Switlik CPR Coastal Passage Raft

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The Switlik CPR Coastal Passage Raft is the commercial version of the raft in use by the U.S. Coast Guard for their Helicopter Operations. Now, this professional-grade life raft is available recreational use. The Switlik CPR is designed to be a light weight, high quality, best in class coastal life raft, complete with a convertible canopy system, heat sealed construction, and large, fast deploying water ballast bags. The CPR Coastal Passage Raft provides 19.6 sq. ft of floor area and 1,140 lbs of inflated buoyancy and offers excellent ventilation while providing total protection from the elements.

The Switlik Signature Convertible Canopy System is an improvement over rafts with limited points of entry. The convertible canopy system allows for rapid and flexible boarding in an emergency without needing to enter the water. This increases the safety factor for everyone on board, when those who are young, old or injured need to get off the boat quickly. The Switlik CPR makes it as easy as possible with four (4) boarding stations, and four (4) wide, stiffened rung ladders that make it easy for someone to climb over a single tube.

Unlike any other raft on the market, the CPR's hard container and soft valise options each have a first of its kind 5 year service interval. This extended service interval helps in reducing the overall cost of life raft ownership. Switlik achieved this in a responsible manner through the combined use of their patented and military proven hermetically sealed packaging system and compressed air inflation. This system better protects the raft's materials and provides superior cold weather inflation performance compared to traditional CO2 inflation systems. With Switlik's air charge inflation system, there is now a visible ''go/no go'' pressure gauge to let you know when your raft is ready to deploy. Time sensitive survival equipment is packed in an external pocket, which allows you to update these items without the cost of servicing the actual life raft.

Switlik CPR Coastal Passage Raft Features:

  • Switlik Signature Convertible Canopy System
  • Air Charge Inflation with visible ''Go/No Go'' Pressure gauge
  • (4) water pockets for superior stability
  • (4) wide, stiffened run boarding ladders for ease of boarding
  • Internal Back-up sleeve for ensured buoyancy
  • 5-Year Service Interval
  • Standard Equipment:
    • Waterproof Solar Powered Flashlight
    • Water Activated Exterior Locator Lights (2 ea.)
    • Manual Inflation Pumps
    • Heaving Ring
    • Repair Clamps (2 ea.)
    • Sea Anchor
    • Knife
  • Buoyancy tube fabric: Polyurethane Coated Nylon
  • Buoyancy in Salt Water: Total: 1143 lb. (518.5 kg.)
  • Buoyancy in Fresh Water: Total: 1,114 lb. (505.3 kg)
  • Inflated Raft Dimensions: 84.79" Width at flats (91.77" at corners)
  • Floor Area (Total): 20.1 sq. ft. (1.87 sq. m)
  • Inflation system: Air
  • Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +160°F

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