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Tactical Anglers Power Clips

Tactical Anglers Power Clips

Tactical Anglers Power / Fast Clips are strong, slip-proof fishing clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures.

$5.99 - $12.49
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TA Clip 50
Tactical Anglers Power Clips50lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 50-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips50lbs30 pack$12.49 USD
TA Clip 75
Tactical Anglers Power Clips75lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 75-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips75lbs25 pack$12.49 USD
TA Clip 125
Tactical Anglers Power Clips125lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 125-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips125lbs25 pack$12.49 USD
TA Clip 175
Tactical Anglers Power Clips175lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 175-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips175lbs25 pack$12.49 USD
Tactical Anglers Power / Fast Clips are strong fishing clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures. Made from a single thick stainless steel wire to provide maximum strength and durability, TA Power Clips have a slip-proof design. Available in four sizes: 50lbs, 75lbs, 125lbs and 175lbs.
5 Stars based on 225 reviews
By Mayor Gary Giberson
Port Republic, NJ 08241
February 11, 2015
GREAT new item !!!
As I get ready for my first trip to the Keys, thanks to my wife's 80th birthday gift, I look froward to give this new tackle connector a good trial on my first Tarpon !!! I find my finger strength diminishing along with other, "Getten' old trates", Most snap swivels are too strong and this product makes lure or leader hook up very easy!!!
ProsVery quick and easy to use.
ConsPrice'ie but worth it's merit
By Ryan Durand
Rhode Island
July 18, 2018
This is the perfect size TA clip for most of the mid to larger size plugs. Have caught fish everywhere from the Cape Cod Canal to the open beaches.
By Ryan Durand
Rhode Island
July 18, 2018
This TA size was a bit larger than expected, same great quality as any other size TA clip.
By PrunedaleMike
Prunedale, CA.
June 26, 2018
Nice Clips
The Tactical Clips and strong and very easy to use.
ProsEasy to use , Very strong!
By Keith
Springfield MA
June 15, 2018
A must have in the 🌊
Been using these for years. I’ve never had an issue.
ProsWorks great
By Keith
Springfield MA
June 15, 2018
Great Product
Picked these up for night fishing for Large Mouth Bass. Makes switching lures an ease.
ProsWorks great
By Al
Cape May, New Jersey
June 10, 2018
Great for the Big Stuff
These clips are great for the big stuff that catches big fish, unbelievably strong and will work great with gloved hands.
ProsStrong and solid
By Al
Cape May, New Jersey
June 10, 2018
Quick Change
These clips make changing out lures a snap, no more wasted time tying and retying.
ProsNo more wasted time when changing lures
By Al
Cape May, New Jersey
June 10, 2018
Good All Around
The 75 pound clip is great for small and medium size lures, easy to change out and quick too.
ProsEasy to use
By Don
Oak Island, NC
June 5, 2018
Great Clips for Flounder Rigs
Great for making up flounder rigs with tee - swivels.
ProsQuick and easy to connect and disconnect, but also provides a secure connection.
By Art
Bridgeport, CT
June 2, 2018
Salt or fresh - saves time
I fish many different lures. This saves so much time out on the water and makes swapping out lures a breeze.
By Kyle
Charleston, SC
May 24, 2018
Perfect for just about any type of fishing
Was a little worried these would be too small, but perfect size.
By Kyle
Charleston, SC
May 24, 2018
Best clips around
A little larger than I anticipated but still work really well.
By Dave
Hawthorne, NJ
May 22, 2018
Don’t know what I ever did without these. Makes changing lures so easy. So much stronger than the old duo-lock snaps. Love them.
By Al
Cape May, New Jersey
May 22, 2018
Easy Lure Switch
Ordered one pack each of all four to cover a wide range of lures, etc. These clips make changing lures incredibly easy and are strong enough to hold up over time. A lot less time in between changes. They will make changing lures in cold weather fishing much easier. Great product.
ProsEasy to use, durable
By Ken
Chesapeake Beach, MD
May 20, 2018
The best clips, period.
The Tactical Anglers clips are just the best, plain and simple. I have ordered these in the 50 and 75 lb and they work great for my applications. I use the 50 for fresh water using both top water and chatter baits in heavy cover. I haven't lost a lure, my hollow body frogs float and work great, and they don't get hung up (at least not more than usual). I use the 50 and 75 in the bay and I really like these more than a split ring for diving baits. The action is great and of course they offer quick changes. I do recommend taking the split rings off of lures though (this may be my tin foil hat, but I just catch more fish). Lures I use are primarily 5-6" Daiwa and Yozuri minnows for stripers and small spoons and spinners for perch and I have had no issues.
ProsEase of use, these are very easy and very fast.
By Jon C
New Canaan, CT
May 9, 2018
Makes switching lures easy
Love using clips. Easy to change lures and the fish bite isn’t affected
Newton, MA
May 6, 2018
Time and Knot Saver
Want to be able to fish multiple plugs without having to cut and retie your knot each time? Want an extra inch of protection from a nasty blue fish biting through your leading and stealing your fancy wooden plug? Hate wasting expensive fluorocarbon? Spend a couple of bucks on a pack of TA Clips and all of your problems will be solved! The 50# is best for inshore and surf applications.
ProsThis product is easy to use and will make your surf fishing experience much more enjoyable.
ConsI know some folks who think that if the water is calm and clear clips can spook the fish, but nine times out of ten that wont be a problem.
By Lee
April 19, 2018
best clip on the market at a great price!
never lose a big fish to a clip that's been bent open again!!!! Plus- it's the quickest way to change plugs, and super easy to do in the dark.
By Joe S
Northern calif
April 6, 2018
Good for large metal lipped lures
This is their biggest clip. Ideal for large metal lipped swimming lures such as giant pixies, Danny‚€™s etc.
ProsGood for larger lures.
By Joe S
Northern calif
April 6, 2018
Easy to use
Easy to use to clip to lure. Much faster than traditional snaps. Makes changing lures much faster and easier even in the dark.
ProsEasy quick lure change.
By The Kad
March 29, 2018
Great for quick change of rigs.
I use them for attaching bottom rigs, I've had some problems with them for yo-yo jigging.
ProsGreat for quick change of rigs, strong, do not snag bottom or other lines as some snaps do.
ConsPossible for jig to come off in y0-yo jigging
By George
March 12, 2018
Power Clips
It is very easy to change lures with power clips. I use them all the time for striped bass and blue fish. Never lost lure with them. Tried different brands before but Tactical Anglers clips work best for me. The other brands clips I tried are to big and the wire is to tick and is hard or impossible to use on small lures or jig heads.
Prossmaller than other brands very strong fast and easy to change lures
By Mark
Cape Cod,Mass
March 11, 2018
I've been using these in the Cape Cod canal since they first came out without a single issue.
Prosunbreakable, will not rust
By Mike
Cape Cod Mass
February 17, 2018
easy to use.
These clips are very easy to use and make changing lures a breeze.
By Frank
West Palm Beach
February 12, 2018
Best Invention Ever!
Get the 175lb. The smaller sizes work but are difficult with the hands cold and wet. The 175's can be done in the cold, wet, dark easily.
ProsAllows for quick lure changes with little effort.
By Dave
Asbury Park, NJ
February 7, 2018
A must!!
Essential when you are throwing all types of lures. Offers the ability to switch lures as often as you'd like with minimal effort.
By Frank
San francisco, CA
January 31, 2018
Recently began using these. Way strong than snap swivels. "Insurance"
ConsHave the right size!
By steelmonkey
6500 feet above sea level
January 21, 2018
quality product
bends are radius,no sharp bends to chafe line. Have not used these yet so just 4 stars, will use on a trip to Mexico this month
By Mike
January 8, 2018
Handy little "paper clips"
These 50lb clips are great. They save a ton of time and I haven't notice a difference in amount of bites. Haven't had one fail yet and I've gone through a 30 pack. I HIGHLY recommend getting these original Tactical Anglers clips and not the knockoff Basspro Offshore Angler clips. They're a bigger wire gauge and many of my smaller jigs barely fit and they just overall feel meh.
ProsToughness, Ease of Use
By Al
January 8, 2018
Strong and Easy to Use
I used these clips last year and they are strong and make changing lures a breeze. It saved me a lot of time and line by using these instead of retying each time I changed lures.
ProsStrong Easy to use
By Luis
December 27, 2017
These are the perfect size
I had bought the smaller clips but although usable they are on the small side, these are the perfect size for what I need.
By Luis
December 21, 2017
I bought these without ever having them in hand and they are a little too small for my liking, they work very well regardless of the size.
Prosthey work as advertise
Constoo small go bigger size
By Stephen
Holmdel, NJ
November 28, 2017
Best clips
Easy to change lures
ProsDon't have to worry about them opening up
Conslittle pricey
By Kenneth caryer
Pasco County, FL
November 22, 2017
Quick change out divice that limits snap swivel hardware
THese strong clips allow me to change lures quickly, and to do so without the big bulky snap swivel. This is a hardware advancement.
Conscan these clips be even smaller???
By Salt Curious
Hackensack, NJ
November 15, 2017
Saves time for more fishin'!
So glad I got these, saves me so much time switching bucktails while fluke and blackfish jigging, Easy on and off, instead of wasting time constantly retying lures and top shot/leader, just switch them out as needed.
ProsEasy to tie, lures can be switched quickly
ConsIf you drop one, these little suckers vanish into thin air.
By Sam
November 13, 2017
Good product
I've used these for a few years now and have just recently broken 2 of the 125 pound clips. One was on a smaller fish, the other was broken while tightening a knot. This may have been user error since I had a pair of needlenose pliers in the clip while tightening the knot, but I don't know why the other one broke while playing the fish. They were both from the same pack I purchased 4 or 5 years ago, so maybe the salt finally got to them. Despite this, they make changing lures so much faster than retying and they're more trustworthy than snaps or snapswivels.
By Gregory
Manasquan, NJ
November 9, 2017
Best clips around
If you don't have these clips in your bag, you are definitely missing out. I have caught many big fish in turbulent water and these have held up. 10/10 would recommend
By Sean
bohemia, NY
October 26, 2017
great surf caster friend
quick and easy with low profile casting. don't need to use head lamp at night when switching out plugs
Prosgreat easy to use
By Roger
Salem, CT
October 19, 2017
Tactical Anglers Power Clips 50lbs 30pk
use them on end of leader for rapid change of lures
By vgb
Cape Cod
October 7, 2017
Excellent clips!
Of all the clips I use, this I find the most reliable. Never had one straighten or fail in any way. Easy to use with wet hands, in the surf and at night. The way it's made means it catches less weed than other, outward twisted clips.
By Ken
September 30, 2017
What a product
Wouldn't fish without them
ProsAwesome ability for a Quick Change of lures especially in low light situations.
By Michael
Carmel, NY
September 27, 2017
Time saver
Makes chaging your lure fast and simple
By Jeff
new york
September 23, 2017
Tactical Anglers Power Clips 125lbs 25pk
these clips are the only was to go when compared with the old style duo snap, which have failed and fish were lost. These clips appear to be fail proof.
By Chris
Montauk, NY
September 6, 2017
Why didn't I invent these
Man oh man, they make changes lures so fast and easy. Once you get the hang of them you will be swapping out lures in the dark in seconds
ProsAwesome design & concept Strong
ConsPrice, I feel that it's a lot of $$ of such a small pice of stainless wire
By Jeremy
East Haven , CT
September 6, 2017
Must have
Strong, easy to use, hasn't failed me yet. A must for surfcasting.
By bill
La Plata, MD
September 3, 2017
quick turn around
By Willem
Point Judith
August 26, 2017
These clips are awesome!
I used to use the clips which you have to open and close to put on a new lure, and always felt that those clips were prone to breaking. With the TA clips, there is no worry about them opening. and it's super easy to take lures on and off. I like the 75lb clips because they have a smaller profile than the 125lb clips.
By gordon
sf bay area
August 13, 2017
great clips
These clips rated at 175 lbs are very stout. More strength than what I needed. I even have a few on my key ring so I can quickly swap out keys easier.
By gordon
sf bay area
August 13, 2017
greatest things ever
I use these all the time for both salt and fresh water. Makes swapping lures really fast and convenient. I haven't had any issues with them at all.
By Peng
North Bellmore, NY
August 9, 2017
powerful clip
easy to use and it is very strong.
By Hugh
Tavares Florida
August 8, 2017
Quick change
I got this to use as a quick change for different lures. It does handle that but it takes some getting use to
ConsThe stronger ones are much harder to work with
By alex
Ontario, Canada
July 30, 2017
Very useful if you regularly change your lures
I like to change lures a lot when fishing. It can go from jigs, swimbaits to poppers. I find these very easy to use, very strong and saltwater resistant. I wish there were smaller versions too.
ProsFast changing lures, easy to use, saltwater resistant, strong
ConsWish there were smaller versions (less than 50lb) because sometimes the clip doesnt go through the eye of the smaller lures. Use it properly and dont force it because the clip could bend, resulting on loosing the lure during a fight
By John Lee
Seaford Delaware
July 11, 2017
great clip
don't surf fish without them
Prosstrong and fast
By David Menchini
brooklyn, NY
July 6, 2017
Great Product!
These power clips make changing lures so easy. i get them in all different lb rating and they are great for any type of angler.
ProsStrength Design Have never failed on me
By Dave R
June 20, 2017
Great product
Makes lure change a snap! Very strong and tarpon don't seem to mind the extra hardware.
ProsQuick and easy
By Tony Lawrence
Hampstead, NC
June 19, 2017
These work amazingly well!!
I was very excited to try these. They are very strong and make changing a bait quickly ver easy!! I've caught large flounder already with these and no fail from the clip.
ProsChange baits very quickly Lightweight Does not deter a bite from a fish.
Consnone to speak of
By Manuel F
Reston, VA
June 5, 2017
Absolutely great
No more cutting the leader every time I wanted to change my lure. Caught tunas in the range of 50lbs - 80lbs and the clip remain straight, no bends. My poppers swam perfectly.
ProsQuick change of lures. Strong. easy to use. I practiced at home.
By Jack
Philadelphia pa
June 3, 2017
Great Product
Great connection, fast and easy to use
By Matt
May 25, 2017
My go to clip
Always have these in your plug bag
By Francis
Bethlehem, PA
May 22, 2017
Impressive product.
Small profile clip with great strength. Used as terminal clip allowing very quick lure changes. The 50lb test held up nicely against very large bluefish in a rough surf and strong current. Does not impact lure action. Used a small profile swivel between mainline and leader, and a Power Clip at terminal end of leader. Great rig.
ProsSmall profile, but strong.
ConsNone noted yet.
By Jay B.
April 9, 2017
Powerful clips
Powerful clips, simple design and easy to use.
By Jay B.
April 9, 2017
Strong clips
Strong clips and easy to use.
By Lauren
April 6, 2017
Great clips
Have used these for tuna and other off-shore fish for over a year. They avoid tying too many knots and facilitate changing gear. Can't fish without them now.
rockaway beach
February 14, 2017
these clips are a quick way to change lures.and quite strong
Consthey do not fit all my lures
By Chris
Yardley, PA
January 23, 2017
Awesome product
Such a simple tool but saves a lot of time and makes changing lures easy as pie and saves on fluorocarbon leader.
By Mike
Westfield, NJ
January 21, 2017
A must have product
These make changing lures faster and more efficient. Great quality, long lasting.
ProsLure changes are quick
ConsLearning curve
By Puck
Manotick, ON, Canada but fished Cape Cod since 196
January 13, 2017
Great clip - a real help in the dark
I use its competitor also, because I have some left, but I prefer this one because of the shape. The ability to quickly and securely swap out baits on the Cape Cod Canal particularly at night is a huge plus.
ProsEconomical, quick, secure.
By Frank
Eastern LI Sound
December 21, 2016
must have
These Tactical clips are the best hands down for switching jigs or lures.
Prossturdy and clip well
By Capt Herb
y.n.east end, L.I.,
December 20, 2016
Easier to use over the rest of the markets similar pieces, secure and just the right size for most surf-casting applications
ProsStainless Steel - nothing better, period.
By Brendan
December 19, 2016
Simple and effective
Ease of use and practical application make this perfect for fishing in the surf.
ConsMay effect desired action with some plugs or rigs
By Zach
Long Island NY
December 13, 2016
Quick and easy to change lures and bucktails
I like testing all columns of the pieces I'm fishing and to do that I need different lures. These make that fast and easy especially in adverse conditions
ProsEase of use
By Chris
November 29, 2016
Great for surf fishing
these things are awesome when throwing plugs from the beach. they're strong, easy to use, and make changing lures fast and easy. hands down best on the market!
By Harry
Philadlephia, PA
November 25, 2016
Must have for easy lure changes
Great tool that makes changing from lure to lure quick and simple. Less time tying more time fishing. They hold up great in salt water.
By Dimitri L
New York, NY
November 23, 2016
A must for fast and easy lure switching!
I find this clip in 75lb is a very versatile option. Good for inlets with when you fish with smaller lures and open beaches for larger plugs.
By frank
staten island new york
November 17, 2016
there ok not great by far... paper clips
good for changing most lures quickly, not all... any popper with a recessed eye even with a split ring or not... or 2 and 3 0z kastmaster will be a nightmare to get on. i had to bore out my kastmasters hole so they fit on easier and dont bind when on., otherwise you destroy the clip spreading it apart to get the kastmaster to squeeze on and then it will bind up sometimes if it slides off to the side.... also small jig heads and small soft plastic shads will be extremely tight to get on if not at all. plus whatever knot you tie on to it will slide all over the clip when you put pressure on it to add or remove lures. i have lost plugs with these clips because the knot slid down and back around the other side which is open not closed or welded and you cast and good by plug and clip so always pay attention to where the knot is on the clip.
Prosthere fast changing on most lures if you remove all your split rings . best we have to use at the moment.
Consexpensive, they loosen or spread apart after a while, the knot slides all over the clip,and you will loose an occasional plug i guarantee it... really not that great of an idea someone should come up with something better. i think if the inside L was welded to the opposite side of the intake it would be much stronger and prevent the former problems.
By John
November 17, 2016
Change lures in a flash
Really happy with these. I found them less likely to catch up in the line like fas-snaps did. One tip...if you're using a split ring on something like a popper, put the whole clip through the ring and pull it back to attach it.
By mark edward Belken
November 14, 2016
Quick Change
great connector for fast lure change
By Shawn
November 13, 2016
Quick and Easy
Super quick change of lures and very easy to use. Appears to be solid but I have not caught anything very large while using them yet. I have been using this with my hard baits and it does not effect the action of the lures. So far, I am very pleased.
By Rob
Columbus, OH
November 8, 2016
Great Clips - Strong and Quick, Easy Changes
I've used these clips for a few years for both fresh and salt water. I love the strength in the design while they make changes of lures or rigs extremely quick and easy. Such a small profile for a super strong and reliable clip.
By TonyF
November 3, 2016
Excellent clip
I like the new version of this clip with the rounder ends. They hold up very well and it's the only clip I use.
Consnew version none, old version narrow ends
By Kyle
Katy, TX
November 2, 2016
Perfect for inshore fishing
Use this with my inshore rig for jigheads fishing soft plastics and topwaters. Clip is small and doesn't effect bite at all which was my concern. Went with a group of 5 all fishing gulp with a jighead and I ended up with the most in the boat. All of us were equally experienced anglers fishing same bait with similar technique. What I really like about this besides the quick changes is it effectively acts in place of a loop knot to give the bait ample play. I won't rig without one now.
By Cory
October 23, 2016
Heavy Duty
I forget which model I order but they are strong enough to have confidence throwing at a large fish.
ProsEasy as a snap swivel with more control for those baits that need it.
By John
South Carolina
October 22, 2016
Power clips
These are the best clips I've ever used.They are strong and very easy to change lures.
By Daniel
Modesto ca
October 13, 2016
Great clips
Very hig cuality clips easy to use
By David
Long Island, NY
October 11, 2016
Strong, effective product
easy on and easy off
By blackdogfish
New England
October 9, 2016
The more opened snaps.
TAC clips are the way to go. Leave all those coast-lok and other snap swivels back in the 90s. It's great to not worry about snaps opening up accidentally or being pulled open by more pushing the snap with wet hands and thumbnail. The TAC clips are simple and effective and with a little bit of practice you can easily clip and unclip in the dark. For me, 50 pound in spring back bay and river, 75 and 125 out front. Sure there are times when it's better to tie direct, in clear water, with crystal minnow for example, but for the majority of situations, the clips will not present any problems.
By Terry
Oakland Gardens, NY
September 28, 2016
Easier than the 50lb
this is much easier to use than the 50lb clip. so the big plugs, it can be difficult getting them on the 50lb clip. i have to carry around a few of these at all times.
By Big Q
September 15, 2016
Stout and simple
For those set ups where you are constantly switching lures, makes it simple and fast to do without sacrificing strength. The design does not hinder movement
By Mickey Krueger
Wainscot, NY
August 20, 2016
Simply the best
I've tried similar clips, but none are as easy to use, or as durable as Tactical Anglers.
By Rick
Huntington beach, ca
August 14, 2016
Easy lure changes
Great way ti tie on lures.
By Jim
August 12, 2016
Tactical Angler Clips help ae for an easy switch
I have used these now on Fluke rigs to switch out Jigs as well as surf to switch out lures. These make it so easy to do so. They hold up well and really make your fishing much easier. I have used 3 sizes and have no issues with them holing up from 2-5lb fluke to 20lb stripers.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 5, 2016
These really make swapping plugs simple and easy. Especially when its night and cold. Plugs of all size easily slip on or off and Ive never lost a lure or a fish due to these clips. Top quality product.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 5, 2016
This is the size I use most often. Super strong and makes changing plugs a cinch especially at night. Most all of the lures I use will fit. Never had one of these open even slightly, even on large bass.
By Jason
Centereach, Ny
August 5, 2016
Power clips
By far the best clips I've used. And I've used many brands. These are a must for me. They make it simple to change almost any lure in my bag. Never had one separate or break open.
ProsQuality product. strong
By Alex
Pozzuoli, Italy
August 4, 2016
Great for all lures. Very versatile size. I love the TA Clips because they are far superior to any other clip on the market.
By David
Long Island, NY
July 27, 2016
Heavy duty
Strong enough for most fish. Small enough for most lures and super easy to put on and take off.
By barry
Brooklyn, NEW YORK
July 27, 2016
great quick clip
They hold up well under pressure. Makes life easy for quick change of rigs
By Gerald L McNabb
July 14, 2016
fine product
saves me a lot of tiime changing leaders
By Gerald L McNabb
July 14, 2016
good product
i found it verry easy to use
9 Questions & 9 Answers
Mark Steen
from Florida asked:
June 27, 2018
What size should be used for Redfish, trout and snook?
1 Answers
the 50 pound will work fine
on June 27, 2018

from Brownsville, Texas asked:
April 18, 2018
Hello, what clip size would be good for lures that weigh 1-4oz ? Thanks
1 Answers
The 125 pound would be a good size for lures 1-4 oz's. The 50lb would work but they are rather small and the 125 would be easier to open.
on April 19, 2018

from Trenton, NJ asked:
March 29, 2017
What's the difference between the 75 and 75-2?
1 Answers
The difference is the quantity of clips you get when you purchase. The 75 is an 8 pack and the 75-2 is 25 pack. Thank you for considering TackleDirect for your fishing needs.
on March 29, 2017

from Anna TX asked:
March 17, 2017
Can I attach this to my offset hooks for soft plastics? Is this recommended? Thanks
1 Answers
You would most likely be able to do this but we would not recommend it. It may negatively effect the bait's action. The less terminal tackle you use, the more natural your presentation will be.
on March 18, 2017

from San Diego asked:
September 12, 2016
I'll be surf fishing Cabo, with 3 oz poppers, etc.. What size TA clip should I use?
1 Answers
Ric, Hello i would suggest going with a 125lb or a 175lb clip.
on September 13, 2016

from NY asked:
April 5, 2016
Are these the newly designed clips or the originals?
1 Answers
These are the originals.
on April 5, 2016

from pa. asked:
June 9, 2015
I will use for crankbaits leave the o ring on or off
1 Answers
Hello Chuck. Just attach the power clip right to the split ring on your crankbait and you will be good to go! Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.
on June 11, 2015

from Bensville NSW Australia asked:
September 16, 2013
Hi what is the smallest size you have in the clips. I am looking for something smaller that the 50lb. Do you have anything smaller.
1 Answers
Currently the smallest clip size is 50lb.
Customer Service
on September 17, 2013

from auburndale,fla. asked:
June 15, 2012
For fishing the flats what size would i need?
1 Answers
50lb clip should handle all fish that you encounter.
Customer Service
on June 15, 2012


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