St. Croix Mojo Salt Rods

St. Croix Mojo Salt Rods

$210.00 - $240.00
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TD Code
TypeLengthPowerActionLine WtRod Wt (oz)HandlePrice
1 pc
MediumFast15-30 Mono
20-40 Braid
9.51$210.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyFast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
11.82$220.00 USD
1 pc
HeavyFast50-80 Mono
65-100 Braid
12.42$230.00 USD
1 pc
MediumFast15-30 Mono
20-40 Braid
10.81$210.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyFast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
12.82$220.00 USD
1 pc
HeavyFast50-80 Mono
65-100 Braid
14.52$230.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyFast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
13.0-$230.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyModerate-Fast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
12.3-$230.00 USD
1 pc
HeavyModerate-Fast50-80 Mono
65-100 Braid
13.9-$230.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyModerate-Fast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
13.1-$240.00 USD
Oversize Large Packaging Required
1 pc
HeavyModerate-Fast50-80 Mono
65-100 Braid
14.1-$240.00 USD
Oversize Large Packaging Required
1 pc
MediumFast15-30 Mono
20-40 Braid
10.43$210.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyFast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
13.14$220.00 USD
1 pc
MediumFast15-30 Mono
20-40 Braid
12.2-$220.00 USD
1 pc
Medium-HeavyFast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
14.04$230.00 USD
1 pc
MediumFast15-30 Mono
20-40 Braid
12.9-$230.00 USD
Oversize Large Packaging Required
1 pc
Medium-HeavyFast30-50 Mono
40-65 Braid
14.2-$230.00 USD
Oversize Large Packaging Required
The new Mojo Salt series rods are built for hard-core saltwater boat, pier and jetty anglers. These rods feature proprietary St. Croix technologies and are designed to outperform traditional boat rods while offering exceptional value. Mojo Salt technology-packed blanks feature a dynamic blend of SCII graphite with FRS, linear S-Glass and ART (Advanced Reinforcing Technology) combined with IPC (Integrated Poly Curve) tooling technology.

Mojo Salt Series Rods Features:

  • Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) tooling technology.
  • Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART).
  • Dynamic blend of premium-quality SCII graphite with FRS and linear S-glass for unparalleled strength and durability.
  • Incredibly lightweight saltwater boat, pier and jetty rods.
  • Sea Guide boat rod guides with rust-resistant SS304 frames and aluminum-oxide rings.
  • Fuji DPSH Boat Rod reel seat and complimentary gimbal.
  • Premium EVA handle.
  • Two coats of Flex Coat slow-cure finish.
  • Underwraps on guides for added blank protection.
  • 5-year warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service.
  • Designed in Park Falls and handcrafted in Fresnillo, Mexico.
4.5 Stars based on 11 reviews
By michael
awesome trolling rod
October 14, 2020
Use this rod paired with a 30w for trolling so\ide tracker spreader bars for NJ tuna. Works flawlessly and great value for the price for this class of rod
By Dan
Great Boat Rod
July 9, 2020
Love the Rod! Could feel everything on the bottom. Had a great day pulling Sea bass up! Would recommend to everyone!
By joe T.
worth the money
June 9, 2020
first use pulled 40+ lb ARS from 180 ft.
no problem
second use 150lb blackbtip

i have it paired with 9500 slammer 3

Prossolid backbone - soft enough tip to still feel the slightest bite
Consnone so far
By Mario
Miami, Florida
Awesome rods
May 30, 2020
I started with an inshore mojo and fell in love with these rods. Only rods I’m buying from now on. I paired this rod with a spinfisher vi 6500LL and love it ! Using mostly for Bottom fishing mutton’s and grouper. I definitely recommend St. Croix rods !!!
ProsAmazing rod Heavy duty Awesome warranty
All around bottom fishing rod
May 5, 2019
Great over all bottom fishing rod. whether it's tile fish sea bass even flounder ..can't wait to hook a tuna on it..but great action w the right combo reel..I use the Penn 25n torque ..for all my bottom fishing..
By Tom
South jersey
Awesome boat rod
November 9, 2018
Great for bottom fishing , nice length with a soft tip and solid backbone
Mojo Salt Conventional Rod
October 6, 2018
Perfect for Salt water fishing & jigging
By Paul L.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fantastic Rods
August 15, 2018
These rods are incredible. They’re lightweight and extremely powerful, I would gladly pay double the price. I also own the Mojo inshore and will say the salt series has a much faster action compared to the inshore. I’m a big fish guy and these rods can handle it. Highly recommended.
ProsSuperb Build Quality Lightweight Excellent Blank
By Jessie
, NJ
If you like thse rods and don't want to spend 200 give Tsunami a try
June 15, 2018
My TSTBC-J601XH from tsunami is just as light and is rated for 50-100 pounds. pulled 300 pond sharks with it but can balance the rod with one finger. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.
Prosgood strong rod. light.
ConsPrice. other rods just as good for less scratch.
By Jeff
Celebration, FL
Far Exceeded Expectations
February 12, 2018
I've fished for years with the more well known conventional rod brands. About two years ago I tried the St Croix Mojo light salt rods that I found at iCast and man I fell in love. So while replacing my existing conventional rods I thought I would give St Croix's heavier rods a try and man was I happily surprised. Super light weight with a solid medium heavy action and a great feel, very sensitive. I was a little gun-shy with the higher price than I'm accustomed to, but wow it didn't disappoint.
ProsLight weight, solid feel, sensitive
By Tim S.
lotta bang for your buck
March 16, 2017
very impressed with this rod for the $ - lots of backbone, should be perfect for big stripers and bluefish & won't be afraid to use this on smaller class bluefin.
Prosst croix warranty, nice taper, really sturdy backbone, fat grip
Consnone yet
19 Questions & 19 Answers
from NJ asked:
June 2, 2019
Looking for a rod to pair with my Avet SX 5.3. Would the 7 ft. Mojo medium Fast action be a good pair if I was targeting fluke seas bass and even blues or stripers in NJ.
1 Answer
That should pair well for that application.
Submitted by: Ethan on June 6, 2019

from San Diego asked:
May 5, 2019
Would the heaviest model be able to withstand a 150lb bluefin? And I see the handle is eva not hypolon so will it withstand the pressure from the rail in a big long tuna battle?
1 Answer
The heaviest model would not be able to handle a large 150lb bluefin 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on May 22, 2019

from West Caldwell, NJ asked:
March 4, 2019
I want to get a 7 foot rod for catching bluefish up to 20 pounds and striper off a boat, what strength rod would be the best for this type of fishing?
1 Answer
MH would be the best option 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on March 6, 2019

from San diego asked:
October 9, 2018
What size rating for 50 - 100lb bluefin
1 Answer
The St. Croix MSWC70HF Mojo Salt Conventional Rod would work for 50-100 pound Bluefin
Submitted by: Bernie on October 10, 2018

Paul L.
from Fort Lauderdale, Florida asked:
August 3, 2018
When are the new mojo salt models available? Your site says early August. Thanks!
1 Answer
We haven't received them yet but were still anticipating them early August.
Submitted by: Bernie on August 3, 2018

Mike Bolling
from Newtown PA asked:
November 7, 2020
Is the Heavy 6’6” paired with Penn Fathom 4000 suitable for tog,

Also jigging Ava 47’s for stripers?

1 Answer
This rod would be great for your fishing application with that reel, I think you would be able to get away with going with at Medium Heavy powered rod as well for these types of fishing
Submitted by: Alex T on November 9, 2020

from GA asked:
April 19, 2020
Which mojo salt would match well with an Avet G2 JX bait fishing snapper, grouper etc?  7” MH or H?
1 Answer
We would recommend the Heavy for grouper. 
Submitted by: Brian on April 20, 2020

from New Jersey, Westmilford asked:
April 15, 2020
Is  the MSWC70MF flexible enough for trolling?

Wondering if this rod can also be used for downrigging from a kayak using the scotty lake troller with 3lb weight.  

I was about to choose the Shimano Trevala Jig which seems also ok for trolling and light downrigging but I am a StCroix fan. 

1 Answer
Ed, this rod could certainly be used for light trolling applications and would be a much better choice than the Trevala for what you are describing. 
Submitted by: Brian on April 17, 2020

from Warrenton, Va asked:
March 16, 2020
Why does the MSWC76MHF (SCR-1866) not have a rod handle designation? Several other do not as well.
1 Answer
#2 on that model, full spec chart attached.
Submitted by: Brian on March 16, 2020

from TX asked:
February 22, 2020
What rod would you recommend for casting Halcos or  poppers for yellowfin?
1 Answer
The 7'6 Medium Heavy and 8' Medium Heavy models will work. You should also consider checking out our rods specifically made for popping like the OTI TS2 Popping rod or the Shimano Grappler Type C Popping rods.  
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on February 25, 2020

from NJ asked:
October 28, 2019
I'm looking for a boat setup to throw roughly 3-4oz lures (mainly surface) for striped bass with a spinning reel.  Is the Mojo salt the right rod for this or would the mojo inshore be better?  Out of the options which Mojo Salt would you recommend for this?  
1 Answer
Ryan, for the application you are describing, we would recommend the Mojo Salt over the Inshore. The Inshore isn't rated to toss lures of that size.

Check out these models; MSWS76MHF or MSWS70MHF.

Submitted by: KRAIG FRIEDMAN on October 29, 2019

from California asked:
June 7, 2019
Would a shimano tyrons 30 fit well with the mojo Mswc80hmf and use for bluefin tuna
1 Answer
It would fit.  St. Croix reel seats work well with Shimano reels and the balance of a 30 and an 8ft rod would be a good fit.
Submitted by: CHARLES on July 16, 2019

from Orlando, Fl asked:
June 4, 2019
7' MH or H for grouper/snapper on a Penn Phatham 30? GOM, Tampa Florida Atlantic.
1 Answer


If you have the Penn Phatham 30 I would recommend the 7 foot heavy.

Submitted by: Andrew Montagna on June 6, 2019

from Plant City FL asked:
April 18, 2019
Will a Penn Fathom 25N star drag reel fit onto the reel seat ok?
1 Answer
Yes that reel will fit. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on April 19, 2019

Leroy Osborne
from MA asked:
October 28, 2018
Cod fishing in New England, jigging 8oz - 20oz which mojo salt conventional would you recommend
1 Answer
I would recommend using the St. Croix MSWC70HF Mojo Salt Conventional Rod.
Submitted by: Ricky on October 29, 2018

from Venice, FL asked:
March 6, 2018
Looking for a spinning Mojo Salt rod for pier and jetty use in SW Florida . Any suggestions on a specific model?
1 Answer
The 7' MH or 7'6'' MH would be an ideal rod for pier fishing. Your going to want a rod with a bit more backbone than the M power rods would have and the MH's models have just that.
Submitted by: Donald on March 7, 2018

from Philadelphia, PA asked:
January 16, 2018
is MSWC70MHF sturdy enough to handle 8oz lead while fishing for sea bass off NJ? trying to decide is MHF or HF is better suited?
1 Answer
Either one would be able to handle the 8 oz weight. I would advise if you plan on going heavier than 8 i would go with the H model.
Submitted by: Donald on January 18, 2018

Eliseo Sandoval
from Montauk asked:
January 10, 2018
How many ounces can the MSWC70HF handle? Looking for a good blackfish/ offshore wreck rod to go with a seigler SG.
1 Answer
The MSWC70HF model can handle up to 10 oz weighs if your using it for blackfishing. This rod is a heavy duty rod that can handle the abuse and can withstand the weight of heavy sinkers while bringing in some decent size fish.
Submitted by: Donald on January 11, 2018

from Pennsylvania asked:
March 7, 2017
Would the 7ft Conventional Heavy action be suitable for jigging YFT?
1 Answer
The 7ft Conventional Heavy action would be suitable for jigging. Thank you for considering TackleDirect for your fishing needs.
Submitted by: Donald on March 8, 2017


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