6" Mojo Inshore rod. 
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on February 25, 2021

from Pennsylvania asked:
February 2, 2021
would the tranx 300 fit well on a new 7'6" mhf  mojo

 inshore .basically using it for stripers ,blues and black fish???

1 Answer
Yes these rods would pair very well with the Tranx 300 for your intended fishing application,

The 7' or 7'6 MH would be perfect depending on your preferred length 

Submitted by: TackleDirect Customer Service on February 3, 2021

from Pennsylvania asked:
January 30, 2021
I recently bought a st croix mojo inshore but the reel I was going to use has 

a larger base and wont fit in the reel seat. will the 300hag


1 Answer
Yes this reel would pair extremely well with the Mojo Inshore series. this reel will secure properly to the reel seat
Submitted by: TackleDirect Customer Service on February 2, 2021

David Carlson
from Williamsburg Virginia asked:
November 16, 2020
Will the 200 size be good for bass fishing and saltwater?
1 Answer
Yes, the 200 would be ideal for bass and inshore applications.
Submitted by: TackleDirect Customer Service on November 17, 2020

Chris Tabb
from Portland, ME asked:
May 17, 2020
Do they have this in left hand retrieve?
1 Answer

Any model ending in "1" is a left-hand retrieve Tranx. ex. 201AHG, 301A, etc
Submitted by: Ryan on May 20, 2020

from Georgia asked:
April 29, 2020
I‚€™m thinking about buying a TRX201AHG to have a reel that I can take for bass fishing but also use for inshore fishing. Will a 300 be better for this?

Also, I‚€™m thinking about pairing the 200 with St. Croix Mojo Inshore Casting Rod - Model MIC76MHF. 

1 Answer
The 300 will give you significantly more drag power for lifting fish off of the bottom in inshore scenarios. It will also work great for bass allowing you to throw bigger lures and handle bigger fish. 
Submitted by: Sydney on May 1, 2020

from Long Island asked:
August 22, 2019

Would the 300a pair well with shimano teramar ne tmce70mh? Primarily for blackfish 

1 Answer
That would pair perfect and balance perfect as well. A nice lighter blackish set up perfect for using tog jigs. 
Submitted by: Alyssa Madosky on August 30, 2019

from queens ny asked:
March 28, 2019
I've got a fast action spinning rod paired with a penn international 975 for fluke jigging and light bait. However when the current gets really strong I had to use a 5-6 once flukeball to hold bottom and it has damaged the free spool button. So I am thinking of getting a tranx 300 preferably high gear model since it's a much tougher reel. basically I just don't like the idea of bringing two setups on the crowded little boat. Do you think the tranx will cover both occasions of jigging and bottom fishing with 5 or 6 once lead?   
1 Answer
Submitted by: Andrew Montagna on April 12, 2019

from FXB, VA asked:
January 3, 2019
Looking to get the 400 for casting top water for stripers and small tuna, likely using 0.5-3 oz lures - best rod recommendation?
1 Answer
I would recommend using either Phenix or Shimano Terez casting rod.
Submitted by: Ricky on January 4, 2019

from Chicago Illinois asked:
January 8, 2018
Will the 400A be a good musky reel?
1 Answer
The Shimano TRX400A TranX Baitcasting Reel would be a good reel for the application your using it for. Definitely has the line capacity and strength needed for musky fishing.
Submitted by: Donald on January 9, 2018

from CA - California asked:
July 7, 2017
Does the 300 have a clicker
1 Answer
Neither size in the Tranx has a clicker.
Submitted by: Devon on July 8, 2017

Carlos Sandoval
from Great Neck asked:
June 29, 2017
Would the 400 be a good reel to put on a tsunami TSCCB-7311 for tog and bottom fishing? Like fishing block island for cod,ling,sea bass, and porgies?
1 Answer
The 400 would be perfect to use with that rod for bottom fishing.
Submitted by: Devon on July 3, 2017

Bart Hegeler
from San Diego asked:
May 24, 2017
Can the 300 handle up to 30' yellow fin tuna?
1 Answer
A 30 lb yellowfin would not be a problem for the Tranx. A 400 size might be a bit more appropriate as it has significantly higher line capacity.
Submitted by: Devon on May 29, 2017

from New Jersey asked:
May 23, 2017
Can 30lb power pro be effectively used on the 400AHG? Looking for a light, do-all baitcaster for inshore fishing. Mainly casting and chunking for blues and stripers as well as jigging for fluke, sea bass and tog. Is there a lighter model that would be better for this?
1 Answer
For stripers and blues the Tranx 300 would be a perfect fit. It might not be necessary to use something as large for fluke and seabass, but the Tranx 300 will be a good choice for a "do it all" baitcaster. You can look into the Curado I 200 or Chronarch MGL.
Submitted by: Devon on May 27, 2017

Josh Stewart
from New Port Richey, FL asked:
April 17, 2017
Is a 300 size Tranx the same size as a Curado 300 or perhaps a Calcutta 300?
1 Answer
The Tranx 300 is very similar in size to the Curado 300E. It is also similar in size to the Calcutta 300 however the Calcutta feels a bit bulkier as it is round as opposed to a low profile.
Submitted by: Devon on April 18, 2017

from Jetty country nj asked:
March 28, 2017
Are the 300 and 400 about the same size and just spool size is different?
1 Answer
The sizes of the reels are different in size, 400 larger than the 300. Thank you for considering TackleDirect for your fishing needs.
Submitted by: Donald on March 29, 2017

from Fords, NJ asked:
March 24, 2017
Can I get the power handle on the 300A?
1 Answer
The power handle only comes with the 7.6:1 gear ratio models (AHG). We recommend contacting Shimano with inquiries about purchasing and installing a power knob for a model that doesn't come with one.
Submitted by: Devon on March 24, 2017

from Mn asked:
March 5, 2017
Does this new Tranx have stainless or brass gears?
1 Answer
The Tranx 300 and 400 uses a CNC machined brass drive gear and pinion gear.
Submitted by: Devon on March 7, 2017

from san francisco california asked:
February 26, 2017
can this reel handle anything from ling cod stripers and halibut fishing? catching fish weighing up to 30lbs looking for a baitcasting reel that can handle this type of fishing and also was looking at some abu garcias are there any recomedations there that can handle it as well?
1 Answer
It sounds like the Shimano Tranx would definitely be a suitable reel for the applications you are describing. The Abu Garcia Revo Beast series as well as the Daiwa Lexa 300 + 400 sizes would also be good options.
Submitted by: Devon on February 28, 2017

from S√¬£o Paulo, Brasil asked:
February 22, 2017
Do the new tranx family reels have a casting brake system? I did not see any at the reels description page.
1 Answer
the Shimnao Tranx reels have a VBS Brake System effectively reacts to spool rotation speed to provide ideal brake force at all times during cast
Submitted by: Donald on February 23, 2017

from Mauritius, Indian ocean asked:
February 13, 2017
What difference Between TRX300A&TRX301A
1 Answer
301 is a left handed model. 01 for Shimano always means left hand.
Submitted by: John on February 14, 2017

Kenny Hill
from Peoria,Arizona asked:
February 5, 2017
I'm Throwing 8 inch Hudds and Fishing them Slow on 20 pound FC line. Would the 400 be the Best Reel for this app?
1 Answer
Yes because of the increased line capacity.
Submitted by: John on February 8, 2017

bill Ramsey
from Cook county,il asked:
February 3, 2017
how does the left handed tranx 401 compare to tranx 500 for reeling in musky double ten bucktails.
1 Answer
No clue, we won't see them for 1 more month so can't give a comparison yet. The 400 size is obviously smaller.
Submitted by: John on February 8, 2017

from Providence, RI asked:
January 30, 2017
What's the difference between the "A" and "AHG" models?
1 Answer
The A is a lower gear ratio and the AHG is a high gear ratio.
Submitted by: Donald on January 31, 2017

Eric G
from Massena NY asked:
January 27, 2017
To be included in the pre-order do I just add this to my cart while signed in? Do I have to pay now or do I wait until the reel is available?
1 Answer
When making a pre-order on our website you will only be charged once the item becomes in stock and ready to ship. You will likely see a "pending" charge for the total on your bank statement. This simply means that we are authorized to charge this amount when appropriate.
Submitted by: Devon on January 28, 2017

from Calhoun New Brunswick canada asked:
January 26, 2017
Do they come in left handed? ...thank you very much!
1 Answer
The Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels - 300 & 400 does come left handed.
Submitted by: Donald on January 27, 2017

from Pembroke Pines, FL asked:
January 26, 2017
Your description reads "HG model has a 70 mm single handle with a Ci4+ handle knob" but I would like to know if this handle can be put on the non-HG model?
1 Answer
The handle would not match the HG model of the Shimano Tranx.
Submitted by: Donald on January 26, 2017

adolph e guzman
from san antonio tex asked:
January 26, 2017
ts the reel handle same as the one in your pic? I have seen some models but the reel handle is different and looks like it was halved. Also, the 'SUBSCRIBE & SAVE' on the left side of the screen is obstructing and annoying. how can I get rid of it?
1 Answer
The 300 does come with a different size handle than the 400 and i would try refreshing your browser to try to get the add off the page.
Submitted by: Donald on January 26, 2017

from Boynton Beach asked:
January 24, 2017
Where is it made?
1 Answer
The Shimano Tranx Baitcasting Reels - 300 & 400 are made in Malaysia.
Submitted by: Donald on January 25, 2017


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