Tactical Anglers Power Clips

Tactical Anglers Power Clips

Tactical Anglers Power / Fast Clips are strong, slip-proof fishing clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures.

$4.99 - $12.49
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Tactical Anglers Micro Mini Power Clips25lbs10 pack$4.99 USD
Tactical Anglers Micro Mini Power Clips25lbs30 pack$11.99 USD
TA Clip 50
Tactical Anglers Power Clips50lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 50-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips50lbs30 pack$12.49 USD
TA Clip 75
Tactical Anglers Power Clips75lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 75-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips75lbs25 pack$12.49 USD
TA Clip 125
Tactical Anglers Power Clips125lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 125-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips125lbs25 pack$12.49 USD
TA Clip 175
Tactical Anglers Power Clips175lbs8 pack$5.99 USD
TA Clip 175-2
Tactical Anglers Power Clips175lbs25 pack$12.49 USD
Tactical Anglers Power / Fast Clips are strong fishing clips that allow for fast and easy changing of lures. Made from a single thick stainless steel wire to provide maximum strength and durability, TA Power Clips have a slip-proof design. Available in four sizes: 50lbs, 75lbs, 125lbs and 175lbs.
5 Stars based on 333 reviews
By Mayor G.
Port Republic, NJ 08241
GREAT new item !!!
February 11, 2015
As I get ready for my first trip to the Keys, thanks to my wife's 80th birthday gift, I look froward to give this new tackle connector a good trial on my first Tarpon !!!
I find my finger strength diminishing along with other, "Getten' old trates", Most snap swivels are too strong and this product makes lure or leader hook up very easy!!!
ProsVery quick and easy to use.
ConsPrice'ie but worth it's merit
By Manuel
Salinas, CA
Great Clips!
April 7, 2021
makes it easy to switch out lures
By Rob
Nashville, TN
Brilliant idea
April 7, 2021
I've been using these for a few years and just love them. I finally lost the first one when my main line snapped but they last forever. Just so easy and fast to clip on new lures.
ConsCan be a little hard with popper style lures.
By Mike
New York
Great product
April 2, 2021
I use it for my fluke rigs makes it fast and easy to change jigs
By Mike
New york
Great product
April 2, 2021
Strong easy to use let’s you change lures without rerigging
By Troy
Middletown , NJ
Great concept
March 31, 2021
Affordable and quick to use. Perfect for swapping out lures on a dark beach!!
By Kplus8
Great Clip
March 24, 2021
Used this clip surf fishing in Baha California. Caught a 27 inch Snook. Easy to change lures
ProsStrong Easy to change lures
By Mike
Great product
March 24, 2021
Easy to use makes changing jigs simple and fast
By Mike
New york
Great product
March 24, 2021
Easy to use strong and lets you change lures or jigs without having to re tie
By Brandon
Eagleville, TN
Don't leave home with them
March 10, 2021
Super simple, super strong would recommend 100%
By Landon
Great clip
February 23, 2021
Quickly changes lures on the fly
By Landon
Great lure clip!
February 23, 2021
Makes quick work of changing lures when throwing crank bait chasing bass
By James H.
San Diego, California
just what was needed.
February 21, 2021
These tactical anglers clips are quite handy indeed, quick and easy lure changes without having to retie a lure or swivel. I have three different sizes i.e. the 25 Micro Mini, the 50 lb and the 125 lb. I got the micros because the others are simply too large in diameter to fit the smaller jig heads. The only caveat would be that owing to their small size, it is a little more difficult to handle, The 50 lb are my go to and I use for not only terminal end but also at the end of the main line. I tie a surgeons knot loop at the end of my braid, and then simply clip on various leader rigs that are premade up i,e, different length, , different hooks, pre-rigged Carolina's e.t.c.
By Fisherguy
Works great.
January 8, 2021
Great for quick lure change.
The best clips.
December 7, 2020
Solid clips and for the price not too bad. def have to change them after a few big fish.
16 Questions & 16 Answers
from OCMD asked:
August 23, 2019
What is the actual dimension for 125lb sized clip
1 Answer
They are 25mm long, 7mm wide, where the wire is doubled up the thickness is 3mm and the diameter of the wire is 1.45mm
Submitted by: Ethan on August 30, 2019

from east coast,,massachusetts asked:
April 19, 2019
can a barrel swivel be attached and then tie main line to barrel? anyone tried...Results?
1 Answer
You technically can do that but lures always end up not tracking properly 
Submitted by: Bernie De Graaf on April 19, 2019

from Hot Springs, SD asked:
January 23, 2019
Will the clips damage Fireline if they are used to attach weights, etc. to the line?
1 Answer
It would be a good idea to run a mono or fluro leader while using these clips with braid.
Submitted by: Bernie on January 24, 2019

from NJ asked:
November 13, 2018
What size would be best for striper fishing in the northeast?
1 Answer
The 75 pound would be the best size for stripers.
Submitted by: Bernie on November 14, 2018

Mark Steen
from Florida asked:
June 27, 2018
What size should be used for Redfish, trout and snook?
1 Answer
the 50 pound will work fine
Submitted by: Bernie on June 27, 2018

from Brownsville, Texas asked:
April 18, 2018
Hello, what clip size would be good for lures that weigh 1-4oz ? Thanks
1 Answer
The 125 pound would be a good size for lures 1-4 oz's. The 50lb would work but they are rather small and the 125 would be easier to open.
Submitted by: Bernie on April 19, 2018

mike smith
from mike82cha@yahoo.com asked:
March 10, 2021
what is a micro mini clip
1 Answer
The micro mini clip is the smallest size clip that TA offers at 25lbs. They are perfect for light tackle, finesse situations, as well as using it for fly fishing as well.
Submitted by: Austin Kearney on March 11, 2021

from Rochester, MN asked:
April 10, 2020
Is there any gap where the wire is doubled up along the side of the clip, or is it tight?  I want to make leaders by tying 40 lb uncoated AFW Surfstrand 1x7 to these clips, and I'm concerned that the wire could slide off the clip.  I would use a  figure 8 knot and plan to use the 125 lb clip.
1 Answer
These are pretty tight, would be difficult for the wire to sneak through.
Submitted by: Brian on April 10, 2020

jose pardo
from Cali, Colombia asked:
March 7, 2019
When using mono or fluoro leader to tie on the tactical clip, what knot do you recommend? A uni-knot will be okay?
1 Answer
A good knot to use a improved clinch knot.  A uni knot will work also. 
Submitted by: Rebecca Redington on March 8, 2019

from Trenton, NJ asked:
March 29, 2017
What's the difference between the 75 and 75-2?
1 Answer
The difference is the quantity of clips you get when you purchase. The 75 is an 8 pack and the 75-2 is 25 pack. Thank you for considering TackleDirect for your fishing needs.
Submitted by: Donald on March 29, 2017

from Anna TX asked:
March 17, 2017
Can I attach this to my offset hooks for soft plastics? Is this recommended? Thanks
1 Answer
You would most likely be able to do this but we would not recommend it. It may negatively effect the bait's action. The less terminal tackle you use, the more natural your presentation will be.
Submitted by: Devon on March 18, 2017

from San Diego asked:
September 12, 2016
I'll be surf fishing Cabo, with 3 oz poppers, etc.. What size TA clip should I use?
1 Answer
Ric, Hello i would suggest going with a 125lb or a 175lb clip.
Submitted by: Tyler on September 13, 2016

from NY asked:
April 5, 2016
Are these the newly designed clips or the originals?
1 Answer
These are the originals.
Submitted by: Kaitryn on April 5, 2016

from pa. asked:
June 9, 2015
I will use for crankbaits leave the o ring on or off
1 Answer
Hello Chuck. Just attach the power clip right to the split ring on your crankbait and you will be good to go! Please feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.
Submitted by: Brandon on June 11, 2015

from Bensville NSW Australia asked:
September 16, 2013
Hi what is the smallest size you have in the clips. I am looking for something smaller that the 50lb. Do you have anything smaller.
1 Answer
Currently the smallest clip size is 50lb.
Submitted by: Customer Service on September 17, 2013

from auburndale,fla. asked:
June 15, 2012
For fishing the flats what size would i need?
1 Answer
50lb clip should handle all fish that you encounter.
Submitted by: Customer Service on June 15, 2012


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