Zwing Downriggers

Zwing Downriggers

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Zwing 150 Black
Zwing 150
Performs best at 4 knots and above
Black1.5lb$68.99 USD
Zwing 150 Yellow
Zwing 150
Performs best at 4 knots and above
Yellow1.5lb$68.99 USD
Zwing 350 Black
Zwing 350
Performs at all speeds
Black3.5lb$68.99 USD
Zwing 350 Yellow
Zwing 350
Performs at all speeds
Yellow3.5lb$68.99 USD
The Zwing downrigger offers a great alternative to the traditional lead ball. Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than weight, the Zwing offers boat captains and anglers the ability to troll lures and baits over a range of speeds without complicated adjustments to the tow cord lengths. The design puts you in control of depth and lateral location. Unlike any other weighted planer the Zwing's unique design creates an underwater vibration similar to that of injured or schooling baitfish. The Zwing is made from, lightweight, virtually indestructible, polypropylene plastic and can be customized to track in any direction away from your boat.
Zwing Set-up
Connect your downrigger tow line to the center hole of the Zwing bracket – this is your tow point. Connect your fishing line to the downrigger line. The smooth hydrodynamic design puts you in complete control of depth and lateral location of your line. Downward force overcomes drag allowing for constant depth to be maintained at various trolling speeds.

Compared to the Lead Ball
Operating on the principle of hydrodynamic depression, rather than just weight, the Zwing overcomes the shortcomings of the conventional lead ball. The lead ball rises with speed. The Zwing's hydrodynamic shape increases downward pressure with speed. No more heavy lead balls rolling around the boat or swinging off the end of downrigger booms which can cause damage to both angler and boat alike.

Zwing is Easily Customized
The Zwing is made from, lightweight, virtually indestructible, polypropylene plastic. By applying a heat source (such as hot water) to the Zwing's back fin joints, a slight angle in the fins can be positioned and set. These offset fins will produce a horizontal angle in addition to the vertical downward angle. The Zwing will track away from the boat while maintaining desired depth. This feature is critical when fishing for spooky species like Salmon or Trout. Returning the fins to a straight position will enable the Zwing to regain normal tracking.

Zwing Performance
Besides depth, and tow position, the diameter of the tow cord can impact efficiency of the Zwing. Thicker diameter tow cords create more drag which must be overcome by downward force. Thinner diameter tow cords create much less tow cord drag and allow for more efficient performance and steeper angles of decent, expecially at slower speeds. Keep in mind, the Zwing does create downward pressure at fast speeds. Be sure your downrigger can support this pressure.
5 Stars based on 13 reviews
By Mario
No more lead weight!
September 6, 2019
Want to try something besides a lead wait for my downrigger. I think this is a great idea and and a awesome alternative. Haven't tried it yet but by the looks of it it's very well-built should work great. Can't wait to try it thanks
By Eric
September 4, 2019
Works great, very simple, have used these in past with great results
Great Service & Staff !!
April 25, 2019
By William B.
Miami Florida
Great product better than lead weight
March 10, 2019
Tracks straight and easy to deploy
By Kyle
St Petersburg, FL
Great Product ,would buy again
January 3, 2019
Very easy to use and incredibly effective, The biggest plus is how delicate they are to the deck of your boat VS the ball weights.
  • Light weight
  • Effective
By Benjamin
Wilmington, NC
Well built
December 18, 2018
Well Constructed.
By Tom
Beaver lake ark
Bad ass !!!!!!
July 16, 2017
Best thing since downriggers�Ÿ˜Ž
  • No noise true runner
By Matthew
Pinellas Park, FL
Better then the ball
January 22, 2017
I like these much better than the ball. Easily deploys and moves through the water. First drop lead to a 30lb barracuda hookup and catch. The bright color also helps to ensure proper depth when in clear waters.
  • Keeps a good angle in the water across various speeds.
By Db
new york, NY
July 21, 2015
I had very successful boat trip with black downrigger.
made solid it must be last for years
By Db
new york, NY
trolling sinker replacement
March 13, 2015
I been shocked how this sinker substitute works.
never snag and well hold the current.
basically darting in the water
  • Price
By Herbert
Mengen, Germany
You need depth for BFT´s ?!
October 10, 2014
Use this Zwing downrigger for your deep lures - 30-50 feet - and with a Yozuri you will catch a 200lbs + BFT!
  • Better than any other normal weights - it works!
By Scott U.
Choteau, Montana
Zwing Downrigger 350 Yellow
September 20, 2014
Work great, does what a heavier ball does without the heavy pull on the downrigger at deeper depths. Bending fins to make it travel out from boat is nice feature and works well. Overall best product upgrade for downrigger fishing I have run into.
  • Being able to adjust wings for close or away from boat
By Steven
Melbourne, Victoria
Zwing Downrigger
August 14, 2014
I bought one of these Zwing Downriggers last year to use instead of a heavy lead torpedo,
They are Super Great!
I would never again use anything else, In fact Im buying another one this summer to have as a backup just in case.
3 Questions & 3 Answers
from Mexico Beach FL asked:
September 7, 2018
how fast can you troll the z-wing
1 Answers
Above 4 knots and at general trolling speeds
on September 10, 2018

from San Diego asked:
January 29, 2015
To clarify, the lure releases from the Zwing Downrigger when a fish strikes. ie the downrigger is on a separate line?
1 Answers
Correct. You attach a release clip onto the down rigger line.
Customer Service
on February 3, 2015

from asked:
August 28, 2014
Are the Zwings capable of going to 100' at 2-3 mph while pulling a high-drag lure, such as spin doctors or other attractors?
1 Answers
As long as you have a way to hold the lure in place (we suggest rubber bands and paper clip) the slow speed would be great.
Customer Service
on August 28, 2014


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